JLF Web Design Review. Why I Don’t Recommend Them.

jlf web design review

JLF Web Design didn’t do their research when they called me. They didn’t know I actually knew what a good deal on web design services would be or that I actually make money online full time with websites.

And so when they pitched their “deal” to me, I felt like I was getting scammed and this review will explain that experience to you.

Quick Report on JLF Web Design:

Price: They never told me their prices and believe me I asked more than once. They just ask me how serious I am which to me sounds like $100’s or $1,000’s.

Overall Rating: 1 out of 10 stars

Recommended? No way! This program is overpriced, poorly marketed and from what I saw them deliver with their sample sites, they are not what I’d consider good.

JLF Web Design in a nutshell:

This is a company which calls people up and tries to sell them web design services for vastly overpriced options. How do I know it’s overpriced? Well because you don’t ask people how much they’re ready to spend unless the price tag is huge, that’s why. It’s a common trick I’ve found mostly scam programs I’ve reviewed and scammers use to determine how much they can make from you.

I’m not saying this is what JLF is, but I see this tactic used with the shady programs more so than the legit ones.

I guess these people got my number after I made a purchase on some internet marketing product which was they given out to them. To be honest, I’ve never received one of these specific internet marketing scam calls until now and frankly, I’m surprised and a bit disappointed. I would think with all the scams I buy and try, I’d pop up on their radar more often!

jlf web design alternative

How JLF Web Design really misplayed their hand:

The following is my experience with JLF Web Design, from the moment they called me, to what went on after:

1) A number appeared on my phone. It was a 619 area code, completely unfamiliar to me and on a Saturday of all days! And when I picked up, a woman on the other line mentioned her company (JLF) was associated with Amazon associates and they had a great money making opportunity for me. 

Side note: Amazon Associates is a legitimate organization.

Programs like JLF try to use the Amazon name to make themselves sound as though they’re a legit company and as I later found out (and predicted) after emailing Amazon, they had no idea who they were and advised I stay away from them! There are also known scams that play on the name of Amazon to trick people into buying their stuff. See Amazon Cash Websites for reference.

2) Anyway, the woman inquired about what I do for a living, which I said I’d prefer to keep to myself and then said that I am not interested. What happens? Bam, she hangs up. 

Now that’s not typical behavior you’d expect from customer service. Maybe a “Ok thank you for your time, have a great day” at WORST, but I guess these places don’t function like that. 

3) After thinking about it for about 5 minutes, I knew it was a scam, but I forgot the name of the place and who knows, maybe they really did have some sort of great offer, so I decided to call back. Now this is where things picked up…

4) After calling back on the same number, the SAME woman who called picked up and right away called me by my name. I told her I though it was rude to hang up on me and maybe they did have something good to offer. In short, I was ready to at least hear them out. The woman did apologize and that’s when she repeated the JLF Web Design name which finally stuck. 

5) Then as we talked, she asked me to hold on and transferred me over to someone else. Now the thing is that I never asked to be transferred and I felt we were communicating well so in addition to the original hang up and the unprofessional approach taken thus far, there wasn’t much to convince me this program could be trusted, but nevertheless, I remained on the line and the next person came on…

6) This time it was a man. He was very polite and had a very friendly tone. I couldn’t help but reciprocate it. The man basically repeated what the woman said (Great opportunity, would you like to make a lot of money, what do you do for a living, how serious are you about this, ect…). To the personal questions, again, I said I didn’t want to share that, which he was fine with. 

As he was briefly describing his company, I asked about the price, which he didn’t mention. He then asked me to listen to a message about the opportunity which I agreed to and so the message began and it basically played the same way any other scam I’d warn people about did: 

7) The message basically described how the company is going to provide me with a money making, turn key business website which sells Amazon products and when someone buys it, I make a commission. There were also claims about how people were making 5-7 figures monthly and yearly through this and how excited I should be (Yeah I can barely control myself…).

An additional part of the message mentioned something about having marketing experts help my site become popular and get traffic but that was vaguely mentioned and while it was something I was interested in, I have a feeling this part of the offer might be an up-sell.

