My Home Job Connection Review. Why it’s a Scam.

Quick Report:my home job connection review

Name: My Home Job Connection.

Price: Free to join.

Overall Rating: 1 out of 10 stars.

This is a basically fake site that pretends to find you work near your area, but overall, it’s intended purpose is to get you into other websites where by doing so, they will get money as a referrer.

Recommended? Absolutely NOT. 

And while I recommend that program, I do also recommend you read this full review to understand just why My Home Job Connection is a scam, plus other opportunities (besides my recommended one) you can seek to find real opportunities.

What is My Home Job Connection and why is it fake?

This is a site that makes you believe that it’ll help you find jobs near your area.

When you first land on it, they ask you to enter your zip code.

This is followed by a series of questions on how much you want to earn, how long you’re willing to work and the type of job you’re looking for. Based on the responses, you are led to believe that you’ll find specific opportunities in your area.


Here’s why this is all a fake questionnaire:

It doesn’t matter what zip code you enter.

It will always tell you there’s “27” jobs in your area. Although it will identify the zip code you entered with the correct location, the number of jobs they say are available is a totally automatic number they generate every time. I put in 3 different zip codes, for 3 different locations, and they all said 27 jobs were available.

Furthermore, the questions they ask mean nothing. It absolutely doesn’t matter what you enter for work hours, how much you want to get paid and what type of job position you seek…

In the end, you’re taken to the same exact members page (after being asked to sign up and make an account for free), where you are pitched online surveys as the first “opportunity” to make money. But if you have ever tried these things, you’ll know they are 99% of the time a waste. Here’s a good article to show that.

Second, they try to pitch another ad which is said where you can get paid $300. But that link actually leads to a FAKE news website (like these), that ultimately leads to a scam program I’ve exposed awhile back: Automated Daily Income.

And finally, the third part of the members area actually features the area where they’ll show you job openings. This is the only legit part of this whole place as you can select which job you’re looking for you in your area and you will be given results based on that search. However, to get there, you have to go through these bad/scam programs in the first place.

Now there’s one other section that needs covering and that’s the menu on the left hand side of the members area. Here’s the quick breakdown:

Most of those areas link back to those existing fake news site and survey pages I already told you about. There is one program that’s legit within that menu and that is Swagbucks, but it doesn’t really make you a lot.

And there is also one other area where they try to link you to writing jobs such as, and other places, but ALL of those links were broken for me, they just redirected back to the same page where I started and not the official sites being listed there. 

So overall, in that image above, wherever I put a red rectangle indicates that there’s a scam being promoted and on that image alone which actually doesn’t even cover the entire members area, there’s 7 areas you need to watch out for with only 1, yes 1 linking you to actual jobs and even then, I made it orange to indicate caution because the results you get are very vague.

So in short, here’s what you get in this program:

It’s a fake site which after going through a fake questionnaire and seeing fake results for job openings, they do their best to get you to join a big scam (Automated Daily Income) and the other links on the site do their best to point you back into the members area to increase the chances of seeing that Automated Daily Income program again, all so you can join.

There is only really 1 section of the members area that shows job openings, but it’s not easy to find, let alone maneuver through the site without encountering these scam offers. 

So there you have it, that’s pretty much the entire review of My Home Job Connection and why it’s a scam site.

Final Rating: My Home Job Connection.

Red Flag

1 out of 10 stars. It’s easy to fall for sites like this which pose as job connecting sites, but in the end, you’d have to look at official places like if you want to find real results. This place just tries to look like and other legit sites, but tries to re-route you into scam/low quality programs so they can get paid for you joining through them.

My final thoughts: Which sites to use to find real job opportunities…

Don’t let these types of fake sites fool you. Stick to the ones which have mainstream credibility. Here’s another list of legit work at home companies I made awhile back which should help as well, but either way, as I said, sites like will be the ones you should look at to find these opportunities.

I don’t mind programs being promoted on sites like My Home Job Connection, but when it’s a scam program that’s being pitched, and when there’s massive deception leading into it (fake questionnaires and fake results), that just pushes me away from it and forces me to label it a scam. So if it isn’t obvious by now, you already know what I’m going to say about this program: Stay away from it.

Seek out job and career opportunities on popular spots like and that list I just provided you with. If it’s a business opportunity, then I only recommend Wealthy Affiliate, as it’s the most legit program for teaching that stuff.

That being said, if you guys spot any more programs that work and look like My Home Job Connection, please let me know about it below in the comments, so I can do a review of it myself and if necessary, warn others about it.

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