Affiliate Titan Review. Why Most People Don’t Need it.


Affiliate Titan contains a lot of tools and programs one may find very useful for their affiliate business, but as someone who practices this type of business, I didn’t find there being much need in all of this and I’ll explain why I think this in this review.

Quick Report on Affiliate Titan:

affiliate titan review

Creator: Chris (not sure about the last name). This review covers the 2.0 program, and it’s currently at it’s 3.0 stage, but that doesn’t really matter, because the rating would still be the same and this review will explain why.

Price: $7 (could be an early price because it was just released that is set to rise).

Overall Rating: 3 out of 10 stars.

Aside from it’s Facebook t shirt idea, most of the information revealed inside the product on hot selling products can be found on regular websites which also post that same information and that’s free.

This is why if the program does update, it still has the same information, but you can still get it for free:

Affiliate Titan (Current review is from the 2.0 version) in a nutshell:

This product is actually a software that “reveals” hot sellers on various affiliate networks such as Clickbank and JVZoo as well as those which will be released.

For products that are already out and listed on the program, you get information on how they’re selling, EPC information, if there’s contests/prizes being awarded and a link to sign up to promote the program should you find the numbers good enough.

There are also other areas of this product which provide you with sales letters that you only get when you enter some information. Basically, it’s like a fill in type program. Then there is also a secondary part of this product that goes into an interesting way to make money of Facebook.

So what can a marketer do with Affiliate Titan 2.0?

Well the first thing that came to my mind was: Product launch jacking and maybe if you have an email list and do a broadcast to them…

There are a few different software programs that compile the entire product and I’ll get into that shortly to explain how product launch jacking can be used but first let me explain something very important:

If you have some experience with Clickbank and JVZoo, you need to know that these sites also have pages where their top products are ranked according to their category, with JVZoo being the exception because from what I know, they mainly sell make money online products…

But the point is that these sites freely give away information on stats for their products, including the hot sellers, their sales ranking, their gravity (another variation of sales, but only mentioned on Clickbank) and there’s also product release websites that provide information on soon to be released products.

Here are just some of the websites which provide this:


I love those sites and I believe a lot of the information from some of them (or perhaps others) is information that is compiled by Affiliate Titan 2.0 and displayed. Basically it puts it altogether. Those sites are great for people looking to make money in the make money online niche.

Now for the $7, aside from the up-sell, I think that this is a terrific price for a product that organizes information on hot sellers and for those who are hardcore product launch jacking marketers, this will serve them, but let’s face it, this information is all free on those 4 sites I posted as well as others.

Some people might like this kind of information to be displayed on one program, while others like me, visit one of those sites. If you’re the type that enjoys the option of it all to be given to you, then here’s what’s inside Affiliate Titan 2.0:

A breakdown of what’s inside Affiliate Titan:

Launch Pulse Software:

This software displays released and pending products to be pushed onto the JVZoo market as well as other networks. It is frankly a great place to get product launch jacking ideas:

affiliate titan 2.0 inside look

First we have the date which shows when it was released. In this case, a negative number means it’s been out for so and so days. In the case of the first product ($2k CB), it’s been out 5 days. 

Person displays who made it, prizes shows if there’s a contest for sales, price shows the cost of the product, commission obviously shows how much you’ll earn, request sends you to the page where you can get your affiliate link and finally…

We have YouTube and Google and the numbers displayed there are competition. Now Chris doesn’t really explain how he gets these numbers. The YouTube one makes sense if you type the product keyword into the search box on YouTube and in quotes but the Google one makes no sense since trying the same quote option gave me a completely different number.

Also Chris does not explain what the range should be to discover if the product has low competition or not so with the exception of the YouTube option, I don’t see this information can help someone whose looking to find if the product keyword has low competition or not which is why I’ll tell you to use Jaaxy, an accurate keyword tool for Google.

CB 100:

Provides a list of the top Clickbank products. You can select topics based on category and get a list of the top selling ones. This software in my opinion is pretty useless if you just go to the marketplace in Clickbank itself and search it up on the categories which it will also show you based on sales figures (top ones appear higher).

