Is Kyani a Legit MLM Company or a Scam? Let’s See.

Everything I have seen so far regarding Kyani points to it being legit and not a scam thankfully, but that doesn’t mean I would consider this MLM worth joining.

Let me explain everything you need to know about this program.

Here is what I’ll cover in this review of Kyani:

  • The basics of it. What kind of MLM is it? kyani mlm review
  • What does it sell, are the products legitimate? 
  • Can you make good money selling Kyani’s products and being a part of their recruitment plan?
  • The pros and cons of this whole program.
  • Do I recommend it? 

I’ve been reviewing and studying MLM programs for many years while generating my own online income through other means not involving these types of programs, so while you may find my review to be a bit pessimistic, I have good reasons to suggest people avoid these kinds of programs, even the good ones and why there’s other options that are far more attractive to pursue to generating your own income online.

kyani alternative

Anyway, let me explain everything I promised to cover:

First, lets go over the basics of Kyani:

It’s a health based MLM program which sells numerous products that range from fish oils, to high doses of healthy berries and skin creams.

For the most part, their main sellers are these 4 products:

kyani products list screenshot

1) Fleuresse, which is a skin care product that’s supposed to repair damaged skin and protect it. 

2) Sunrise, which is a supplement that contains high concentrations of blueberries, their vitamins as well as others (lots of antioxidants).

3) Sunset which contains high doses of omega 3’s and other vitamins for healthy circulation and health.

4) Nitro health, which is said to be some sort of supplement that helps with repairing and maintaining cellular health. 

These 4 products can be purchased separately, in bulk or in combinations within the site and the prices range from $40-$200+ depending on which product/package you get.

The 3 opportunities to make money with Kyani explained:

1) First is to buy one or more of the 4 products above and re-sell them. Basically network marketing.

2) You can also join their partner program via buying their starter packages and get those products in bulk to sell. It’s sort of being an affiliate marketer for them, but in the network marketing sense and here are the similarities and differences between affiliate and network marketing.

Joining the program costs anywhere from $90 to almost a $1,000. The higher package you buy, the more products you get including bonus points which entitle you earn more.

3) Then there’s the usual MLM recruitment part, where you can earn money referring people into Kyani. In this particular case, it’s a complicated compensation plan, but the short of it is this:

  • As long as you join a higher level membership (#2), the more you recruit, the more you can earn.
  • There’s about 13 different levels which pay more and more depending on how well you climb each level.
  • More sales = more levels climbed. 

Is Kyani a pyramid scheme? No.

Let me say that this company looks legitimate. I don’t see any reason why it would be considered a pyramid scheme (that’s a common rumor with these programs, but thankfully, not here in my opinion). 

The very fact that they have high quality products being sold already legitimizes them. It is unfortunate that many programs like Kyani are not legitimate, which is why they produce rumors of pyramid schemes in the first place. And normally people can’t tell the difference between MLM programs and pyramid schemes, but I can, so I explain the differences in that link.

I just gave you my personal assessment on whether or not a program is a pyramid scheme, so feel free to use that. I’ve noticed that works well in analyzing any multi level marketing program.

Can one make good money with Kyani?

It’s certainly possible. Any success selling products, particularly health products depends on the sales skills of the person selling. 

As someone who does online selling, what I would do is focus on selling the products. I’m not exactly passionate about recruiting anyone into MLM programs, I’d much rather sell a good product to the right person/audience.

If I were promoting Kyani, this is what I would do:

I’d identify a particular niche audience which best benefits from the 4 different products sold in this company. For example:

1) For their Flueresse product which is a skin care product, I’d probably market it to women seeking to improve their skin health.

2) For their Sunrise product, I’d probably avoid that, since it’s a general supplement.

3) For their Sunset product, which has omega 3’s, I’d market this to any person who has joint problems. This supplement would be perfect for them.

4) And finally, for their Nitro health product, I wouldn’t bother marketing this, as it’s purpose is a bit broad and it would hard to pin point a niche audience suited for it.

In all my years of doing online sales, the idea of finding the perfect and SPECIFIC audience best suited for the product is how I’ve been able to make a living out of this, which is why you will notice that in the examples, above I did specifically state which audiences would be best suited for the products Kyani sells.

As for the recruitment part of Kyani, I’d avoid that entirely. Here’s why:

I’ve skimmed through their compensation plan and frankly, I think it’s too complicated to spend so much energy in explaining to others, let alone trying to get them involved with it.

With online sales, you really want to keep it simple and MLM compensation plans are the furthest from simple. The harder the compensation plan is to explain to people, you’d better believe the harder it’ll be to sell it to them.


  • I see value in the products Kyani offers, in that there is legitimate reasons for them being high quality.
  • The program is not a pyramid scheme based on what I have seen.


1) I believe the prices for their packages are too high. $200+ in some cases is a bit on the high end for me.

2) I don’t like their recruitment program, but frankly, I’ve always been biased towards any MLM recruitment tactics. Their compensation plans are too complicated and annoying to understand, let alone market to people in my opinion.

3) Extremely high start up costs. Yes you can get going for around $90, but to go as high as nearly a $1,000 is a bit much. I’ve learned to never invest so much money in starting an online business, unless I had good training and “hedged” my potential to succeed with the online business.

4) This means if you are a beginner or inexperienced in online sales, I would not get involved with this.

5) I personally prefer marketing products outside the MLM realm. Why? Because there are many more options, they are cheaper for the consumer, thus easier to make the sale with and you don’t have to get yourself into any MLM web. I like to keep it simple…

Final Rating: Kyani.

Yellow Flag.

3 out of 10 stars. This is a legit MLM with multiple ways to make money through it, but frankly, the costs to be a part of the program are very high and being part of their recruitment program is also something that I would avoid.

My final thoughts:

As much as MLM programs are good at framing themselves as being good business opportunities, I have said many times (as someone who runs an online business) that it is a lot tougher than you can imagine. And there’s always these 3 reasons for why this is:

1) It’s very tough to recruit people.

2) It’s tough to sell the recruitment opportunity to other people as well. You need to refer a lot of people to make the commissions really add up and that can often require that you work for a very long time, and at a very hard pace, to achieve little results.

3) Investing in these products and then trying to get people to buy them for more to make a profit is also tough. I always make the argument that every health based MLM program always tries to make it sound like their products are some sort of miracles, but because they cost so much, people you try to sell to will often prefer to buy other, cheaper, and more well known alternatives. 

Now there’s other ways you can start a business without having to worry about these 3 major obstacles and while it’s still not an easy road to reach success with the other methods out there, without having these 3 additional obstacles in your way, you’re going to have a much easier time doing it.

Like I said earlier when I was mentioning how I’d promote Kyani’s products, I specifically mentioned that I’d look for the audiences best suited for it. That’s how you make sales online, but you can use this approach to make money through a none MLM:

Thank you for reading my review of Kyani.



Kyani Score



  • Good quality products.
  • I don't think Kyani is a pyramid scheme.


  • I don't recommend MLM programs for the extra risks they have in success in my experience.
  • Can add up to high prices to partake in opportunity.

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