Millionaire Biz Pro Review. Dude, Where is my Login?

millionaire biz pro review

My experience with Millionaire Biz Pro ended up being a major waste of time and in this review I’ll be showing you what happened, but I won’t waste your time in the process, because I’ll show you a good program that I trust instead of it.

Quick Report on Millionaire Biz Pro:

Price: $47 with 3 “great” up-sells.

Overall Rating: Pending an actual rating (though I really want to rate it low) because they never gave me access and technically, that itself should justify a bad rating, but I’ll wait, technical mistakes happen.

What this program did give me was a bunch of nonsense sales marketing I dislike a lot and an annoying period of getting in touch with their support only to eventually get a refund without any actual resolution…

I can’t give an accurate estimate of the quality of this program, but I will give you 3 guarantees about it further below…

Before I explain all of that, if you came here seeking a good review of the program, sadly, I must disappoint you. 

However, I can 100% tell you the following about making money online:

Millionaire Biz Pro in a nutshell:

I always have a major problem with sales pages like the one in this program because they always do a fantastic job at saying…nothing.

  • Nothing about the program.
  • Nothing about the details of it.
  • Not even a single clue as to what the strategy is.

And worse, they force me to sit through it until their countdown timer stops and a checkout link appears. I actually went to make myself dinner in the time the main sales page finished in combination with the timers on their up-sell pages after I “purchased” the program.

And trust me, I didn’t miss anything special since I could hear from a distance what the sales person was saying. I didn’t use the word “nothing” carelessly. There’s also many programs which use webinar funnels like these to get you into them, and most of them also say nothing.

While the main sales page (after you sign up) and then later the up-sell pages also do the same thing in talking a lot and saying nothing, all I can really do is:

  • Buy the program, which you already know I tried and when that didn’t work…


  • I hopped on YouTube in hopes of finding an actual, legitimate review of it and that was also hopeless because the videos either also say nothing about the program and/or just promote it or another program. More people saying a lot of nothing…

By the way, this program is or was part of Clickbetter, a site I am very careful with when it comes to buying stuff since from.

What happened after I bought it. Oh what an incredibly pointless experience this was:

First I sat through all the sales videos. With the main one and the 3 up-sells, that’s 4…long…forceful videos I had to watch.

1) The first one is obviously the main Millionaire Biz Pro program. What is it? I wish I could tell you.

I am guessing they give you some sort of websites that either already have checkout carts or are meant to funnel people in. But I didn’t really figure that information out until I saw the first and then second up-sell videos…

2) The initial up-sell was for a “Platinum Team Package” they sold to me for $97. It was there that they mentioned how much more awesome this deal was than the regular Millionaire Biz Pro which led me to believe you’d probably get things from the regular program that wouldn’t work as well unless you’d try the platinum thing. This was down sold to $67 when I said that I didn’t want it.

3) A “Delta Club” upgrade of some sort $34.95 which adds more benefits to the membership such as hosting benefits and better support. 

This is where I started to think what you’d get in the main membership was probably just 1 or several websites that in my opinion probably wouldn’t come with enough instructions on how to use them unless you’d buy the up-sells.

4) The final up-sell was 2 traffic packages, one for $85 a month and the other for $197 a month. This further indicated to me that I really was supposed to get websites from the main purchase…

But because I’ve come across these up-sells so often, have tried what these things have promised, I always know better than to buy them until I at least get something (I want to see the main program first!) and remember, up until this point, from the original sales page to the end of the LAST up-sell, I still didn’t know what the product was. I only speculated! 

Finally, after all that, it was time for me to get access, but then this happened:

millionaire biz pro login screenshot

Well as you can see, I was asked to enter a log in. But where is it? I figured it might have been sent to my email since typically that’s how these programs work. I check my inbox and the only thing I had was a confirmation of my purchase (the picture above this one).

The 3 different ways I tried to get access, without success:

1) I tried to use the option to resend a password. I tried this twice. Nothing.

2) I tried to email their support desk. No responses.

3) I contacted ClickBetter, the company which Millionaire Biz Pro operates under. There, a representative actually picked up, heard my situation and said they’d contact the vendor. A support ticket was opened:


This was the LAST chance Millionaire Biz Pro had to prove to me that they had SOME kind of legitimate system. (here are 7 legitimate affiliate programs I trust).

So far, all they were proving to me was that in my opinion that they were another scam company. After the support ticket was placed, I waited a few hours only to see this message show up:


Well this is a strange surprise.

Apparently, there was no attempt to even tell me what happened. I am grateful that Clickbetter got me a refund, but honestly, I at least wanted to see the inside of this program before I made that decision and now I guess I can’t.

Thus, this is why I said this whole experience was pointless…

millionaire biz pro alternative

3 guarantees I can make to you about Millionaire Biz Pro:

1) It’s a waste of money because you’re probably going to get the same dead end experience I did in not getting a log-in or response to why it happened. 