In fact, there’s more options in the latter than in CB 100 within Affiliate Titan 2.0 (Clickbank has 24 and AT has 16):


King of the Zoo software:

Now this one let’s you go through JVZoo and filter out the products you want to promote based on sales volumes, how much you can earn, ect…

It is actually a great tool in my opinion if you’re looking for certain product parameters:


Now of the information you can look up, I found the first option of entering a keyword pretty bad. I often had results which didn’t show me anything so really the only way I was able to see the following tables was by looking up things that are selling more than a certain amount, which new products are out and basically using the other search bars other than the keyword one.

1 Click Affiliate Software:


In this section, you fill in the top bars like I did with weight loss terms, click get affiliate ideas and it gives you a bunch of text with call to action type phrases. So here’s what I got:


As you can see, there’s definitely some issues with this thing (grammar). Plus if you keep going through the things it gives you, a lot of the context revolves around make money online terms which when you plug in weight loss terms like I did makes no sense to use…

The next sections of the website have 4 videos which go over using the above software programs and honestly, I don’t understand why Chris couldn’t just put 1 video next to each of these programs.

Next we have 3 tutorials on YouTube, Google and email marketing:


And let me tell you, I can honestly still recommend Affiliate Titan 2.0 to anyone were it just those software programs, but when you get to this step and start reading the tutorials, in my opinion, it gets worrisome and the reason why is that the information has a lot of extremely basic things in addition to black hat recommendations.

Pretty much most of the times in those tutorials start with you setting up an affiliate link and putting it somewhere, be it a video, a website you make, and the instructions are very basic, but then it gets to traffic recommendations and that’s when it recommends buying backlinks from Fiverr and that just doesn’t work well in my experience… This section of the program is the one I personally would not recommend.

Then we finally have the bonus, which is called T-Shirt Titan:

It’s a tutorial about finding niche audiences on Facebook and then selling these people custom t-shirts you can make by having people on Fiverr do it.

I actually liked this idea and in this bonus, there was really a lot of content and pretty good information provided on FB. This really made up for what in my opinion was horrible SEO advice for the previous section of the program.

Then the rest is links to other websites, one of which I think is a free squeeze page maker.

Final Rating: Affiliate Titan

3 stars

Yellow Flag

3 out of 10 stars. It’s certainly a comfortable, cheap and time saving “solution” that will help marketers, but in my opinion very few. And again, be careful with that SEO advice it gives.


My final thoughts:

I still feel like I can find plenty of good products without it and I think beginners and most marketers may also do without it, but for $7 which I hope it stays at, I would recommend it for those who don’t want to open up multiple pages to get info on different products and just want it all listed for them.

Update: This program has been recycled into a more updated one…

It is now called Affliate Bots. Although the score is pretty much the same and not recommended and it also proved why despite the update, that it didn’t matter, like I said in the beginning of the review.

5 thoughts on “Affiliate Titan Review. Why Most People Don’t Need it.”

  1. It’s good to know how to access information for free for those that may not have it in the budget for these sort of programs. I can see how it would be useful for those looking to save the time it takes to compile this data themselves. It’s all about what resources one has available to them and whether they value their time or money more.

  2. Are there other products being promoted inside of the Affiliate Titan? Which are they in that case? Often when a product is sold for a low price, it is because they promote other products (higher priced) inside it.

    There are simply countless programs like this and even though there is not much to loose when you only pay 7 dollars, you can easily end up with a bunch of products that you do not use. I prefer to use your method and go into to the mentioned sites to get the info I need.

    • Hi Jojo, I did notice there was at least 1 promotion inside, but I didn’t really get into that because I was only focusing on the current program.

  3. I would still consider buying it even if it’s providing information that I can get freely with some searching online. But talk about Black Hat SEO especially on buying back links, that is definitely a no-go for me. Even some products like Peng Joon’s Work From No Home has also upgraded to deal with the Google Panda and Penguin update.

    • Really? I’d like to know what changes Peng has made to his program since it’s been about 2 years since I reviewed it last time Kenny and back then, the advice was pretty much what Affiliate Titan is saying now, that’s how out of date it is!


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