Is Paid Survey Authority a Scam? Read These 7 Warnings.

Quick Report:paid survey authority review

Name: Paid Survey Authority.

Price: $97 discounted to $27 if you try to hit the back button.

Overall Rating: 0 out of 10 stars.

A total scam.

Any program that says it’ll give you the best surveys and charges so much as a penny for that info is a scam, I’ve proven it again and again. Furthermore, this program is no longer active and I suspect it’s because people caught on.

Why is Paid Survey Authority a scam? 7 reasons the answer is yes:

1) I’ve personally investigated tons of these types of sites over many years and paid for many of them the same way this program is charging. I have never come across one that was actually good. 

2) The pitch on these types of sites was always the same: Pay us and we’ll give you the BEST sites that pay you the most for answering questions. This is absolutely false information, every single time I went through with this, it ended up being NOWHERE near the payouts they promised.

3) On the Paid Survey Authority site, it shows a screenshot of $30 payments for taking these questionnaires. In reality this is simply unheard of numbers in this world. NO places like this pay that much. Only focus groups pay anything, anywhere near this. 

4) You are more likely to waste countless hours filling out answers and getting paid pennies than you are to ever reaching anything close to good money.

5) $97!? Are you kidding me? And that’s considering people don’t know the magic of hitting the back button on the checkout page to trigger a $70 discount, which makes it $27 and still too much. 

6) Programs like this aren’t actual questionnaire sites, they are actually just affiliates for them.

7) Not only do they charge you an upfront cost (which literally pays for nothing), but then they also provide affiliate links inside their members area to get even more money once you sign up with the list of places they recommend. While signing up to those places is free, it’s just an extra income for them to make and they are going to be the ones who get anywhere with this formula, not the person they trick into joining them.

If the company is no longer in business, why bother talking about it?

Sites like these are plaguing the internet and I wrote this review to warn you that if you ever see a program like this, stay away or at least notify me about it in the comments so I can have a look, but I’m 100% certain it’s going to be a scam.

And overall, there are many places like this on the internet and the misconception about them is always the same: That this method of answering questions is a great way to make some side cash. This is almost never true and if you ever wish to make ANYTHING good, you will have to invest more time than you can imagine into answering these questions, so much so, that you’re much better off spending that excess time with other opportunities that are none survey related, something like this.

And adding to that, in addition to the free sites that lure you into thinking you can make some cash answering questions, there’s also the category of places that have you pay for memberships to see those free places and you guessed it, Paid Survey Authority is one of those places.

So even though this affiliate site (this isn’t even a program) is no longer working, or even if comes back, or more than likely you find another site like it in the future, I stand by what I say: Keep away from these places.

There are WAY too many BAD experiences I’ve had with paid online surveys, including a plethora of other people who share the same experiences as I do and have the same opinion of it to come to the same conclusions.

But is there really a legit survey site out there? There has to be right Vitaliy?

This is the next most common question I get whenever I review these places and I always tell them about the things I just explained right above to illustrate why this industry is a waste of time in general.

But even though it’s a giant waste of time, there are legit places like these 5 legit survey sites, but as I said before, the amount of time and money they’ll have you spend on their questionnaires is ridiculous. If you cut it down into money earned per hour, then it’s laughable and sad.

You have to change your mindset about these places if you’re going to actually make an income online or work from home, otherwise, you’ll be looking for the next “best” questionnaire type site and keep coming to the same dead end that they lead to: Time wasted and in some cases, money wasted too, a lot even.

Final Rating: Paid Survey Authority.

0 stars

Red Flag (Scam)

0 out of 10 stars. Generally, even the worst scams get 1 out of 10, but these types of places deserve that 0 because they are just trying to bank on free information you can find on your own. They do NOT offer a secret list of sites you haven’t heard about, you can find them yourself. But even if you do, they are a waste of time anyway.

My final thoughts:

This place must be the 30th or so site like it I’ve reviewed and come across and I’ve heard from many people who have tried the same places and/or others I have yet to review and STILL, after years and years of looking these places up, not a SINGLE one has ever been that ONE good spot that makes people good money.

It’s just an impossible thing to find in my opinion because getting paid for simply offering an opinion can lead to people abusing that system just to make a quick dollar, so the survey itself will become useless to whoever is offering it and paying for it, so the people who make them insure themselves by paying people little.

What I absolutely cannot stand is that these places promise people good money. That is a lie.

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  • It is a fake, scam survey site because it just promotes them and charges for that.

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