Video Profit System Review. It’s Value Explained.

video profit system review

Want to know if Video Profit System works and what it’s about? This review will show you, let’s begin:

Quick Report on Video Profit System:

Creator: Alex Jeffreys.

Price: $7.60 and 2 up-sells, one for $17 and another for $47 which I think was down sold to $27. If I’m wrong then it’s a third up-sell and not a down-sell.

Overall Rating: 3 out of 10 stars.

Alex always seems to release new products and charge small prices for them, but for once, he actually has one I’m not completely against, although for this particular topic he covers (video marketing), there’s a much better option available (see below). 

Video Profit System in a nutshell:

It’s a pretty short course on creating your own video product and then selling it.

There’s training on how to make videos if you don’t want to show yourself on camera (Just make PowerPoint slides and record your voice) and the rest of the site is complementary bonuses to the program.

The video product creation is what lies at the heart of the this program. Your job is to find niche sites, products, reports, information and even sign up to email list, compile information on the niche that tries to answer some sort of problem and then take all that research, create a product out of it which is going to be your video product and then sell it. 

Alex also provides as usual tips on getting affiliate marketers to promote that product.

Video Profit System from a member’s point of view:

Since I did buy it, I can show you what’s inside, so lets start with this:


Everything is basically on one page here.

First we have a welcome video from Alex where he tells you about how “awesome” his program is and how much you’ll learn.

Then we have an “unannounced bonus” which you can click on to register for a webinar. 

Then comes the main training from which you learn all about the video profit system and product creation. It is a video that is 1 hour and 20 minutes long. 

This is followed by a 15 page PDF with sales page titles you can use for your product. There’s blanks in there you can fill in with your own words. 

Underneath that will be an audio of the same 1 hour and 20 minute video. I think this is quite pointless, but whatever adds to the “value” I suppose.

Then another thing I could have done without is a transcript of the entire video. What makes more to me here is instead of having these things, to just make a summary with bullet points like you did in the PowerPoint. 

Then you get a PDF called 4 day cash vacuum which is a tutorial on emails you will send out subscribers that are prepared to buy your product or have already purchased it. It’s 4 emails you send out to make money before and after your product gets released. I think you can also use these emails with affiliate marketing campaigns as well.

Following the PDF is a 1 page “product creation” blueprint as I like to call it where you are given a list of things to add on your sales page as well as product. Despite being pretty plain and only 1 page, it’s actually a good reference to keep should you decide to market your own product. These types of sales pages do sell well and it’s important to understand the process that goes into making them.

After this, you will get another 1 page PDF called “Rules Sheet” which is just 5 obvious rules to basically not procrastinating when working. Another thing I could do without, but I suppose some people need this type of encouragement.

We then have a PDF called Mind Map, but for some reason it’s actually empty. Is it supposed to be this way or is there something missing? I don’t know so I just decided to move forward.

This covers the main training and supplements to help you with it. 

After this you will get 5 bonuses:

1) 3 zip files called video profit systems which you download. You are given sales letters and videos for bonuses I think you are supposed to use if you are making a product on internet marketing. You can use these bonuses and I believe offer them up as your own bonuses when people join or buy. 

One of the bonuses was a video series on using Scribd for getting visitors. It sounded great until I saw the video and the man (it’s not Alex) in it was showing himself physically copying an Ezine article and using an article spinner to re-write it and put it on Scridb to get traffic.

That is plagiarism. Not a good thing to teach people.

2) A check list for your product creation, including networks where you can put it on.

3) An audio on a case study where one guy makes $600,000.

The remaining 2 bonuses are resources to help with marketing and getting affiliates.

There is also a link to “Alex ebooks” where you can download 3 of them.

Lot’s bonuses as you can see.

Final Rating: Video Profit System

3 stars

Yellow Flag

3 out of 10 stars. You do get a lot of stuff from Alex in this program and he does give you good resources, but a lot of the information is over blown in my opinion and there’s not as much value as there is made out to be. The product is ok, but it’s nothing special or awesome. If you want a great product, try this one called Wealthy Affiliate.

My final thoughts:

You know, Alex speaks a lot about value but in his products, but he delivers a lot of hype, not value in my opinion. Most of the REAL information you get might come from maybe a few bullet points he mentions briefly, but a large chunk of the program is obvious information and in some instances re-done. 

I guess hype is needed to get people excited and to take action, but I have always wanted to see Alex give way more actual value. So far, I’ve been disappointed. And this product is or was also on JVZoo, where I typically see these types of programs.

Product creation is an amazing opportunity, but learning how to do it through Video Profit System is just not going to give you enough pieces to make the puzzle whole in my opinion. A far better product that talks about the same thing, but delivers WAY more would be Niche Flipper

That’s my take on Video Profit System. If you agree with my review or disagree with it, let me know 🙂

Video Profit System


Video Profit System Score



  • Generally, the main thesis of the program is right.


  • I think the information in the basic program was very vague.

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