8) The message ended and guess what? A new representative came on the line (that’s 3!) and basically asked me if I enjoyed that message and I’d like to move forward. He then also asked me about my occupation (again) which as we already know, I declined to reveal.

I doubt they’d want to talk to someone who does online marketing full time. Not exactly their target market!

9) Now this is where it became rude. The man asked me if I was unemployed or working for the CIA and then instead of arguing, I once again, I asked about the price, to which the man responded with how serious am I about this. 

10) That’s when I really had enough. I told the man that I was not going to put in ANY money into a program which hasn’t told me anything about themselves, their price and a bunch of other information. All I had thus far was that they were going to make me “money making” websites. 

I then asked about their website which the man mentioned is JLFMarketingLLC.com. I went there and told him I was not impressed and that’s the truth people. I could make a website like that in about an hour.

All I’d have to do would be to open up a new WordPress site, install a template which has a rotation device (pictures rotate on the home page to make it look fancy) and just add images. Everything else is even easier. And if someone asked me they I’d charge for this, I wouldn’t go farther than $50. And you can also do this yourself without ever hiring a professional! Simple try a program like Wealthy Affiliate and you’ll get a website and training for it, and that’ll be free to check out.

11) But anyway, in response to me not being impressed and that I felt like they were trying to scam me, the man rudely responded by “asking me” in a “oh yeah!?” tone to visit some sort of government website in Arizona of all places and look up their company, which I did and yes it showed up, but some followup research revealed the 619 area code comes from California. So why would they show me their credentials from Arizona? Yeah, it’s not adding up…

12) After a few more exchanges, I had all I needed and told the man politely that I appreciate the offer, but I was not interested, still felt they were trying to scam me and to have a nice day. I then hung up on them and did the additional research where I mentioned discovering about the 619 area code, Amazon telling me about not knowing them and more.

Final Rating: JLF Web Design

1 star

Red Flag

1 out of 10 stars. If you ever get a call from this company, watch out.

My final thoughts: 

There one thing I do want to thank JLF Web Design for, it’s that they gave me something to write about. Before I received their call, I was stuck on what to write on the site. Thanks to them, I am able to expose another scam company. 

Has anyone who is reading this ever received a call from this place or places like it? If so, was the story the same as mine? Let me know what happened!

New challenge issued!

I’m happy a lot of people have commented on JLF recently and a few have accused me of lying and saying “incorrect” things about the company. Read the comments below for yourself and you’ll see what I mean.

If you’re going to defend this company, post REAL experiences and websites JLF has given them (or you). MAKE SURE it’s not a link, otherwise my comment filter will mark it as spam. Just name the site without the .com (or whatever extension) and I’ll look at it. And also just as well, if you’ve had bad experiences, let me hear about that too.

Understand that comments that basically go like this “You’re wrong because I some know people who have succeeded with this program” without pointing to any actual evidence have no weight on the argument.

I’ll approve the comment either way, but if you really believe in this company, point to real facts. 

41 thoughts on “JLF Web Design Review. Why I Don’t Recommend Them.”

  1. Surprisingly enough, I answered one of their calls and it was nothing like anything in which you guys described. I had purchased a website from them and couldn’t be happier. Their customer service is extremely helpful as well.

    • I’m glad to hear that Robert and I do believe your story. Unfortunately in my experience with this company, I understand the “value” of the service they were giving me and how they presented it set off every alarm I know in the online world.

  2. Just had a call from JLF yesterday. One of their newest tactics is to have you go to a site to show that they are a “legit” company.
    I almost fell for their scam. Thankfully, I came across your website and read the complaints. I had to hang up and then block their number. It was ridiculous! Thank you for this site and the heads up!

    • They just called me 7/20/16. I’m a very bad person, I LOVE to fool with these people. I went along with it and listened to some audio that tells you NOTHING. Then another tool, who I’m certain had been listening in on the original “account Executives” call with me, and starts in with the protocol. I told him “I am not interested, but thank you very much” and so it began and while not rude, my new “coordinator” who was going to give the FACTS became aggressive and asked me why. I told him why and he began attacking the tac and I firmly said “Look, I’ve told you I am not interested. How has that escaped you?” and he changed my reason from not being interested into my not wanting to build a website and so continued on with the circle jerk dialog that all of these tools try to bamboozle you with. Yeah, I screwed with him pretty good until he hung up… I have a black belt in sarcasm. I win. Yes, you have a good day too.

