The Niche Blogger Review. Who Does Business Like This?

the niche blogger review

Overall, I loved what the Niche Blogger provided me, but there is 1 major caveat that really annoyed me about this program and that is it’s red tape inside the members area. I’ll show you what I mean in this review.

Quick Report on The Niche Blogger:

Creator: The Niche Blogger by Amy Bass.

Price: $1 trial followed by $19.95 a month membership OR 1 time $197 for lifetime access.

Overall Rating: 5 out of 10 stars. Good training program on niche marketing. Some minor flaws, but overall a great program.

The Niche Blogger explained:

You get information on building your own blog through a niche you love and learn to make money with it through the traditional means which is either affiliate marketing where you sell another persons/program’s products and earn commissions OR you can run Adsense ads on your site and make money that way. 

There is 9 months worth of content which as Amy mentions is only given to you each month as you’re a member. In other words, 1 new month is allowed to be viewed every month. You can eliminate this limitation by signing up for a lifetime access ($197).

There is also a forum available where you can ask questions and communicate with other members. Very solid stuff with most of the program. But here’s another, even better alternative where you’d get even more benefits 🙂

But there is 1 annoying thing about The Niche Blogger and here it is:


What you’re reading right now is an updated version of my previous blog post on The Niche Blogger. When I originally joined for the $1 trial, I had to wait to be given access.

It took 3 days after which I asked for a refund and also contacted Amy who did reply shortly after and did let me know I was able to access the site. 

The whole notion of this waiting makes absolutely NO sense since it’s a digital good and every single digital good must be delivered right away upon purchase. 

This isn’t some physical item that has to be shipped to you. And when you see these exact words on the front page:

I have encountered these sorts of problems before. Usually the digital good has some technical issues where maybe a link is broken and you just have to contact support and rarely, do you ever purchase something and not get it when it comes to this stuff, but in The Niche Bloggers case, it’s different because you’re told right away that your membership is pending and you’ll be notified once it happens. 

Why even do this? It destroys people’s patience for no reason:

What we have here is a good and possibly even great program that people will likely be very interested to join so why make them wait? I’m not signing up for some job or some sort of affiliate program where these things are common and understandable.

I am signing up to get training and see if I can give it my backing. And again, it should be instant. Maybe it’s some sort temporary change they’re going through, but this sort of policy I believe is very damaging to the business. 

Might have been an error after all:

By the way, after I was granted access, I received an email (automatic) which gave me my log in details and explained that Amy manually has to approve new members which usually takes under 24 hours. I suspect that I never received this email because some sort of error happened. So people, if you’ve signed up and nothing happens after 24 hours, email Amy. She will get back to you.nichebloggermembers

I was however pleased to know that despite waiting the 3 days, it did not affect my membership trial which means once I officially logged in, the 30 day trial began only then. I’ll just forget this part even happened. It’s not big deal, just a tab annoying.

So let’s go over the members area:

As a $1 trial member, you will get access to 30 short lessons which go day by day. Instructions are very simple to follow and it does explain how to do things correctly. You can skip ahead to the other days if you like or if you finish things faster. The information is also very well done.

One thing which I found interesting was Amy’s take on finding niches. She has you pick out at least 5 of them in one of the beginning lessons and then has you choose keywords in an exact match domain style. It’s a bit older than what I know, but it does help people pick out niches faster than the regular way which is thinking about it, but that depends on who you ask…

One thing I didn’t particularly like was that some of the videos were difficult to make out and images that were shown in the videos were sometimes not the whole picture. Not sure if this was on my end or on theirs but if it’s the latter, I hope it gets updated.

But even if you have issues with the video, it’s not a big deal because everything is written out for you to do. A Q & A is also provided in many of the lessons which right away can handle any questions you may have. If it’s not addressed, you can comment on the lesson and someone will respond. 

Then we have the forum which is the other part of membership. It’s a good looking place with some areas being active daily. I did notice some posts in other sections have not had much activity. But this is what you’ll see:


Remember, there’s limitations to your $1 trial and even the monthly membership as you can’t go into a new month until the actual month is done. I have mixed feelings about this policy because it’s meant to keep people, but it’s also not fair if someone wants to leave. I’d rather this program have a limited option like they do and then have a monthly membership to access more than just 1 month at a time and possibly the whole thing.


  • By the looks of things, you really do get great information.
  • Niche blogging is really a great way to earn online. I personally do it. You may be asking why I would even review this program if I know the subject and the answer is that it’s actually one of my jobs (reviewing programs like The Niche Blogger). 
  • Amy is actually real.
  • Good support through forum and personally contacting Amy.


  • No instant access. In my opinion, it’s very bad to go through this pending membership nonsense. Potential members such as myself will get frustrated and will want to leave so you’re hurting your own business this way.
  • The trial is probably going to be limited anyway because Amy already mentioned you can only access 1 month at a time. So the $19.95 isn’t going to get you full access anyway.

Final Rating: The Niche Blogger

5 stars

Green Flag 

5 out of 10 stars. Good old niche marketing training that I approve of. Some things could be a bit faster (membership approval & letting people get more access to the site), but I do like the way this site teaches what I know to work very well. But there is a program I rated higher than this and it’s called Wealthy Affiliate which is also very similar (it also teaches niche blogging), but offers even better support & MUCH less limitations:

My Final thoughts: 

The original problem with waiting isn’t a big deal since Amy did help me resolve this. It wasn’t a problem for me (eventually), but it may be a problem for others. The information on the site is good and so is the support, something that I hold in high value. Good work on Amy’s part for making this site.

You will get good information and training out of this program, but blogging is something that will take a lot of time to do and succeed in. It also depends on the person. If they work hard and everyday on it, it’ll be faster, but if you have a membership that’s limiting your progress, that creates another unnecessary obstacle, something which my top pick, Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t do, especially for those who pay for it’s services.

I hope Amy’s program does something to fix that. This program can easily become much higher rated if it just improved on that.

I guess the important question is this: If I were approached by someone and asked if The Niche Blogger is good and worth joining, I’d say yes it is. But I’d also say that there’s a few better options out there. 

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  1. It’s pretty sad when a digital product can’t be delivered instantly. The product may have been discontinued, or they might be on vacation, meaning YOU get to wait for THEM. Who know?!

    • It’s a horrible business practice Nate. I have no idea what the mindset behind it is, considering there’s some legitimate reason for it…


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