Chris Rempel’s The Conduit Method Review.

the conduit method review

I have had experience with using what Chris Rempel teaches in his Conduit Method program before. It worked, but in 2020, you can forget about it still working. Let me explain why.

Quick Report on the Conduit Method:

Creator: Chris Rempel also known as “The Lazy Marketer”.

Price: $14.95. You may be offered some of Chris’s other products.

Overall Rating: 2 out of 10 stars.

For SEO, this method isn’t going to go very far, but for PPC, it can still work. 

The Conduit Method in a nutshell:

The idea behind this method is that you create a review site in a particular niche, review several products within the niche, but link all review pages to one main one which promotes a product you’re affiliated with. Chris provides his own website template for this, but you can choose to do your own.

I’ve known people who have used the conduit method very successfully, but that was years ago. Now I don’t believe using this method will get good results, at least not with trying it through SEO.

The Conduit Method is basically an easier way of doing affiliate marketing:

This may sound like typical affiliate work and it actually is, but from Chris’s approach, it’s easier, because you don’t really put in a lot of work to making those reviews. You just put up basic product information, provide testimonials from people, but keep them short to make the point about the product and whether it’s good or bad.

It’s the type of review site where you don’t really have to research much, except take snippets from other sources and use them in your review. But you’re trying to aim people for your main product.

An example of the conduit method:

  • Pick a niche, any niche and then find for instance 10 products that are popular within it.
  • Create review pages on all 10 products, but pick one out that you want to promote and link the 9 other review pages to it. 
  • On the page where you promote the product, provide several testimonials you’ve found. Use mostly good ones and maybe one that is neutral to not seem like you’re over selling it. 
  • Link the main promotion page to your product’s website.
  • Now everyone who comes to the other 9 pages will flow over to your main promotion page and buy from it.

The idea behind the conduit method and promoting is that you give off the impression that you’re reporting on a product’s value based on the testimonials you’ve found, not giving your own personal opinion. By providing information on what people are saying and stating facts about the product, you are more likely to convince people to buy it without trying to sell it.

Why the Conduit Method is bad for SEO, but possibly good for PPC:

If you’re going to try the conduit method in 2020 for SEO, you’re probably not going to get good results from it. The Conduit Method was based on doing very little work, at times even copying and pasting information and then letting the rest work itself out. 

In the end, the overall site would not have a lot of value or content for that matter and these are critical pieces you need to have on a website nowadays. And using copied and pasted testimonials and potentially get your site slapped for duplicate content.

If you’re going to use testimonials on your site, consider taking screenshots instead of copying them. At least then it’ll be safer. Ideally you would want to provide a very high quality review of the product and let real people comment on your site as well as offer up their own testimonials. That would offer the ultimate result. 

Try a training program that teaches this perfectly.

The conduit method works, but it needs to be adapted to what’s necessary for success today. In a way what I do on my site can be considered conduit style, but my add on’s to this strategy would be:

  • Provide a comparison chart of some sort to your #1 product to let people know why it’s better than what they were originally looking for. 
  • Always offer up great value and ask people to leave their testimonials and opinions as well as questions on the product. 
  • Make sure to review A LOT of different products and don’t only review products on the site, also talk about the niche subject you’re working on. Offer tips, advice and strategies that offer even more value to visitors.

For SEO, this would work well. 

But the traditional conduit method from Chris’s style may still work well for pay per click campaign, although the risk there is that you would have to spend a lot of money to test out the site. 

You could still use the same exact strategies Chris offers, set up a PPC campaign and put up ads for every single product review you do, then use the traffic to funnel them into the main promotion and see how it works.

Be very careful with this method because spending money on PPC is high risk, high reward, but even veterans to PPC might not see their efforts workout. When I review products which would work well with PPC, I always recommend a guide I wrote up on using affiliate marketing with pay per click to help you minimize your losses. 

Final Rating: The Conduit Method

2 stars

Red Flag

2 out of 10 stars.  This book is not a scam, it’s just outdated. I wouldn’t try to make a conduit site at all (follow this strategy to make money online today). I would focus on building a large, content rich website instead. You can still use some snippets of the conduit method for added benefits though. 

My final thoughts:

Nowadays it’s rare to make a small website, use the conduit method and have it sell well, unless the niche you’re targeting is super hot, filled with people who want results almost immediately and to catch that sort of niche isn’t easy, but even if you do find it, then comes the selling and marketing part which is another part of the puzzle.

Chris is definitely a very smart marketer and I’ve read a number of his books including one on list building, but I would love to see him update his conduit method book. 

The Conduit Method


The Conduit Method Score



  • None anymore.


  • Very outdated methods for today's world of affiliate marketing.

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