Video Marketing Blaster Pro. Why I’m Not Convinced.

After seeing an ad on my FB feed for Video Marketing Blaster Pro, I decided to check it out and I have to say, while I do think it’s legitimate, I’m not convinced about how awesome it sounds based on stuff I know regarding YouTube SEO and some stuff I’ve seen. 

I actually have legitimate points to make to explain (3 in particular, see below) on why I’m not convinced, but before I get to explaining them, let me explain a few main points about this software so you know what it is:

Video Marketing Blaster Pro (VMB) explained:

video marketing blaster pro review

Price: $77.

What does it do? Supposedly, it helps you make high ranking YouTube videos.  You create videos, then go through the software to find the best, low competition keywords, pick them out and then basically the software fills in the info such as the title, description and tags.

After that, that info that’s input will be uploaded to YouTube so you can publish it and you should see results very quickly after you publish the upload on YouTube. Also, what you upload may even show up on Google’s search and thus drive more traffic and views to it. 

What I think: I know about:

  • Ranking and making money on YouTube (I’ll show you my case studies with my videos).
  • As well as a whole lot about ranking websites.

And there’s a few key things I carefully examined about this software to see if it really does do what it says and I found that there’s a serious misconceptions I notice (which I will explain).

The short story is that this program doesn’t rank you for highly searched keywords on YouTube if it has competition and I proved this by investigating this myself. I’ll give you my report below on this:

Before I do that, let me quickly say this:

video marketing blaster pro alternative

Let me explain why I’m not convinced about Video Marketing Blaster Pro:

The impression people get is that with this software (I certainly did) is that you can rank high for some big keywords on YouTube and get more views and exposure on the videos you upload there by using this program and it’s supposed to be “easy” to do all of this.

Now I did a bunch of research prior on this program including:

  • Checking out it’s sales page.
  • Checking out the ad itself that I found on Facebook (it’s how I found out about Video Marketing Blaster Pro in the first place).
  • Comparing the claims I saw with what I personally know about YouTube ranking, getting views and so on.
  • Checking out YouTube reviews from people who claim to have used this program.

And in doing all of this…

I found one potential issue that made me decide NOT to buy this program:

And here it is: Every example I’ve investigated of people using Video Marketing Blaster Pro to make their videos rank “high” on YouTube are:

  • For keywords that have very little competition.
  • And almost always for keywords that get little to no searches.

In other words, I saw NO evidence that this program can help you rank for truly popular and competitive keywords. And I will be showing you proof of this in this review so you can see it for yourself. 

In fact, I’m certain that if we had 2 scenarios, where:

1) Person A was uploading a YouTube video directly without this software, and trying to rank for a VERY none competitive keyword vs

2) Person B was uploading a YouTube video for the same keyword using the Video Marketing Blaster Pro software.

Then it is my personal opinion that both their uploads would rank nearly identically, regardless if one person used the software and the other didn’t.


Because the keyword for which they were trying to rank for had no competition and frankly, hardly anyone, if anyone would actually look it up on YouTube.

And this makes buying the software pretty useless. 

3 reasons and proof on why I say this:

I seriously went deep into researching to see if there were any legit reasons to get Video Marketing Blaster Pro and my research had me discover the following proof that said there was 0 evidence this program works as it claims:

1) Let’s start with Video Marketing Blaster Pro’s Facebook ad.

The ad was how I first discovered this program and the ad was actually an inside look into the program and showing “how quickly” it works. I watched it, and carefully studied what was being shown. And it was the first of several red flags I noticed with this program. Here is what that red flag was: The video shows supposedly the creator trying to rank a video on YouTube for the following keyword:

“Video marketing Bronx”

And in fact, after using this software, the video did appear for that search and on the first page of YouTube. That’s great, but here’s the problem:

How many people actually look up that keyword on YouTube? And even on Google? I have 3 pieces of evidence that say little to none:

  • First evidence: I used my personal keyword tool, Jaaxy and it said less than 10 monthly, which usually means 0.
  • Second evidence: I used the keywords everywhere tool and it said 10 searches a month.
  • Third evidence: I actually found the video that was trying to rank for this keyword on YouTube (the same video Video Marketing Blaster Pro put up on the Facebook ad to show proof) and guess what? It only has 1 view (seriously!?):


Now you see the channel “Easy video rankings”, but you also see the “VMB” in the image too which stands for Video Marketing Blaster Pro. So yeah, my point here is:

No one really looks for this keyword on Google or on YouTube, and I could have just as easily uploaded my own stuff for the same keyword and also got ranked high, but there’s just no point in that, because NO one is looking for this.

