Paid Viewpoint Review. Is it a Good Survey Site to Try?

paid viewpoint review

I have a pretty favorable review to share with you on Paid Viewpoint, but it’s a double edged swords because surveys themselves are not good ways to make money.

So I’ll tell you the good things about Paid Viewpoint in this review but I’ll also share better ways to make money outside of using it.

Quick Report on Paid Viewpoint:

Price: Free signup, no up-sells and very upfront program.

Overall Rating: 5 out of 10 stars. 

Probably one of the best paid online survey sites I’ve ever tried BUT the bar isn’t that high when it comes to these things and the money you make isn’t going to be much. This is why I say it’s double edged. 

Yet if you’re looking for more serious options to make money online, I would read this about paid online surveys.

What is Paid Viewpoint?

It’s a paid survey website which pays you very little for each one you take, but at the same time does offer decent incentives and an approach to taking them which I found comfortable and easy. 

If you’ve ever done paid surveys (I’ve tested a lot of paid online survey sites), a number of problems you may find are the following:

  1. Very little pay. 
  2. Long and boring questionnaire process.
  3. Some places don’t even pay you. 
  4. High threshold needed to be paid out.
  5. Confusing navigation on the site which makes the already long and small paying process that much harder.

What Paid Viewpoint has created really solves problems 2-5, but still unfortunately keeps the first and possibly the most important one (small pay) a major problem.

Their homepage delivers a very short but easy to understand video explaining all of this and I am happy to say the claims they made do hold up once you join.

Let me take you inside Paid Viewpoint:

Signing up to Paid Viewpoint isn’t difficult, but there is a strict signup process which will require that you confirm your identity via phone. The other things you will be asked to provide are where you live and your date of birth as well as a PayPal email to be paid.

This is actually a good filter in my opinion because it does show that they want you to get paid. For signing up and completing your profile, you will earn a little over $1.

Then once you’re inside, you will be given a few icons to help you get started which is their dashboard:

paid viewpoint members area

Notice on the right, there is a request to fill out your first survey which is basically an examination of your personality. That one took me about 3 minutes to complete and the approach they took was one I’ve never seen before. They ask you questions and the answer can be selected using a drag icon. It’s pretty comfortable. 

The other icons are pretty simple to understand. You have your earnings report which is the $$$ symbol, followed by a circular icon which is your demographics that you filled in when you signed up.

And then there is the icon all the way on the right (gears) which is just a place to update settings. I’ve left out the halo icon and the one next to it with 3 people because I want to discuss them separately. 

Regulations on cashing out money from Paid Viewpoint explained:

This is where the halo icon is explained. Every survey site has their own threshold you have to meet to get paid. With Paid Viewpoint, there are 2 things that need to be met:

1) You must have at least 9,000 threshold points scored which is another term for trust. Once you meet that, you can get paid and also earn more money per survey:


I only completed my profile and 1 survey and had almost 600 points given out to me for just that so it’s not going to take an awful long time to reach the 9,000 mark.

BUT you are limited to the surveys you can take daily and will be emailed them once a new one becomes available. There is no area where a list is provided for you to take them so there is a certain wait period. Again this adds to the small pay issue I keep focusing on.

2) The threshold itself is only $15.

Incentives offered by Paid Viewpoint:

Now comes the final icon in the dashboard which is where the people are. If you took a look at the image, it’s not tough to guess what it’s all about. They give you a $25 bonus for each person you refer. 

Usually I can’t stand referral programs that involve these types of promotions but this is actually the only exception I have found (other than Swagbucks). The people you refer don’t have to pay anyway and if they can make some extra change, I say why not? 

So if you’re going to tell your friends about this, I’d be up front and tell them not to expect riches because that’s just not going to happen. If you are an online marketer like me and have people interested in paid surveys, you may actually make a lot of money with this referral program but that’s a completely different story. 

To sidetrack very quickly, if you have a website or email list of people interested in the topic of paid surveys, you can email or give a shout out to Paid Viewpoint on your site and have people join through you. A person who has 100’s of people on their email list of visiting their site can definitely make a good amount of money doing this. 

Will I be doing this? Yes and this is where you can join Paid Viewpoint, but again, I am putting that warning out there:

This approach is NOT the way to make good money online so beware before you move forward. Extra change? Sure. Big money? No. In fact, 100% no, unless you are a successful promoter of  the program.

This is very unorthodox of me to do this, but I actually do like Paid Viewpoint and how simple they’ve made doing business through them, but I also feel it’s honest to mention not setting very high expectations for this place either.


  • Very honest survey site.
  • Very simple to figure out what to do on once you join.
  • It’s free to join the site. 
  • It’s OK to make a little bit of money. If you can spend a few minutes a day, I would estimate you could make maybe $50/month, and this doesn’t include their referral program.


  • You probably won’t make a lot of money, just answering their questionnaires.
  • The referral program maybe the only option to do very well when it comes to making money.
  • Paid online surveys in general are horrible for making money.

Final Rating: Paid Viewpoint

5 stars

Green Light (Oddly enough)

5 out of 10 stars. This is the second survey site I’ve ever approved off out of the many I have tried and found to be scams. 

My final thoughts:

I guess if you can put in a few minutes a day then it “pays” to do this, but I always endorse a more constructive way to make money online like doing this to spend your time if making money online is the goal. It’s not a good conversion to spend a few minutes and earn pennies, but if this is what you prefer to do, then Paid Viewpoint is good enough.

Paid Viewpoint


Paid Viewpoint Score



  • A legitimate paid online survey site.


  • Pays very little (That's the usual problem with these places).

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