Niche Flipper Review. I Was Amazed by What I Learned!

niche flipper review

I was so surprised by Niche Flipper and believe me, that’s not easy to do if you know how high my standards are for good online programs.

Quick Report on Niche Flipper:

Creator: Rene Gonzalez.

Price: $47 (no upsells!).

Overall Rating: 7 out of 10 stars (Incredible program. I learned a ton of new things).

I’m surprised I only heard of Niche Flipper a day ago. But before I even purchased it, I felt like I knew what was going to be shown to me: It was either going to be a scam or something good that I already heard about. Turns out I was wrong. The information I found there was quite extraordinary and I learned a ton of new things.

Note: Please note, that as of a few years ago, Niche Flipper is no longer an active product. If you want to see my top recommendation, check out Wealthy Affiliate and you’ll see why it’s so amazing.

Niche Flipper in a nutshell:

The concept is rather simple to understand:niche flipper proof of purchase

It really deals with taking already set up products and websites, making them better and in your own version, beating out the competition, then if need be selling the site on a place called Flippa for a lot of money.

And when I say a lot of money, I’m talking 5 and even 6 figure selling points. Rene even provides his own case studies. That’s credibility.

Rene really lays it all out in the Niche Flipper eBook. I was very surprised to see how organized and well though out the whole plan was. The eBook itself is 37 pages long and has videos within the actual eBook so you basically get an in-depth learning experience with each new chapter you go through (there are 4). 

But don’t let the fact that there’s only 4 chapters make you think there’s little content.

There is a ton to digest and figure out. In fact, I’d say this business model and strategy isn’t really for beginners. There’s a lot of terminology and text there which may be difficult to understand if you’re new, as well as marketing concepts you’re really expected to know in advance. 

How the Niche Flipper model works:

how niche flipper works

1) You find a hot niche product that is selling on places like Clickbank.

Rene starts off the model by asking you to find a niche and product based on something you personally love. He makes the point about how this will make it easier for you to create your own product and then apply it on Clickbank. And I can tell you he’s right. He just approaches the concept of niche targeting through products, not really the audience which is I normally do.

Once you find a product you like, you only need to select 1 and that’s really it. The next thing that comes is finding just 1 hot keyword that gets a lot of visitors for the niche. What you’re looking for here is a way to try and advertise your future page to people over a paid advertising network like Bing Ads or Google Ads. Also when experimenting, using paid advertising networks will be the fastest way to test the profit potential of your site.

There is also additional research needed such as going through many websites and seeing what sorts of questions people are asking about the niche, what problems they have, answers and basically compiling all of this information in order to create a product that helps answer all of this.

2) You then buy the product and any other product/s related to the niche.

What you do is basically take what you can out of it, then build your own product and sell that as a vendor on Clickbank.

Rene recommends buying all of the products on Clickbank you find related to your niche so that you can then take what’s best out of all of them, combine them with your information and create the best product for the consumer. Makes total sense if you ask me. 

You will then create your own website/content/ebook and sell that on Clickbank as a vendor. Your job won’t only be to provide a better product, but a better sales page and Rene goes into great detail on how to do this and basically beat the competition very quickly. 

3) You earn money by having affiliates promote that product for you.

This is where it gets good. If you have a superior product with a superior selling sales page on Clickbank, affiliates will naturally flock to promote it. Now this is where you’re expected to know a number of marketing methods and why I say this isn’t for beginners, because you’re going to be passing off that information to your affiliate marketers so that they can then make sales for you. 

Obviously the better they do, the more money you can make. While reading this, I couldn’t help but feel I was back reviewing Clickbank University which has a lot of advertising similarities and ways to make your site sell better.

You can then take that high selling site and sell it:

One might wonder why you want to sell a product you created as well as one that’s already making money. Understand that this point is optional, but the profit behind it can be huge. Perhaps you get tired of keeping track of the same site and it’s making you good money. I believe you can easily sell that site for twice if not three times as much on Flippa. 

Rene recommend Flippa where you not only sell your business once it’s profitable, but also buy websites to put your products on. I looked at Flippa and some of the websites being sold there and there is a ton of money to be made there. If you have a website that’s making money, this is a great place to try and sell it for a large price.

Rene also provided a case study where he sold a website that he made $60,000 on. Not bad at all and considering that site also made 6 figures before this even happened, it’s a great way to do business.

I’m only giving you a small piece of the pie here but this is the general idea. Within the ebook, Rene provides very detailed info, links, videos and instructions on exactly what to do. 

The time and money investment required to do this:

Rene makes it perfectly clear early on that this isn’t going to be a get rich quick scheme. You’re looking at potentially months if not years worth of time investment and $100’s if not $1,000’s in buying products, hiring web designers, content writers and other people to create your product for you. What is good is that Rene does provide resources that make the process as cheap as possible.


  • Excellent approach to building a strong long term business.
  • Takes an idea that is already selling and basically makes it better on every level, making the possibility of success much more likely.
  • Ebook is very detailed and instructions are clear to understand with videos added in.
  • Doing business on Clickbank as a vendor is much easier than figuring it out on your own. 
  • A lot of potential to make a lot of money doing this.


  • A lot of money and time will be needed to make this work.
  • The information isn’t exactly newbie friendly. You will need prior knowledge online to really grasp and make this work. There are much better beginner friendly programs like Wealthy Affiliate

Final Rating: Niche Flipper

7 stars

Green Flag!

7 out of 10 stars. Very useful and cost effective program. $47 well spent! Note: In 2020, Niche Flipper is no longer around sadly!

I would definitely recommend this eBook (if it was still around) to those who are intermediate and above level marketers. It really helps you take things to the next level. I have been involved with vendors before and I can tell you there is a lot of money to be made with Clickbank if you know what you’re doing.

If you try this out, remember, it’s going to take awhile and your first project may not be as successful as Rene’s. This guy has been doing this for many years and he’s been able to refine and maximize this formula. The eBook you’re given is the refined version, but in practice, you may have to explore it on your own before you develop your own approach to making it work.

Overall, I was very happy to review this program and I don’t say that a lot!

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