Online Success Plan Review. Why It’s 3 Scams in One Program

online success plan review

It’s easy to find 1 scam program online, but 3, all in one program? Well ladies and gentlemen I have one for you today. It’s called Online Success and I’ll explain exactly what’s going on with this program in this review.

Quick Report on Online Success Plan:

Creator: Someone named Jordan, a few other guys and most importantly Matt Lloyd, the biggest name out of this whole scam and I’ll show you why shortly.

Price: $97 down sold to $77, then 2 up-sells, one for a “Platinum Plus Program for $77, down sold to $57, then another up-sell for $37, down sold to $27. And then you’ll have to join another program to go further that will at least run you close to $2,000. 

Overall Rating: 0 out of 10 stars.

There are actually 3 scams here. I hope I can get a refund.

So here’s what’s up with Online Success Plan:

For several years, I have been battling what is known as the “duplicate scam” that is going on online where you have programs like Online Success Plan being advertised on forums, ads, fake work at home special report sites and other places all showing you how people are making money from home. 

I always tell people to never buy these things, but for the first time, I finally decided to sit down and buy it, to prove that it is a scam and to also show you how you can get a refund if you feel that same way I do about this program.

These programs consistently change their names and keep running the same scam over and over again and what they also often do is promote different programs and in this case, it’s 2 other systems which is really just 1 that is a pyramid scheme. 

online success plan alternative


Online Success Plan in a nutshell:

As of this time, Online Success Plan isn’t even a program, it’s just a website that takes you to another program called The Automatic Edge.

And that program is just another one that leads you into the actual scam which is called My Top Tier Business, or MTTB.

So we have 2 funnels leading into the main scam. But hang on, I did say there’s 3 scams in one right? So what’s the third? Well it’s the next tier level of MTTB known as MOBE and both it and MTTB were shut down by the FTC (everything you need to know about MOBE and the FTC). 

So basically Online Success Plan in short leads you down 3 different scam funnels and if you even have enough money to buy all of them, you would likely be spending upwards of $60,000. That is 5 zeros folks.

The way this scam funnel works:

You might have stumbled onto the Online Success Plan website through one or more sites that look like work at home special report sites, but they are really fake.

Once you visit that site, it’ll connect you to whatever scam is being run at the time, in this case, Online Success Plan which you already know isn’t even the real program being sold.

Once you enter your name, email and phone (don’t do this last part!), you’ll be given a video where a man talks about how he’ll give you a special “millionaire website” for a lost cost fee of $97, how you can’t get this anywhere else and how spaces are limited. Trust me, it’s not true. 

If you click the back button, you’ll “activate” a discount of $20 and that’s what I did which made the program cost me $77 and for that price, I expect to have something in return.  Sadly with what was to come, this $77 didn’t really give me anything.

After the $77 was paid, I was run through 2 up-sells where without even knowing in detail what I originally got, I was already being talked into buying something more to “upgrade” what I didn’t even know about yet. I did not do this.

Between the 1st and 2nd up-sell also came a questionnaire where I was asked about how much I wanted to spend to make my life better.

These questionnaire’s are a preparation for you to receive phone calls and sales pitches from people who want to further take you down this scam and there’s a reason they ask how much you’re ready to spend and remember, between this and the 2 up-sells, I still haven’t even landed on the members area and this is going to be an important point: You actually are given more sales videos than you are actual content for what you purchased!

After I finally landed on the members area, it was then that I discovered I wasn’t with Online Success Plan, but The Automatic Edge:


As you may notice, there are 3 steps. I did the first one, but not the second one because it involved me having to contact my “coach” and I don’t want to go down that road because I know it’s going to lead them into giving me more sales pitches.

I know this because this is a repeat formula I see and as I discovered that Automatic Edge was actually promoting me into the MTTB program, I knew the coaching wasn’t really coaching, it was more like convincing to go further into MTTB. It’s my opinion that this is how it works and it’s in the best interest of the coach to push me into it, because if I go along, he or she will get paid VERY handsomely, $1,000’s…

There is no real training in Online Success Plan, Automatic Edge.

There is only the up-sells you could buy which I don’t know about, but the only thing you “learn about” is from the series of videos you get that are divided into 3 phases.