  3. I just received a phone call from JLF Web Design and, of course, when he mentioned Amazon I was interested. He asked if I was willing to spend a couple hundred to get a successful web site designed to sell Amazon products at a commission and then asked if I was the one who made decisions or did I need someone else to approve. I told him I’d like to talk to my husband about it. That’s when he said he’d call me back so that my husband could be online also and listen to the presentation. He wouldn’t answer any questions from that point on saying it was best if we were both on the phone and he also didn’t know some of the answers and didn’t want to steer me the wrong way. He wouldn’t quote an exact price for the site and when I asked if I could be an affiliate for Amazon without paying for a web site, he said, yes I could, but I probably wouldn’t make any money as the web site would not be as profitable as what they could do for me. He also mentioned I’d have someone to help me if I had any questions or problems. Then I came online and looked up JLF and, lo and behold, here I am. Glad I didn’t sign up for anything.

  4. I got a call from JLF web designs today and they did the same thing, asked me what I did for a living and just jumped right into asking me if I wanted to invest a couple hundred dollars to get started with my money making program with amazon. I decided to come on line just to see what they were about and I ran across this. I’m glad I looked them up before I went any further with it. But, I’ve been dealing with people trying to scam me for a while now.

    • Hi James, trust me, everyone has someone trying to scam them at least once, whether it be cold callers to online scams. Because it’s happened to you multiple times just makes you smarter and ready to not let them do it.

      • Ohhh Nooo!

        I got all excited and hopeful about my call from JLF a week ago. I paid $299.00 and was told to watch for an email today and a phone call. The guy I talked to seemed to really click with me and he said they would set it up, give me the customers to send to it to and make the sales. I could call if I needed any help at all. I would be paid by Sprint. I wanted to work 5-10 hours a day and make $500.00 a month. He said this would be so easy for a person with my work ethic. NO call yet today. NO email to open yet today. I signed a contract that said no refunds after 3 days. So sad.

        • I think you can dispute this scenario Claudia, if you can prove you received no website, no help and either some or none of the promised things. Whether or not you sign the contract, also should include the verbal part of it which you and the sales person had. At the very least, you can tell your credit card company about this and possibly recover the $299 you spent, sorry to hear about the situation, it is common with these companies…

  5. I have been receiving phone calls all week long and according to my caller I.D. the person calling is JLF Web Design. I never answer calls when I don’t know the caller. First I research the number and/or company for telemarketers and/or scammers. That’s how I came to this page and all these comments reaffirming my suspicions. Thank you for exposing these scammers and saving some people who maybe don’t believe there are such people like this…..ready to pounce on the more naive. I’m naturally skeptical so it takes quite a bit to make me a believer. I wish I could just shake some people sometimes and tell them to open their eyes! There are way too many people out there claiming to do things only they can do and must be paid high dollars to do it. When in reality, most things can be done by anybody for free or at a minimum can be done for much, much less.

  6. I just found out that I was scammed by both JLF and Cyber Digital Marketing. I spent several thousand dollars for this service. When I didn’t start receiving sales commissions, although I got weekly stat reports that I was averaging 1,500 hits on my website, I got curious and called Amazon.com for info about my account.

    Amazon told me that they had no account for me or my website as an Amazon Associate. I have demanded both JLF and Cyber Digital Marketing refund my money and have threatened to report them to Texas and Arizona attorney general, along with a lawsuit and have given them 30 days to comply. Both companies have responded to me. JLF is processing a refund. Cyber Digital Marketing wants to talk to me about what I purchased. I told them not to call me and I expect a full refund. I will file suit after the 30 days are up.

    • Hi Jeff, well done on giving them this ultimatum. Glad JLF refunded you, but I suspect the other company is just going to try and keep you on and maybe even sell you more. If they try to call you, expect to hear something like that. Let us all know if you managed to get a refund from Cyber Digital Marketing. In the meantime, I’ll also research them.

  7. They just called me.They asked if I was ready to invest a few hundred dollors to get started I told them no and she Said thank you and hung up. I did not start receiving calls from them until I done an online survey.