2) Let’s take an actual YouTube review of this program.

I needed to see some unbiased proof of this software working, so I took to YouTube itself to see what others were saying. Now I know how to spot fake reviews and/or those which are misleading, so I sifted through those and found a decent one, this one.

The guy did a good job, but unfortunately, it didn’t actually make Video Marketing Blaster Pro any more worth recommending. Allow me to explain why:

In that review, he tries to rank for a keyword which actually does get searches on Google (Over a 1,000 a month as based on the same keyword tools I used), and the keyword is:

“Portable air compressors at Walmart”

I was actually surprised to see that it got searches, but hey, that’s how this keyword stuff works. Now while trying to rank for it, the man did showcase how he DID rank on the first page of Google’s search results (when he clicked on videos, not the site results), but then I went to Google itself to see if I could find the same upload. And what happened? I couldn’t find it.

I sifted through at least 50 results, looking for both the review and his YouTube channel and couldn’t find either of these things.

This tells me that he may have ranked high at first, but perhaps it was a personalized result, which usually shows up high, but for an individual, not the general audience and/or he may have been ranked high, for a short period of time, until his upload was overtaken by other channels going for the same keyword and without enough likes, and comments, his upload will be buried somewhere deep in the results and basically this means…

That this is another example of the software not really doing that much. Again, I don’t see how I couldn’t have gotten the same results, from uploading my own video for the same keyword without using this software, but I’d probably also have my upload buried in the search results. Still, I would have spent $0 to get that result…

vmb alternative

3) Another YouTube review proving my point, despite praising the program.

When doing analytical work like this, you have to look at more than just 1 or even 2 cases, so I went and found a third person who reviewed Video Marketing Blaster Pro and he also did a good job, but again, in the end, it just proved my initial point.

Let me explain…

This is the other review I found which is over 20 minutes long. The man in this case had a YouTube upload and was trying to rank it for this following keyword:

“How to make better videos on YouTube”.

And he said that he couldn’t rank high for that on (understandable), so he attempted to use VMB to help boost it up and here’s what happened: 

He used that software to get more keywords, and it basically added to his existing upload, added more keywords, many of which are low competition and he changed his title. Now the title of his video (and target keyword) was:

“How to make better videos on YouTube (and get more views).”

Notice what changed:  The add on to the original keyword is “and get more views” WITH parenthesis over it, which also is important. He made those edits to his existing video, then did another search on YouTube for the whole NEW, and long keyword and wouldn’t you know it. Now he ranks on the first page.

Great right? No. This is nonsense in my opinion and here’s why:

His original ranking for the first keyword is still nowhere to be found (the one that actually gets searches!) and his new, longer keyword is the one that NO one types in to YouTube (so it doesn’t matter if it’s on the first page), so the result is that this update will not provide him with anymore views.

Want proof? I did a search for the keyword “How to make better videos on YouTube” and looked for his video SPECIFICALLY by doing a search for his channel name, which is actually his full name.

Guess what? I couldn’t find it:

video marketing blaster pro screenshot

The point of all 3 of these studies of VMB:

Again, these examples are of people titling their uploads with a long keyword that no one types and because there’s no keyword competition for them, so OF COURSE they will rank high, but to say that this software is some magic tool for getting high ranking YouTube videos is just a double statement, because yes it will do it, but from what I saw, it will do it for keywords you’ll get little or no views for, that’s the main point.