Together they make up 21 steps you have to go through and when I first saw that there was 21, I knew I was going to hear about MTTB because that’s what they are famous for:

automatic edge 21 steps

You can’t go onto steps 2-21 until you contact your coach and step 1 is only going to introduce you to MTTB. Now I know a lot about MTTB and what they will do (I believe around step 6) is try to get you to buy an almost $2,000 license package to move forward.

I have had MANY people complain to me that this is exactly what they went through with this program. And contacting the coach is well something you already know I won’t be doing…

And this is the funnel they run you through. A $97 purchased discounted slightly and even if you don’t buy the up-sells and go forward, it’s minor training on online marketing that really doesn’t do anything but hypes up MTTB and tries to get you to join it. So really there is no good training, only good marketing.

You can get 100x that value from a real program like this one and they’ll never run you through the scam funnel Online Success Plan does. 

The 3 scams being run here (actually it’s 4):

There’s really 4 scams in total if you include the actual Online Success Plan as part of this whole scheme, so here it the whole list:

  • Online Success Plan. The duplicate scam site. There’s SO many of them.
  • Automatic Edge. Not even the real program, it just promotes MTTB and in that case, the $77 means NOTHING because it’s training from MTTB I get (not really training), not training from Automatic Edge, unless you get their up-sells.
  • MTTB. The pyramid scheme. 
  • And the fourth one is MOBE and as I already said, it was shut down by the FTC (link above).

Final Rating: Online Success Plan

0 Stars

Red Flag (Scam!)

0 out of 10 stars. When I first found Online Success Plan, it wasn’t even the real program and either way, it just promotes more and more scams, two of which were already taken down by the FTC. So by that association, the original promoting program (which once again isn’t even a real program) is itself a scam too. So once again, here is my alternative:

online success plan alternative

My final thoughts:

I paid for really nothing with Online Success Plan.

And the kind of training you get from the videos (until you’re asked to pay the license fee) is just standard stuff about making money online. The program is worthless. Their main goal is to get you to buy their expensive packages, $1,000’s in price, but not even close in value. It’s a pyramid scheme.

Although I will never recommend Online Success Plan (I’ll only really recommend Wealthy Affiliate), I want to give credit where it’s due:

Shortly after requesting a refund, it was processed in under 24 hours. However, this wasn’t in association with MTTB (that one has issues with refunds from what I heard), but with the Automatic Edge program. 

Online Success Plan


Overall Online Success Plan Score



  • None.


  • 3 big scams marketed under 1 program.
  • One of those scams got shut down by the FTC for being one of the biggest schemes ever.

35 thoughts on “Online Success Plan Review. Why It’s 3 Scams in One Program”

  1. I sent 97.00 today, and then realized I got took. Wanting a refund, but cant get a phone number or email address. Can anybody help me out with this mess? It would sure be appreciated.

  2. Thank you immensely for your scrutiny and diligence. I cannot afford another scam! what does an honest laborer have to DO to wah?!?

  3. Hello!
    I’m not sure if anyone has experienced this yet, but I signed up for it for $97.00 USD, and that was it. I didn’t even go past the first step, and my coach kept contacting me since the first day I’ve signed up. I haven’t responded back or tried contacting my coach either. It’s been a good solid month, and I know I haven’t bought anything or done anything with The Automatic Edge except signing up for the $97.00 USD. I get emails from my bank every Friday to keep me updated on how much is on my account, and I noticed that $37.00 USD was taken out of my account, and it was the same company. Fortunately for me, there’s nothing in my account for them to take away, but still, I knew something was wrong when I noticed that huge amount being taken out.

    So, I want to thank you and I very much appreciate that you’ve posted this to inform everyone who falls victim into this scam.

    • I applied also but was refunded half of $ 97 dollars. I did not talk to any coach. I already felt like it was a scam, because I sent him e-mails that I was no longer interested in their product.

      • Why half Sheila!? This is not right considering I got the full 100% refund. If your coach or whoever schedules refunds doesn’t approve the other portion, make sure to follow this strategy to get it all back.

