Is Daily Income Method a Scam? Why I Decided to Cancel.

Quick Report:daily income method review

Name: Daily Income Method by Mack Zidan.

Price: $27/month for a membership at the actual program, but you are also encouraged to join MCA which is another connected program to this one and has another price tag on top of that, a monthly one.

Overall, it’s a little under $100/month to try and possibly benefit from both programs.

Overall Rating: 3 out of 10 stars.

This is actually a pretty brilliant marketing funnel made by Mack to drive more sales for what I’ll call his “piggyback” program on top of another sales funnel, but overall…

I don’t really see much benefit in joining this if you’re a beginner and tight on money, because there is an upfront investment to

A) Join and…

B) Utilize it’s marketing approach.

I also don’t like a few other things I’ll comment on in this review…

daily income method alternative

Daily Income Method explained in a nutshell:

Alright, so there exists an insurance company called MCA, which stands for Motor Club of America, it is a program which offers auto services (and others) and a multilevel marketing type of affiliate program that people can join. It is legit.

What Daily Income Method is, is a program which helps your promote MCA. It features a ton of sales funnels and marketing strategies to help you do this. I’ll cover them below, but this is the idea of it.

How can you make money with Daily Income Method?

how to make money with daily income method

There are 2 parts (opportunities):

1) You become an MCA member through Mack, in which case he earns a commission off you and your future referrals (it’s not unethical as I’ll explain).

2) You become a member of Daily Income Method itself for $27/month, get access to Mack’s squeeze pages, send people through Mack’s sales funnels, and if they join MCA and/or Mack’s program, you will be rewarded with a commission and monthly one depending on how long the person you referred joined for.

Now as for actual commission numbers, MCA can be a bit tricky because it works as a multi level marketing company, so I’m a bit mixed on the commission model there, BUT when it comes to Daily Income Method, if anyone joins it through you, you will be rewarded 50% commission monthly, which is $13.50 and it is NOT a multilevel marketing funnel.

How does Mack benefit from this system?

Oh it’s actually quite genius. The system, while designed to benefit it’s members in terms of compensation is mainly benefiting Mack:

  • If you join MCA through his site directly, he makes a commission each month of you, for whatever price you pay MCA.
  • If you join MCA through a member who is also promoting Daily Income Method, not only will the member who referred you make money, but so will Mack.
  • If you also join Daily Income Method, whether directly through Mack or not, he will make money.

I really don’t have an issue with this model. I’ve already dissected Motor Club of America and determined that it was a legitimate business.

All that Mack is doing here is piggybacking with an additional system on top of MCA to stimulate people to promote it and make him money, while also profiting in the process.

And he is really making a lot of money off this. However, where I do have issues is in a number of things I found when I joined his program (Not MCA).

3 reasons I cancelled:

And this is why there was a 3 rating…

1) It is NOT free to join.

Right off the bat, one big issue I have is that the sales funnel tries to get you to join both MCA & Daily Income Method immediately. 

Now while I do not know of Mack’s previous history and will not judge it until I know it better, the idea of joining not 1, but 2 companies right away on what is essentially blind trust is not something I am comfortable with.

I did not join MCA, but I did join the other program which is why a number of cons which led to cancel will be explained shortly…

daily income method alternative

2) Many of the marketing strategies inside the training are also costly.

If you’re a beginner in online marketing (here is a good way to get started), I highly doubt you are going to be ready to spend extra cash right after you joined a program. However, be prepared to see that when you join the program.

In the “Back office” which is the members area, you will be “taught” how to promote MCA and Daily Income Method, but the options you have are MAINLY going to be PAID options. Here are the types of options you will see:

A) You can PAY for traffic through 3 recommended sites Mack provides. How much you pay is something I didn’t go too deep into, but from my experience, when you pay for traffic, it can fluctuate based on how many clicks you wish to get.

The idea is you will be purchasing traffic from these sites, sending it through the sales funnels you get inside the members area and if they join, you will get paid. In my opinion/experience this is risky.

B) You will learn some things about Facebook advertising. The training seemed a very general for me, so beginners may have issues with this. There were few real life examples.

3) There is massive lack of beginner friendly training in my opinion.

