Income Society Review. I Greatly Underestimated it!

income society review

In rare instances are my first impressions of programs like Income Society wrong and this is one of those cases and I’m really glad I bought the program to find that out.

I’ll be showing you what’s inside and better yet telling you what works better than this.

Quick Report on Income Society:

Creator: Adeel Chowdhry.

Price: $9.95. After purchase you have 2 up-sells, one of which sent me mixed messages.

I didn’t purchase either of them but they are both $37 and if you decline, you’ll get 1 chance to buy each of them for $27. Then if you decline that, you can still purchase it from the members area.

Overall Rating: 5 out of 10 stars

I apologize for Adeel because I felt the program was a scam until I actually entered the members area and saw just how much information there really was.

What is Income Society?

A basic and VERY detailed program on affiliate marketing from the absolute beginning stages of making money online and it’s extremely newbie friendly with the way it’s designed. There are 22 learning modules within the members area which go over everything you need to have set up to run a website, promote products and most importantly make money online.

Each module has a video or series of videos detailing each topic and stage of the online marketing process. In addition there are also PDF downloads available and the ability to view each lesson (module) in text.

What is another interesting addition to these lessons is that there is a test that is mandatory to take after you’ve completed a module. If you don’t complete it or at least get an 85% score, you will not be able to advance into the next module/s. 

Why I though Income Society was a scam:

I rarely have a positive experience with products I purchase from JVZoo. There are many programs and training guides on making money online, but most of them offer very little in terms of information, not much practicality and in many cases are just there to give you little information while providing other parts in other programs which you have to buy. 

Alex Jeffreys (Digital Millionaire Mastermind) and Joshua Zamora are perfect examples. Alex offers more hype than promise than Joshua is someone who keeps making one product after another, hyping it and then moving onto the next one. Some of the programs these 2 gentlemen deliver do work, but overall, I have never rated it high and this is common for the other programs I review from there. 

With Adeel Chowdhry, Income Society was the first program I’ve ever reviewed from him and the way it was designed from the homepage, to the up-sell parts, I felt like I was diving back into those old and unpleasant experiences. For example:

I hate up-sells. And because Income Society was only $9.95, I absolutely knew I was going to see them. The first one was mentioned as being free by Adeel, but it says right underneath it’s $37. What gives?

income societ upsells

A second up-sell followed this one where it said I would be provided with a lot of training material on SEO and other topics (33 training lessons I think) and a number of interview videos. This one wasn’t confusing but just in case you were wondering about what you’re getting, now you know. 

So up until that point, I didn’t have a high opinion of Income Society and expected the members area to follow alongside the same path. After all, what could $9,95 possibly provide me with, especially since I’ve already seen the same formula used and saw what it led to with similar programs I’ve purchased on JVZoo before.

Well I was wrong:

Besides the 22 very detailed and highly organized lessons, there are a bunch of other resources available which only improve upon the compliments I gave Income Society:


What you’re seeing in the image above is the special training area where you learn about email marketing and SEO. In addition there are also guides on Solo ads and topics related to that. 

Then we have vault which has 25 tutorials on small things related to YouTube, making links on your WordPress site and a number of other very micro oriented topics which deal with marketing and web design.

My projects is basically a notepad where you take notes on anything you want. It could be what you learned from the training modules to ideas you have in mind. It’s really irrelevant to have it since you can use your own notepad or other document programs, but it keeps it all in one place so it may be convenient for some.

Knowledge base is really just an F.A.Q section of the site.

The main training (the 22 modules) can be found by clicking on the Main training menu above special training:


There’s a few things I’d like to mention about this training:

Notice the locks in modules 1 and 2. They are “unlocked” while in modules 3 and ascending are locked. As I mentioned to get them open, you need to take tests which if you notice I am doing in module 2.

The scores aren’t 100% because I tried skimming through the tests without looking at the training associated with it and some of the training, while very similar to what I personally know about this business has certain parts which are different and in my opinion outdated so some answers I gave weren’t correct.

For example, they talk about Market Samurai which is a keyword tool they recommend for niche research. I don’t like that tool and prefer a better one like Jaaxy and other things such as competition numbers for keywords are also talked about in a method which isn’t familiar to me.

But it doesn’t mean it’s wrong to learn it their way. It works, but it’s just a different approach and I prefer mine…


  • There is a lot of material to go through with this program. The price of $9.95 is really, really good for what you get.
  • A number of other highly informative tutorials and topics are discussed in great detail.
  • Training is covered in multiple formats (video/text/PDF).


  • There are parts of the training which I found a bit outdated or not to my personal taste. 
  • I don’t really like the need to take a test to open up the next stage of training. It’s annoying to me, but it does ensure people know the topics before they move forward which DOES have a positive impact on learning and thus succeeding so this may serve as a pro.
  • Lack of social interaction on the members area. I may be asking for a lot but I feel if there was a community of people who would help one another in Income Society, it was REALLY improve the program’s overall success. Right now it feels like a lot of information is there for you to adsorb and if you have questions just email us. It’s good, but programs like Wealthy Affiliate offer everything and more than Income Society, PLUS the community aspect of speaking with other members anytime. That’s what I would love to see with this program too.

Final Rating: Income Society

5 stars

Green Flag 

5 out of 10 stars. I expected bad things, but was surprised and happy to be wrong. This program does work.

income society alternative

My final thoughts: 

This is a good place to start if you’re just beginning online. I would only focus on the modules before heading into the rest of the training, otherwise you may get confused or lost.

As for the up-sells, I’d only focus on the main training before expanding outward to the other offers. And honestly, the Wealthy Affiliate program is where I’d just begin all of this anyway since it’s beginner training is a bit better than Income Society’s, but again, I’m happy I was wrong about this program in assuming it was a scam.

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