Final Rating: Video Marketing Blaster Pro

3 out of 10 stars. Like I said I don’t think it’s a scam but if there was ANY proof that this software actually helps you rank high on YouTube for actual, highly searched keywords, I would have found it. I found 0 evidence of that. The “good reviews” for VMB that I found don’t actually understand YouTube ranking based on what I saw. And anything this software helps you rank for, doesn’t matter because those keywords have little/no searches (and I proved it).

The only decent stuff I saw was that this tool gives you competition numbers for what I can only assume is YouTube competition, so choosing the low competition terms and then making your videos have those titles might actually help. 

That proof that I know about YouTube ranking and making money there:

I’ve promised to show you my personal proof that I understand YouTube ranking and making money from it, and here are my YouTube case studies that show this.

My final thoughts: Let me come clean about my experiences with YouTube:

Again, I’m not going to profess to be some genius at viral YouTube marketing. BUT I have made $10,000’s in making simple videos.

I don’t aim for making them viral, I simply do product reviews that are popular and that gets me the sales. Here is a personal YouTube video tutorial for beginners where I explain this. What I do know about a lot is Google rankings and actually getting high rankings for some serious keywords, and that’s what I do today. 

Let me quickly segway into something you can use right away:

For general high website rankings, and getting traffic from Google and YouTube, you should look into Wealthy Affiliate. Now back to the topic…

The rules for ranking for high volume keywords are somewhat similar with YouTube and Google, that being:

  • Pick a low competition keyword.
  • Write an awesome title.
  • Get likes and comments and the more views you get…
  • The more you’ll appear for the keyword on YouTube. 
  • With Google, it’s similar, but there’s other parameters.

What IS absolutely the same on both platforms is that if you try to target a very long keyword that gets no searches, you WILL get ranked on the first page results, both for YouTube AND Google, but what’s the point? No one will find your content anyway, so I can definitely go around claiming I know how to rank high on YouTube and Google, but it’s a deceptive statement.

So overall, I don’t believe in VMB at all, there has been 0 evidence this tool will rank you for (what is truly important) highly searches keywords on YouTube. I saw absolutely no evidence of that, and I’d love to hear if you believe differently and can prove it. Until that happens, VMB will NOT get my recommendation.

16 thoughts on “Video Marketing Blaster Pro. Why I’m Not Convinced.”

  1. Thanks a lot, I was about to use my hard earned money I had to save to buy VBM. I just realize there is no short cut in this game it takes hard work.

    Please I need help, I need to find something that can make money online and works, I live in Africa where your intellects doesn’t make you money but the connections you have. Making money online is the only savior here.

    Please help a brother with sure methods and steps I can take and I will also appreciate a mentor.

    Thank you

    • Hi Ziccarus, the way I teach and help people is by suggesting Wealthy Affiliate. It can be tried for free but it does cost after (not a lot). But it does also take work so of course I cannot guarantee your results, but I’ve gotten mine following what they do.

  2. Thank you! I was about to purchase this. The reason why I decided to research first was the ridiculously low price.

    I know if I had magical software that would make my videos on top of everyone else’s, I wouldn’t give it away for such a ridiculous price, while I can make more money by ranking videos on YouTube.

    And I checked the videos of those YouTubers who claimed that VBM works and found out that their channels are performing very poorly. It only goes to confirm everything you said in your post.

    • Exactly Shad! I checked the channels of the pro VMB people and also found the same thing: Low subscriber/view rates for their videos. This tool doesn’t do anything special. It’ll only rank you for VERY long tailed keywords that you could literally get ranked for making the same videos yourself, but that still makes the tool useless in my opinion.

  3. First all thumbs up how you have used the decision making process of target audience (people impressed with VBM sale pitch and want to know more to take a informed decision) and lead them to product you recommend.

    1) My question as a laymen is VBM a useful tool for finding keywords related to your video topic which you are about to make? These keyword can be added to video content or even video can be according to keywords searched by viewers.

    2) Is VBM at $19 good for suggesting keywords for a beginners trying to get video title, tag and words for description?

    3) Or there any other software in similar range to do same?