2) Knowing what was said in the all the sales pages, I strongly doubt that this program is good. In my article on spotting actual online scams, I would say Millionaire Biz Pro has too many bad signs…

3) Even if there is anything about this program that is good, it’s in my opinion nothing compared to Wealthy Affiliate, an actual GOOD program that doesn’t give you these problems.


My final thoughts: 

Typically I’d give a score for the program, but as we all know now, there’s nothing to review until there’s actually a login given to me…

There’s a reason I rarely do product reviews anymore, it’s because of programs like Millionaire Biz Pro and the way they say things that I know from personally being in the business cannot be true!

Millionaire Biz Pro


Millionaire Biz Pro Score



  • None.


  • Major issues with login.
  • I think this program fits into one of the three programs I recommended, and all of them rate bad.

16 thoughts on “Millionaire Biz Pro Review. Dude, Where is my Login?”

  1. We purchased the Millionair Biz Pro got the login info and got clear through the first 3 stages of setting up the website and got to section of where they send the money to PayPal and it wouldn’t go any further. So it’s a no go for us we will try getting our money back now. Thank you for your input!

    • Oh that sounds like it was taking you through a hosting scam Steve, where it looks like you’re about to make a website, but won’t get it until you pay and when you do, you’re stuck paying monthly for hosting.

  2. Hello,
    I have checked the BBB about Millionaire Bizpro and it was given an A+ rating.
    Are you saying it is scam because you want me to go with your program?

    • Marsha, this is the 4th time I received a comment from you. For the past 3, I have not approved them because you gave out personal information I didn’t want to publish. You said so yourself in the previous comments you were NOT happy with Millionaire Biz Pro and wanted a refund.

      I personally emailed you 3 TIMES telling you exactly how to get the refund, yet you’re still coming here as though you didn’t get my emails and making it sound as though I’m trying to trick you, this is simply not acceptable.

      I gave you my position on Millionaire Biz Pro, I told you what I personally prefer over it and I personally responded to you directly to help you resolve your problem.

      I know of many companies on the BBB which are rated A+ and are not good for what it’s worth.

  3. Hi Vitaliy,

    This is a new program for me i have never heard of it but by judging from your experience it definitely sounds like a scam.

    I’m really just glad you were able to get your money back because usually in these types of situations you don’t. And to be quiet honest the only positive that came out of this situation and makes me lean a little towards stating its not a scam, just a horrible program, is the fact that they did give you your money back.

    But other than that I wouldn’t want anybody going through that especially when you have great programs like Wealthy Affiliate that actually help you. Anyway, Great post!

    Ian J.

    • Hi Ian, the internet has become a ton safer in recent years, even though scams are on the rise. What I mean by this is that no matter, you CAN get your money back if you follow something as simple as this. Obviously, being careful and educated about what you buy is important, but should you fall into the trap that these scams set up, there is a way back.

  4. I tried to purchase the BizPro program and they said my bank would not accept the charge. I called the credit card company and they had NO RECORD of any such attempted charge. I then tried to get with BIZPRO and they hung up on me…..TWICE. Maybe it is just as well, since I am not the only one having problems with BIZPRO or

    • It sounds like you may have made a previous purchase from and possibly had a dispute, for which they flagged your credit card and/or name which meant then next time you purchased a product from that site, it brought up the flag. The same thing happened to me several times with this site.

      I highly doubt you’re missing out on a great product here Irvan, better to try my #1 recommendation. Believe me, you’ll get some great stuff there.

  5. Biz pro is a total ripoff and trying to get money back is impossible. They say it is very easy to use, another lie.

    • Did you have the same problem I did Charles? In my case, I got the refund automatically. If you had issues, go through the same thing I did and contact Clickbetter directly.

  6. A product that has login problems should be avoided at all costs and shoudn’t even be released on the market.
    I have had enough with the growing number of scammers circulating around the internet and I think it’s about time some international anti-internet scam police busted them because currently, it seems there is no way to legally charge them for theft/fraud.

    • There’s certainly a lot of ways these kinds of people can keep getting away with this stuff, but I worry about the whole concept of policing online Kent. I would rather people be informed through legitimate bloggers instead.

  7. Did you check your spam folder for the login details? With a name like that I’m not surprised some email providers actually automatically classify emails from them as spam/phishing emails.

    I’ve only ever spent on ONE online money marketing course. I was very lucky. Some people spend thousands for years with little success. I hope they see this and avoid this program.

    • Yeah I checked it the next day Regina and I still had no access and the ticket like I showed still showed that there was a refund.

  8. I think you are right, it is pointless to join Millionaire Biz Pro since it is not even “pro” enough to provide a login. It is rather funny that the company is actually not ready to start the business yet if there are system faults. That instantly creates a bad impression on someone who is interested at first. Thanks for reviewing this so we do not have to waste time on something pointless.

    • What I am more worried about is if there were people who purchased the up-sells because I believe some of them didn’t associate with Clickbetter which may make it harder to get a refund for some or ALL The parts of the system someone might purchase.


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