This Review Explains Why Profit With Our Sites is a Scam.

Profit With Our Sites bares a resemblance to at least 2 other scams I’ve reviewed and their design. This post will explain that and show why I don’t trust it (and what I do trust).

Quick Report on Profit With Our Sites:

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Creator: Not sure.

Price: $37.

Overall Rating: 0 out of 10 stars.

There’s a lot of unfortunate experiences I had involving this program, but I will explain it in bullet points so you understand why I gave it a zero.

As of now, all I can say is that this is NOT a program that would help you make money online in my opinion and I have a plethora of reasons to explain why in this review…

Recommended? No! 

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What is Profit With Our Sites? 

It is a program that basically gives you the impression that making money online is easy by having you connect with a sales coach (so you can spend more) as well as go through video lessons that teach you the following way to make money:

You buy an autoresponder and try to collect an email list (through an opt in form) by buying traffic from special sites which charge money for it ($100-$1,000+).

Then the traffic visits your site, signs up to your email list and you send them offers, from Clickbank. 

Here’s an example of how this can “work”:

1) You set up an autoresponder, then pick out a squeeze page given to you by the One Click Payday and connect them together (to make a site where you can connect emails).

2) Then you sign up on Clickbank and find a product to promote.

3) Then you hop on the traffic exchange site they recommend, buy a traffic package and get visitors to that opt in form.

4) The visitors sign up and you send them followups promoting the Clickbank product.

5) Theoretically, the more traffic you buy, the more signups you can get, the bigger your email list will grow as will your earnings.

And this sounds great right? Actually it’s not.

Here’s why there’s a 99% chance that this will fail:

I know a lot about email marketing, list building and have made money doing this. With this experience, I can quickly spot that there’s NUMEROUS holes in the way Profit With Our Sites teaches their approach to it.

Here’s just a few of the main reasons why I believe it’s going to fail:

1) They don’t teach you anything about niches so when you buy the traffic, you aren’t getting the right, laser targeted traffic you need.

2) They simplify the whole concept of email marketing and list building, it’s just not as simple as setting up the squeeze page, buying traffic and making sales, this is NOT how it works. And I promise you that beginners will struggle with this method of trying to make money online.

3) You are going to spend a ton of money and get irrelevant cold traffic to your squeeze page, and many people simply won’t convert into sales.

4) If that wasn’t enough, if you actually call this “coach”, you may even end up spending more money. And let me tell you, in that regard, they annoy you to no end.

On EVERY single page inside this program, the first thing you see is a pop up to contact that coach. I doubt they’d be making all this effort to have you call them if they weren’t tying to sell you something (I offer real internet marketing coaching by the way, for free).

If that wasn’t enough, this program appears to be duplicated from an old scam:

Ladies and gentlemen, a long time ago, I ran across a PURE scam program called 12 Minute Payday and let me tell you, the set up of that site, including how the members area is, looks nearly identical to how Profit With Our Sites members area looks. If you don’t believe me, here’s a quick look at both site’s members area:

Now there could be 2 big reasons for this, both of which are pretty bad, but still, we need to examine it fairly:

1) First, Profit With Our Sites may be a recycled/renamed version of the 12 Minute Payday System.

While not everything inside the members area is 100% exact, the basic structure and lessons are the same, and when I saw it, I immediately remembered 12 Minute Payday, a review I did years ago.

These types of of memories don’t just pop up for no reason…

Oh and another program I reviewed called Clone my Sites is also another look a like to these 2, and yes, it too is a scam.

2) It’s possible Profit With Our Sites is not associated with 12 Minute Payday and Clone my Sites and…

It could be borrowing the same structure of the members area as a way to make sales. A lot of people and programs borrow ideas from each other and set up their members areas, sites and sales funnels similarly, so that could be the case here.

In any case, the training in 12 Minute Payday is almost identical to the training in Profit With Our Sites.

The only major difference is that when 12 Minute Payday talked about getting traffic to your squeeze page, they charged you money and sent you clicks from places they never disclosed (which was basically a scam) and with Profit With Our Sites, you have SOME control over the traffic which comes to your squeeze page, but on the back end, you pay a lot more for it, so I don’t know which is worse…

Final Rating: Profit With Our Sites.

0 stars

Red Flag

0 out of 10 stars. It’s not just because this site looks like an old scam and teaches like it, it’s also because the actual training inside this place is limited, and filled with MASSIVE holes. The system is unlikely to make you good money online, let alone any in my opinion.

My final thoughts:

I have to mention 2 more important things, the first is that before I even found this program, I went through 3-4 different named programs which led me to it and I will talk about those in another review, but the point is that low quality programs typically “name launder” themselves the way it was done here and it’s a scam sign you need to know.

If you ever purchase a program with one name, but are led into another with a completely different name, watch out…

Now the second important thing, which is quite positive is that the alternative program I am recommending throughout this review is actually legit and while the training isn’t as simplistic (that’s a bad thing), it’s cut down into small pieces you can accomplish and at the end of it, you can have a REAL online business working for you:

Making an online business can be fun and very profitable, but there’s many steps to doing it and the program I’m recommending shows you the steps, more importantly the right ones to get this done.

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