Ways to Make Money on YouTube Most People Don’t Know Off.

There are many ways ways to make money on YouTube that are very obvious yet oblivious to most people.

Sure anyone can upload a video to YouTube and hope it gets shared by a lot of people and even go viral, but that kind of stuff does not happen often. But this is not the only way!

There are a number of people who are building entire businesses and names for themselves using YouTube and I’m going to show you exactly what they’re doing which you too can try.

Before I get to the methods, I’d like to point out that most of the methods involved in this post require:

-That you have a following on YouTube and by doing so, you will be able to utilize the power of this incredible website and make a good amount of money doing so. In order to get a following through YouTube, you have to create a video or a series of videos that interest a specific group of people.

-Get a lot of likes/comments on your videos.

Here are some popular ways people are creating a following, getting tons of likes/comments on YouTube and making money:

Video game review & play through s: There are a number of people who possess followings in the millions (no joke) by simply playing through popular video games and recording themselves doing so. It may seem like a joke, but believe me you would not be laughing if you saw how much they are making. Some can make $1,000’s if not more with each video. Here are a few people who are utilizing this absolutely brilliantly:

Day9 does commentary on video games. His commentary is absolutely hilarious and he gets people subscribing to his Youtube channel because he brings entertainment value and comedy to his videos.

Markiplier: Another brilliant Youtuber who has correctly utilized the follower system. He too creates videos on video games he personally plays through and includes commentary. The guy is also very hilarious and entertaining to watch.

There are many more people who do the same things these guys do, but these examples should be enough to show you just how they do it. If you play video games and you do it well or perhaps you offer entertainment value, you too can try utilizing this. People very easily subscribe to your channel if you give them a good reason to. Comedy, entertainment bring value and this ends up profiting you.

Commenting on popular viral videoes and sharing their opinions of it: This is a method I don’t often see working, but there have been a number of people who have done “reply” videos to popular viral videos in which they record their opinion of the viral video and give their feedback.

Usually this kind of stuff will work if the video is a reply to a controversial video. I’ve witnessed people who have done commentaries on say controversial government policies and have gotten tons of hits and likes for their opinion as well as subscribers. They then went on to build huge businesses from this.

Creating funny/informational videos that deal with a popular subject. There are tons of channels that do very interesting things in regards to this:

HISHE (how it should have ended): A very funny channel which takes popular movies, and does cartoons of how they should have ended. This channel has millions of subscribers and does a great job of providing funny and entertaining videos while keeping it clean.

Cinema Sins: One person decided to YouTube his issues with movies. He basically takes popular movies, and counts how many problems they have (sins). He then sentences the film to some kind of funny (or not) sentence afterwards.

Screen Junkies: A man who does “honest trailers” on movies where he basically does a voice over a film and makes fun of it. Having watched a couple of his videos, they are hilarious and he has a lot of subscribers who absolutely can’t wait until he releases a new video.

Creating videos of popular things people can do such as outdoor activities. 1 particular person comes to mind:

Devinssupertramp: This is a man who basically goes around the world with friends and performs extremely fun (and dangerous) outdoor activities, films them using a professional camera (which he markets I believe). These videos are very fun to watch and the man has millions of subscribers. Imagine what happens each time he releases a new video? Millions of views, tons of likes and a lot of money coming in.

Another way people are making money on Youtube:

Uploading funny videos of kids or adorable animal videos. For some reason people love to watch adorable animals (myself included). There’s videos on Youtube of puppies which get over 10 million views! Other people record their kids saying funny things and then uploading them. Some of those videos have over a 100 million views. This kind of stuff is NOT uncommon either!

Update: More business ideas for YouTube.

One more way:

Make informational videos on subjects that people are interested in. I’ve personally begun making videos on online marketing subjects. For example, here is a video where I show people how to make a free website. It’s simple, it’s informative. It isn’t funny, but it gets the message across and in some instances this works very well too.

What if you possess expertise in something? Then you certainly have another opportunity on your hands as well! For example, some people possess martial arts experience and can post videos on how to do certain things (punching, kicking, holding pads, ect…) This kind of stuff can quickly get followers because a lot of people are interested in this subject.

Some of this certainly doesn’t carry entertainment value, at least not on the level that the other examples do, but if you offer people something informative and they subscribe and follow you, you can certainly leverage this and build a business out of it.

If you are truly looking to make something happen with YouTube or on the internet in general, I would highly recommend getting proper guidance on this first as this is VERY important and will help you save a ton of time, energy and most importantly money! Here is a place I personally recommend for that.

Do you have any preferred ways to make money on YouTube you’d like to share? If so, please post it in the comments section below!

My own YouTube experience:

I have an update to this particular topic in that I have actually made money YouTube:

1) Here is 1 example. And in 2018, it still earns views and money through affiliate marketing.

2) Also I am starting to try to utilize Alex Becker’s strategy for YouTube. Read about it here. It’s a strategy for free traffic.

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  1. Great post with some golden tips, i love leveraging you tube myself for marketing online it is a great way to create web traffic for whatever purpose, thanks for sharing your tips..


  2. My 8-year old son sometimes plays Skylanders and records videos. I have to get him some followers! Haha.

    Very informational post. I have a fear of videos for some reason, but you have me thinking twice.

    • Actually Christina, you’re not too far off from the truth! There are plenty of young kids doing these sorts of things. I would recommend if you want to try it to monitor who messages your son since he is young and a lot of commentators on YouTube aren’t exactly friendly. Just my thoughts 🙂


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