    • Hi Gatum:

      1) VMB could be but so is common sense. If you create a video on a certain subject, you just need to add keyword tags to the YouTube video publishing area that make the most sense. But even if you do, that doesn’t mean it’ll rank for those keywords, as YouTube determines what it wishes to rank your video for and VMB in my personal opinion will not help in that regard.

      3) No, because you can literally use common sense for free and find the keywords yourself. If you need help with that or how to brainstorm the keywords, here’s a simple example:

      If I review a program like Wealthy Affiliate on a YouTube video, the keywords I’ll use in the tags section of the video upload would be the words Wealthy Affiliate + the words review, scam, inside look and anything else that makes sense. I don’t need a program like VMB or others to tell me this obvious stuff.

      3) I honestly can’t. If you’re very new, you can learn this kind of material from Wealthy Affiliate and get the right education to make a good business without spending money on some nonsense “magic” programs that do nothing of the sort.

  4. I so wished I would have read your blog before trying. I purchased VMB and It doesn’t work for popular keywords. Rightly said, for less popular keyword it doesn’t make sense to buy anything as it will be listed. I have made a request for a refund. Lets see if they issue it.

    • Sorry to hear Karan but unfortunately this doesn’t surprise me. I hope you get that refund. And if you do have further questions on making money and want to hear my positions, let me know. Also sorry for the long response time.

  5. I read everything about the VMB but now my question is do you know or have any software through which we can use to rank our videos on YouTube with medium to high competition?

    • Mohit the whole point of my review of Video Marketing Blaster Pro was to show that there is NO program out there which automatically has your YouTube videos rank for competitive video searches. This is the same mistake people make in the SEO world when they try to buy software that tells them they’ll rank on Google with no work.

      If you want to build something on YouTube, you have to stop looking for automated programs and create your own unique, high quality videos on a certain subject, learn about thumbnails, get subscribers and build your business with YouTube through hard work.

  6. Wow, this was a great review with so much details and it came just in time. I do love making YouTube videos and I too came along the ad on FB from VMB and I was on the fence, but not anymore.

    Even though I am not yet that familiar with all the technical terms, I certainly couldn’t get myself to commit to buy this software. I will stick to my version in how to research for the right low competition keywords and so forth.

  7. I have seen VMB advertisements. They obviously know how to market. But, as you clearly point out in your article, that doesn’t mean the videos they make will help you get people to your site, and/or get a single conversion. I completely see your point about getting ranked on the first page, but what is the point if no one uses the exact same search terms. They will never see it on YouTube or Google.

    I really appreciate your in-depth analysis of VMB. You have done your research and obviously know what your are talking about. Is there a similar video marketing app or product you do recommend?

    Thanks again for telling us about this product.

    • I don’t know of any specific apps or program for YouTube Curtis and I would be very careful with any that says the types of things VMB claims. Instead, I’d focus on programs that focus on YouTube marketing and Market Hero is certainly one of them.

  8. Video Marketing has been tipped to be the ‘future’ of content marketing by a lot of people, so it’s no surprise that software and tools like this are popping up. Wherever there is a demand or interest, people will try and make money from it. 

    Your comments regarding long-tail keywords are interesting; I imagine YouTube SEO is similar to regular SEO in the way you approach keywords? In that case, I think it’s misleading to promise you that you’ll rank high by showing examples of long-tail keywords. 

    That’s like an online marketer promising to teach you how to rank for ‘SEO’ by showing you examples of someone ranking for ‘SEO services in Narnia’; which obviously has almost zero competition. Does that make sense?

    • It actually makes total sense Danny, and in the case of VMB, you’re looking one or two things: 

      SUPER long tail keywords, which get no competition.

      And/or long tailed keywords that have literally no competition or searches like the Narnia example (nice example by the way) and given all the things I’ve seen VMB produce, from the reviews, from the sales videos, I have not seen 1 piece of contrary evidence that shows this program helps you rank for actual competitive and popular keywords.

      And as YouTube SEO and general SEO, yeah it’s very similar and I would highly recommend Market Hero to learn that stuff.


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