  4. So far I spent $97 + $77 + $37, and my coach told me that in order to make any money, after step 6, I would be required to pay an ADDITIONAL $2,974! For some people who are already well off (and therefore don’t need this program necessarily) fine, money is no object to them to start out. However, for someone like me who literally has already near maxed out my last credit card JUST to try to earn some money this way, not realizing an extra few THOUSAND would be necessary to make anything whatsoever, seriously I feel like I’ve been wasting my time and money. They need to clue you in at least to AN EXTENT prior, as to what you HAVE to invest in order to make even A SINGLE DOLLAR!!! Ugh…so irritating.

  5. i just bought it and it costs me a total of $184.00, i only went as far as talking to my coach, but he said he didn’t accept calls at 10pm so have to book an appointment. I had to make sure this is for real so I searched for reviews and I saw this one…I’m so glad because otherwise I would’ve wasted time and money. I called for a refund and they said to wait 5-10 business days.

  6. Let me be very clear with this the $2000 + sale is your investment for startup capital!
    It is placed in your Mobe account if you all layer attention to the videos.
    The only way to advance on to step 7 is to come up with the $2000+ start-up.
    I ended after I completed step 6 I’m now working on building my funds to cover not only the startup capital, but any other products that will be helpful to my team!

  7. Hi Vitaliy
    I too became a sucker this morning. I signed up for membership for $97.00 USD (why I did it is because I am home sick from work, not thinking clearly, lost my mind temporarily) then VIP access $87.00 USD, was receipted for $184.00 USD.

    Contacted my bank which was very helpful but waiting to see what response I get within 72 hrs from the help desk at Automatic edge.
    I have requested cancellation of my membership and these random unauthorized amounts be refunded.

    Will keep you posted. Kind Regards.


  8. I greatly appreciate this being posted. I have been looking for legitimate work from home careers and thought this may be the one. I really didn’t have the money to put down in the initial investment but figured I investing in mine and my kids futures. Glad I read this before I got any further into the money hole! I appreciate your honesty!

  9. Thank you. I bought it, THEN realized after doing some research that this was not for me. I just called the company and was told that I would have my money refunded in 5 to 10 business days. Again, thanks.

  10. It was such a round about waste of my day, and am glad I found this site. I called to cancel after 4 hours of “training” that was basically a long winded explanation that led up to the justification of paying thousands of future dollars on paid traffic to further facilitate the scam by automatically “selling” this same said open ended scam. I could have potentially wasted 21 days trying to legitimately commit and produce results, but what precisely was the equation I was lining up? Not sure, but I had a brief conversation with my coach which was definitely not engaging. Was told they would refund me the $97 in 5 to 10 business days, hopefully they will follow through.

    • Hi Jessica, you said a lot of things I also felt when I went through the program, especially when all that training just goes back to selling a big up-sell.

      • Hello. I stumbled over this site regarding Automatic Edge. I’m glad to see that there are others feeling the same as I do regarding this site. I did put my money down but have not gotten anywhere; not even going through the first step training video because I can’t get into it at all.

        My coach said her side of the computer (which seems to always be the case) is working fine. It’s probably my system. Well, I’ve tried also on my smartphone and; since then, I’ve had glitches with my phone like crazy. I’ve requested my refund.

        • I don’t think the glitches are on their end. It doesn’t make sense that they would have a glitch on purpose since they are going to try and get you into MTTB to spend more so those videos have to work. Request your refund once from them and if they don’t reply, dispute.

  11. I don’t even remember signing up for Automatic Edge and I started receiving phone calls from a Coach and getting emails. I returned the emailed asking who they were, why was I being contacted and to remove me and leave me alone. I received a confirmation email cancelling messages from the “Coach” and then an email stating that it was well past their 30 day guarantee and that they could no longer refund my credit card.

    It was a he (don’t remember the name but could look for it) but he stated that I clearly never used the program and would refund me by check. He wanted my address so that they could mail out a check. I reluctantly gave it and stated that my response in no way acknowledged any purchase. I received a check for $134. Took it to my Credit Union and inquired about cashing or depositing. No information could be found on it. I have not cashed this check.

    • Yeah I recently ran into that 30 day garbage excuse on another program which I am disputing right now. Sorry to hear it happened this way, but they did take advantage of you. You should not have given them your address, but only because in my opinion they probably just wanted to prolong the refund cycle. You should really let your credit union know about this, maybe they’ll open up a case and get you back that $134 Darcey.


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