    • Yeah I talked about that happening to me too. If you ever sign up to some email list or survey, you increase your chances of getting these calls.

    • This place just called me today on a Saturday! They said JLF Web Design on the phone. After going to 411.com and seeing where the call was from, it came out of Arizona. As soon as I answered which I normally never do when I have no clue who they are and even more so when its some off the wall out of state number, the first thing they asked was this (my name), knowing it was some marketing crap I said “No you have the wrong number”, I went on and asked “who is this?” That’s when they started about the Amazon pitch and all, and asked if anyone would be interested in making any extra money or doing this, I said nope thanks anyway and remove my number from your calling list.

      I just switched numbers about 6 months ago when I started using a new service and haven’t had a single problem until I did a survey and like a FOOL messed up and put in my new number. Now i have been getting calls from all across the state! This is so annoying! I wish these people would put in as much work at getting a job like the rest of us!

  8. I fell for this companies sales pitch. Just like what you described, they call out of the blue, told me they got my name from Amazon, and wanted to build me a website for $299 and train me how to make money from Amazon Affiliate Program. Knowing nothing about a website or the program, but interested in working from home, I was excited. Was told I would receive the next call a day later and it would be my training coach but instead get a high sales pitch from Cyber Digital Marketing, (which I would love your opinion on them and their website) to buy a better and more advanced web sit, FB Fan Page, blog, etc., which would cost $3500.00 more. Was told my site I purchased was useless. I put them off for a month and tried to research the program and the cost of building a website, which although some say it is easy to do, it is totally foreign to me. They never said anything about having a niche in the first call but constantly pressured me to come up with one. Seeing that the Amazon program is legit I persude it and bought into it. But this company is so unprofessional,won’t call you or respond to emails until you send an ugly email to them,and never does what they say when the say they will, I started questioning if this was a scam so I called my credit card company to dispute at least the $3500.00 to Cyber Digital Marketing. Well they never even responded to my credit card, just paid it back. Now I wished I had disputed the $299 to JLF too and just might do that too. But, now they are calling 3 times a day wanting me to pay them again. They have developed a website with errors on it, and it has been like pulling teeth even to be shown how to post to it, which I’ve done my best, and have no access to the first page to change it but yet they say I own the site and I’m not happy with how it looks. I set up a Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+ account but have tried for over two weeks to get them to link them, since they are my admin to my supposedly personal web page,to the web page but couldn’t get them to call me back. In the meantime I find out my credit card got my money back and has credited my account so have not touched the site since. Just really need to know if they are a scam and my site is useless. If someone would look at my site I would greatly appreciate any input. I’m sure if I don’t pay they will shut the site down eventually. Don’t want to treat them bad if they are legit but I have no way of knowing since I don’t know of any sites to look at that are part of the Amazon Affiliate Program and are considered legit. Please help, it will be greatly appreciated. I will give anyone my website that’s willing to help me, I have read enough on here to know you aren’t suppose to post it. Just don’t want to pay again for a useless site that won’t make any money.

    • Hi Drena, I will look into the Cyber Digital Marketing program you talked about. But I did also take a look at your website. Is this the same one JLF gave you? Also I’d like to know if the topic of outdoor camping which is what the site is about was your idea or a default site you were given, if JLF were the ones who provided it to you.

      Please let me know and I’ll give you my opinion on it.

  9. Dear Lord…I just hung up with someone from JLF, but as with everyone else, a young lady was on the phone telling me “how excited I must be”. I was quoted a one time fee of $349. After our call I researched Amazon’s work from home jobs among others and entered JLF’s name to see if there was any association with them. NOTHING!!! They almost had me. Thank you for your post.

  10. They keep calling me from a Nevada number. Just providing more information. We don’t speak to them. We just had a call that only consisted of a young person giggling on the other end. We just hung up. So yeah. Amateur scammers.

