Is Neucopia a Scam? Why it Failed And What Works Today.

Neucopia is a former MLM (multilevel-marketing) program that failed for many reasons I will discuss. Yes I believe it was a scam but I’ll show you what isn’t in this review.

Neucopia in a nutshell:

This was a company which tried to get you to join it’s $50 a month membership and gave you 34 guides that taught you how to do online marketing.

However, the problem was that these guides were not only outdated and pretty much useless, and I’ll prove that you can actually get them for free.

What you also need to know is that this company didn’t really offer you 100% commissions on every sale you made for them and that the higher premium membership (which initially costs nearly $300 to join and then $169.95 a month after) would be required to join if you wished to make commissions for that membership level.

Overall, this main issue and it’s eventual fall was why I would never recommend it. But here’s a quick note on what I do recommend today (in 2019):

Obviously most of what I said needs proof to back up the claims and that’s exactly what you’re about to discover. I’m going to be breaking down the most important parts of this business.

Summary of the business: Dissecting legitimacy from hype.

Neucopia offers 2 ways to join it: Basic & premium membership.

1. Basic membership $49.95 a month.

Offers you 34 guides on how to make money online via different places: Audio marketing (YouTube), PDF creation, WordPress plugins, how to blog for money and other seemingly fancy things to make you believe you need this stuff to successfully promote Neucopia.

Why this is more hype than not: 

As I mentioned above, the guides the basic membership level offers you are outdated and over priced because you can get them elsewhere for free or for pennies. So let me break this down 1 by 1.

Why their guides are outdated: All of the 34 guides were purchased by Neucopia from other companies as PLR’s (private label rights). In other words this company went and purchased (for inexpensive prices) guides to incentivize people to join them.

The problem is that these PLR’s cost them a few $100 at best and now they sell what you can get for free for  $49.95 a month. How is that ethical?

These guides are outdated because most of them were created years ago, when making money on the internet was completely different. The tactics you learn in these guides involve doing shady type things to get search engines to rank your website/s. This kind of method of marketing is no longer advised and will get you Google slapped or blacklisted.

You can also get many of their guides elsewhere and even for free. Here is proof:

1. One of the 34 guides you are offered at Neucopia is called “Blogging profits unleashed”. Here is a way you can get it for free: Just Google it! Here’s proof:

blogging profits unleashed

2. Here’s another one, “List building Mojo”, a guide you also get from Neucopia, but another simple Google search reveals you can get it for free:

list building mojo


3. One more example: Mobile Market Ninja, another seemingly cool perk you get from Neucopia, but another example of something you can get for free by using good old Google:

mobile market ninja

I could go through all 34 of them, but I think you’re starting to see the picture here. The real question is why couldn’t Neucopia just make it’s own training? I believe it’s for 3 reasons:

1. Like most MLM’s, these companies lure you into joining them for a “low fee” at first and give you incentive to join by providing you with promised guides and optimal training, until you join and find out this is nothing more than a “gateway” to get you to buy more. In Neucopia’s case, it is…

2. The Premium membership. I firmly believe all of  the “benefits” of the regular membership which you already know you can get for free are all meant to lure you here. This is where Neucopia makes it’s money and in order for you to actually make anything through this company’s affiliate program, you’ll also have to be a premium member. They’ll tell you something along the lines of:

You get optimal training to earn $1,000’s a week.

You’ll be able to make higher commissions.


But allow me to go into more detail…

2. The Premium membership.  

It will cost you $269.95 to join it, then $169.95 every month after that. Why on earth would anyone join this?

Well as you find out once you become a basic member, if you wish to earn 100% commissions from getting people to premium, you first needed to be a premium member! 

The training you get at premium is decent at best. You get VERY little support from Neucopia (and this is a HUGE deal) and only really have access to training videos which only talk about basic ideas on promoting Neucopia. Some of the ideas are good, but for the most part, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to correctly execute it.  

Neucopia’s Residual Compensation Plan (Not 100% commissions everytime…):

I took a screenshot of Neucopia’s compensation plan to point out that not every sale you make (if any) will yield 100%. Here is their compensation plan shown & explained:

neucopia's residual compensation chart

How this works & the reality of it actually working for you: 

1. Considering you are a premium member (you’ll need to be this in order to make money with this company), if you become an affiliate for Neucopia, out of every 4 people you refer, you will earn $100 (Not the 100% referral they promised!) for only 1 of these people. The other 3 go to your higher ups.

What are higher ups? Well if you were referred to Neucopia by someone, they will get money for 3 out of your 4 sales. If no one referred you, the money will go to the highest level (the owners of the company). This is a CLASSIC pyramid scheme model. And here’s specifics on spotting these.

2. Now the odds of you referring enough people to break even and profit on your premium membership level is highly unlikely unless you possess great internet marketing experience. You’ll be lucky to even refer 2 people there. 

3. Now the biggest way to earn money through this program is to have the people you refer, refer others. Then every 3 out of the 4 people they refer, the money will go to you, but…

Here’s the reality: Most people who you manage to refer to Neucopia will not stay long, mostly because they won’t be able to refer other people. In fact some MLM statistics show that nearly 90% of all people referred to an MLM company DO NOT make anything, thus the odds of you making ANY money from the people you directly refer, referring others and giving you a residual income is HIGHLY unlikely. It’s more of a dream than reality.


  • You can make money in this program IF you possess a good email list and internet marketing experience. 


  • You can get their basic level products for FREE. No need to pay the basic membership.
  • It is NOT a legitimate business. It’s a pyramid scheme.
  • Requires you to join their premium level to make any money with it.
  • The odds of you making any money with this program are highly unlikely unless you possess internet marketing experience.
  • Terrible support. 

Final Rating Neucopia:

1 star

Red flag (Yes, it was a scam).

1 Out of 10 Stars: Pyramid scheme, scam and not worth getting into! See which program ranked highest.

Final Thoughts On Neucopia:

The odds of you making any money with this program are highly unlikely. MLM companies such as Neucopia function under having it’s members refer others into the business and most times, the business offers you nothing and is illegitimate. Such is the case with Neucopia.

  • As with most MLM’s, what they do is pretty much the same:
  • Offer you a small fee to join them and promise to give you a lot. 
  • Once you join, you quickly find out the stuff you’re given doesn’t really serve you and in order to get any real training and make money…
  • You need to join a higher level membership and then refer others into the same scam.

This is a completely unethical business approach utilized by many companies including: Empower Network, Pure leverage and more…

My advice is NOT to join this company. If you’re looking to make honest money online, here is my #1 recommendation. It is the ONLY place I recommend to learn this business and it doesn’t involve ever scamming anyone. 

Have you been a former member of Neucopia? If so, please share your reviews & experiences below!






  • None.


  • Uses free PDFs to resell them.
  • I believe it's an MLM scheme.
  • It's gone!

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  1. Thanks for giving me all this information, I’m really appalled at how unethical this pyramid scheme is. I am yet to hear anyone say a single positive word about it, so totally agree with you on NOT to join.

    Have a fab day


  2. Wow, I am just hearing about this company, but you have convinced me it is a total scam. I really hope people read this so that they don’t fall for this nonsense!


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