Although the insider area is technically easy to set up (the tour video you get is pretty straight forward), and the whole process is also simple to work with, the problem is that you will really need to put in a lot of money to test out whether or not these options work.

If you’re tight on money, this is a very risky thing to do which I personally do NOT advise, and especially if you are new. 

There is no training on ranking websites through SEO, which would give you free traffic and sales. And this is the type of marketing that is in my experience MOST beneficial to beginners and the type of marketing that even I, an experienced internet marketer and full time earner still use today.

Yet there is none of that in this program which is a shame. If you have money you’re ready to spend to test this system out, do it, but I’ve encountered a lot of similar systems like these which also preach about marketing via buying traffic, and none of them have ever been that great. 

Now I am not saying this one is like that, but I am saying that traffic you can control that comes into your site is better to have and when you buy traffic like this, you are putting that trust into a third party, which may not necessarily do it the best way. 

Look I have said this before, but…

Final Rating: Daily Income Method

Yellow Flag

3 out of 10 stars. While not a scam, the program is not exactly cheap to use. I personally find the whole idea of putting your money and trust in a system up front without testing it out first is risky.

My final thoughts:

I simply have a hard time trusting a system that requires I put in so much money in to test, without actually giving me a free way to test it first. I also am not a fan of MCA in general because most people promote it, not because of it’s services but because of it’s money making opportunity.

As a successful marketer, I like to promote things that people NEED, and when the buy something they need, I feel more rewarded for it in the commission I get. I just don’t get that feeling from MCA which is why I do not promote it. Nor would I get that feeling from promoting a system like Daily Income Method either.

I always suggest people get started in online marketing learning to promote things they LOVE, which is not something you’ll learn inside Daily Income Method, unless you like the idea of promoting multi level marketing systems, which I personally, do not…

If you want to make a successful online business and make money online, there are far better and more rewarding systems in my opinion to teach you that.

Well the truth is there aren’t many, but the few that exist are in my opinion worth looking at more so than this program. Here is the best one in my opinion:

Overall, I do believe Daily Income Method can work, but there’s just not enough tangible training that I see to help a newbie member make it big. And again, the risk is in the money investment that is likely necessary to try the strategies out.

There are simply better, safer, and CHEAPER ways of succeeding online.

Daily Income Method

$27 a month with upsells

Daily Income Method Score



  • I think the creator of this program created a good sales funnel but it ultimately benefits him.


  • The extra costs plus lack of beginner friendly training is the main con.

6 thoughts on “Is Daily Income Method a Scam? Why I Decided to Cancel.”

  1. What do I go to, so I can cancel the daily income method system. I paid for it but haven’t received the system.

    • Hi Regina, this program is a part of JvZoo, when you pay for it, you should be emailed a login and URL to log in through. Please check your email. If you haven’t gotten one, you can contact JvZoo directly, give them your transaction ID and have them resend you a log in to check it out.

      While I do not recommend this program and feel that this one is better, I still advise you first check out Daily Income Method before making a decision to stick to it or cancel it.

  2. Hi Vitaliy. I found your post really interesting and the review is pretty honest. Thank you for taking the time to put it together. There are lots of multi level marketing and get rich quick scams out there and having posts like yours is really helpful and refreshing. Hope to see more reviews like this.

    • Thanks Cindy, although to be quite honest, I really dislike reviewing MLM programs as well as get rich quick schemes. Although MCA is OK, I still prefer to focus on the type of program that I think universally can help anyone make a living online, hence why I recommend the program called Wealthy Affiliate. I just think it’s far better.

  3. Hi Vitaliy,

    I’m always on the lookout for new opportunities, but I have to agree with you that these programs carry a hefty up-front cost just to join.Then, to have to pay even more for traffic plus a lack of robust training is a flag for me to stay away. These things are especially important for those new to internet marketing.

    I tend to look for solid programs with a free trial of some sort. If you find out it’s not for you, all you’ve lost is time. I too, am a Wealthy Affiliate member, and couldn’t be happier. It’s a well-respected program with outstanding training and free to join.

    Thanks for the review!


    • Sophia, I’m glad we agree on the free trial thing, but you better put into words as to why it’s so important. While I said it’s less risky, you said that you only lose time, which is very wise to mention!


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