  11. Hey JLF Web Design just tried calling me, didn’t answer the phone then after they hung up without leaving a message. I went to my computer and researched the name and found your website! Given the company name I am not surprise to find out that it is a scam. Over the past year, my husband and I have received over forty phone calls from various different companies offering bogus offers ranging from pyramid schemes to foreign based loan offers. We have declined every offer simply because we always perform internet research on companies before signing up and every time these companies have all been running scams. my question is How can I get these companies to lose my number and quit bugging me? I don’t feel that I should have to change my home phone number because I have had the same number for almost four years now.

    • This is the exact conversation I had with a friend the other day Kristy. He has been getting phone calls (once a day usually) from these sorts of companies even though he keeps telling them to not call him. What I think is happening is that your number (his and everyone who gets these calls) have their numbers spread across different programs that are out and will be coming out and they just don’t honor the request not to call you.

      I don’t think there’s any way to stop these calls. You just have to tell them not to call you.

  12. These guys called me today…twice. The guy with a nice demeanor almost had me. He took me on an online tour in an attempt to show me that his company is legit. A very lucrative offer, but I told them that I was gonna have to think about it. The guy then started bargaining with me on how much I can pay for my website and then he was gonna top up the rest. That’s when I knew that something was not right. I then called Amazon to find out about this company and Amazon confirmed my fears. People, stay away from this JLF Web Design people. They are nothing but a bunch of thieves.

  13. I have a number of current JLF customers that have placed first hand experiences on this site of there success with the company and business here in question and every single one of them has been removed by this sites creater or webmaster. This individual has a personal vendetta with JLF webdesign and chooses to voice it in an unfair manner. This site is full of opinions,lacking the true facts of how this company operates and the that there is plenty of affiliates making good money with the business.

    • William, again the same problem with your argument exists just like with the other individual who I debated. You say I give my opinions and never “true facts” and while it is my opinion, you aren’t providing any proof that I’m wrong. Just like the other person, you are saying I am wrong because you “know affiliates” making money with this program.

      Who are these people? What are their sites? How long as have they had them? What are their traffic stats? Answer me this please.

      Also you’re accusing me of removing comments regarding this. This is an absolute lie. I approve comments that argue against me very often. The only things that may have happened were:

      1. They didn’t fill in the blanks when submitting their comment.
      2. Their comment went into my spam section which is automatic. I even gave it the benefit of the doubt and checked my first 11 pages of spam (220 comments). None were for JLF.

      And furthermore, just scroll down and look at the other person who has argued with me about JLF. Why is it just one person? Well because thus far, with the exception of yourself and that person, no one has commented differently. My challenge remains. And if you can really answer my questions above and provide REAL proof of JLF’s legitimacy, I said it before and I’ll do so again: I’ll be more than happy to change my grade of it.

  14. Hmmm. Glad I found this site. I just hung up from a call from JLF Web Design. Same routine as Vitaliy describes. I asked the man if I could wait until tomorrow to decide. He quoted me a price of $249.00 What I find interesting is that at the bottom of their home page they refer to themselves as Web Vision Works LLC twice. Could it be that they changed their name from Web Vision Works LLC to JLF Web Design recently? Looks like someone forgot to change that page. The call I got was also from a San Diego number.

    • Thank you for sharing your experience with this JLF as well. It is entirely possible they had a different name before and it’s also interesting you mentioned the San Diego number. Mine was in California. I guess theoretically if this company is “popular”, they may have telemarketing centers in more than a few states, but I still don’t trust them.

  15. J&LF web design are misrepresenting the facts. They have no business agreement with Amazon what so ever. Just got off the phone with Amazon. I would be wary of doing business with any company using these kind of business practices. They quoted me a normal price of 699 but discounted to 499 if I signed up now on first call. This is bad business ethics and unfortunately for them I have marketing ex. Be careful of any co. that promises you a lot of money I do this stuff for a living and I always stress with my customer it takes real effort and your going get what you put into it. There is no easy money.

  16. like i said many times already i am successful it was only a few hundred for them to build my site and as i said i’m very pleased and doing well with it i have tried other companies that were a scam but this isn’t one of them. no every one knows about marketing witch is why we go through a company such as JLF no you can not knock them because you read a bunch or web designers thought about the business your in the field why would you vouch for them your in competition against them so now that you have been placed on blast this guy is just trying to sell hims self and his business and slander other companies to reduce competition

    • Ok David, I see this isn’t going anywhere and I highly doubt you’re doing well with JLF but who knows, maybe you’re right. Either way, we disagree entirely and you don’t want to see my position.

      Plus there is no slander going on. I am stating my opinion and I have offered more than a few FACTS to back them up and everything you have said up until now is just claims. Your arguments fall very short. In addition, what I recommend is FREE vs what you keep defending that is costing people “a few hundred”. We’ll let them decide.

      I’ve been in the same spot you have so I know about how these businesses work. Perhaps time will tell which one of us is right. Good luck to you.

  17. i didn’t speak money because your a complete stranger i will not discuss my financial situation coming in or going out with you the fact of the matter is that JLF and i are working together and are being successful. your problem is fear and your turning your fears into other peoples worries and that is wrong. why slander a successful company with out any proof. Its morons like you that cause our world so much stress and pain. you might want to call them and give it a try you wont regret it. if your a web designer then you know to get a website built for you is not a cheap thing companies charge you an arm and a leg, however JLF did not i still have all my limbs and again still making money. now you sir by yourself will never beat an internet company so you might as well just join therm

    • It’s a shame you don’t mention how much they charged you David and play it off as though I’m looking into your “financial situation”. I am not, I am simply asking for how much they charged you, that is it. If they are as good as you say, I doubt you’d have issues with that question.

      And about me joining them since I can’t beat them? Not sure if you read the rest of my site, but I do online marketing for a living and I already pointed to and even prove you don’t need to pay them to make it in this world. If anyone should join anyplace, I would recommend it be you so you can see the other, more legitimate side of this business. You either don’t understand why you made a bad purchase or really believe you got a good deal. You didn’t.

  18. this is all a lie, i currently work with this company and am making money! Next thing is the charge they asked me was for the building of my site and it was very reasonably priced and i might add im very happy with the site they built for me( not a 5,000 dollar website but its very functional and appealing to my customer base), second this is the next big thing in internet marketing , how often do you think you will get high enough on a food chain to talk to some one who has a list of companies they work with not to often, finally the web site jlfmarketingllc.com is not an active website nor the website for the real jlf web design llc im working with the false accusations against this company are illegal and very very wrong i will vouch for this company all day long they are one of the most legit online marketing/web design company i have ever talked to.

    • Vouch or not, you’re not making any detailed arguments David. You’re just saying how I’m wrong. You’re not saying how much it cost you or what kind of website you got, or even what you’re selling, the marketing of the site, and that’s just the initial thoughts I have. Plus whether or not the company I got a call from is or isn’t the same as yours doesn’t change the FACT that the JLFwebsitedesignLLC.com IS an active website and it is that site they sent me to. Wow what a professional look they have (hope you can spot my sarcasm). I just checked it again and yep, it’s up.

      And the last thing, what is this whole thing about getting up on the food chain? I work with and know more than a few VERY successful people who actively give out AMAZING advice to EVERYONE who asks them and they do this free of charge. I’ve met most of them on Wealthy Affiliate. The type of business JLF is running is VERY common. I’m sorry, but you got ripped of.

    • I have just been on the phone with these guys! I have fallen into their trap! How do I get my money back? Can anyone help please? I have sent them a deal cancellation mail after I read your post. Do you think I can get my USD 399 back!
      Please help me!

  19. Actually, I just got a phone call from the same people. As of today’s date (3/23/2015) they are still running the same dialog that you described . Researching their name (JLF) brought me here. Same questions listen to an audio message, what do you do for a living etc.etc. When I asked about the buy in he told me it would be “a few hundred dollars”. at which point I asked him to repeat the name of the company.I said i would look at their site (which was really a mistake on his part) and lo and behold guess what? You guessed it …
    A one way ticket to Scamsville. Thanks for looking out for the unsuspecting people who are looking for a the next big in internet marketing,
    You rock Vitaliy.
    Keep up the good work.

  20. Crazy stuff man, I wonder how many people buy into it. It’s a shame because they give the legit web designers a bad name.

    Incidentally, it might only take you an hour, but being able to create a wordpress website is worth more than $50

    • If it’s a very simple WordPress site and it won’t take me long to do, I think $50 is fine. Thanks for commenting Dom 🙂


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