Is Commission Robotics a Scam? I Bought it.

I wanted to see how Commission Robotics works in order to write this review, which is why I bought it. So if you’re contemplating getting it too, read this first, because my opinion of this program is not very high after seeing it.

Quick Report on Commission Robotics:
commission robotics review

Creator: Unknown.

Price: $7 (plus upsells after purchase).

Overall Rating: 2 out of 10 stars (Not recommended).

Because it was nearly impossible to find an accurate review of this program (since every site I found was promoting it), I decided to purchase Commission Robotics and see if it was a scam or not.

While the program is “legit” in the sense that it does what it says it does, I don’t believe you’re going to get great results out of it and personally do not recommend it. 

commission robotics alternative

Commission Robotics in a nutshell:

Basically it’s a program which automates traffic and has it come to a link you provide. You enter a URL which could be your personal website or an affiliate link and the system then uses bots (or people, I’m not sure) to spread that link you provided through social networks. 

This provides backlinks to the URL you provided and traffic (hopefully). Then it is through this traffic that you could make potential sales. 

For example:

I have a weight loss site.

I tell the system to promote it through social networks and special keywords. It does it, sends traffic to my site via the backlinks it builds and I can then hopefully monetize on the traffic. 

Inside the program:

First off, I want to mention if you click the back button on the site, it tries to keep you there by offering the system for free supposedly. When I signed up through the free option, it took me to a site that didn’t exist. So I had to buy the system for $7. 

Once I did, here’s what it looks like inside the members area:

commission robotics alternative

The only place you really need to try the system is the homepage. What you’ll get are 3 steps you need to complete. Here is what that looks like:

commission robotics 3 steps

These 3 steps contain videos with a simple walk through of what needs to be done. Basically what you’re going to do is provide a link to a site you want traffic from this system to go through.

After that you select what keywords you want your site to be targeted for. There is a large list provided for you to check out, but from what I saw that list was pretty broad (which is not a good thing).

Step 3 involves creating accounts with various social networks and video making websites. Once you do that, the system will take the URL you provided and connect with those networks, build backlinks and then send you traffic overtime.

5 Reasons I can’t recommend Commission Robotics:

1) Upsells. They kind of ruined the hype of this program.

I can’t stand upsells. In this program I knew they were going to happen. For only $7 to access such an “amazing” system, it’s to be expected. So just to be clear, you’re going to have to go through 2 up-sells after your purchase, one for $19, the other for $9.

I didn’t buy them because I have a strong anti up-sell policy unless the regular system works. But for the most part they will allow you to submit more URLs to be promoted. As a regular buyer for the $7 this system originally costs, you get to submit 1 URL. 

There will also be another up-sell from within the members area and this leads me to my next issue…

2) There was a program promoted inside Commission Robotics that I already rated low.

It’s a promotion for a program called Evergreen Automation, which I believe is also known as The Evergreen Recurring System. If not, it’s still being promoted by the same guy and I originally found that program through a known scam affiliate site.

But even giving it the benefit of the doubt, the program says it’ll provide you with 200-300 leads per day and have them sign up to your email list which will then allow you to sell that list various products and make money doing so.

Even considering that the program is legit, the price is VERY high for it. You’re looking at $997 (one time) or $497 first time payment followed by 2 payments of $299 every 30 days. And you can get leads without paying so much. In fact, here’s a much better way to build an email list (and with this method, you are going to get quality leads, even laser targeted ones).

I wouldn’t buy it and just so you know it is optional to try and is by no means part of the Commission Robotics system. But it’s something you will have to keep in mind since they promote it to you in the members area.

3) The whole automation process and using backlinks.

I’m not a fan of ANY system that says it’ll build you content/backlinks because this can destroy a site’s SEO success. I was very confused about this because I don’t know whether this content is built by bots or by real people. In either scenario, I don’t see much potential in this because…

4) No automated system is ever going to build your business as well as you will.

I’ve reviewed & tried automated services like this before. Some of them used plagiarized content, while others didn’t do much work in helping me create good content that was readable, and even those that were, I saw didn’t put much effort into it.

The point being is that if you’re ever going to build a long lasting online business, don’t let someone do it for you because they simply won’t do a good job of it. No one builds someone else’s success as well as they build their own. And for the price Commission Robotics charges, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s sub-par.

5) I doubt the traffic which comes to your site is going to be highly targeted/profitable.

While traffic is a crucial part of making money online, more importantly it’s the quality of your traffic which matters. From the keyword selection boxes I saw, most of the the options I saw are a bit broad.

If for the benefit of the doubt, the traffic you get to your site via Commission Robotics does happen, that traffic is probably not going to be as relevant as it could be, meaning a lot of traffic and little sales. I refer to this as cold traffic.

I very often see these results with automation programs which promise a lot of traffic. I’d rather get few targeted visitors to my site ready to buy then tons of people who don’t know what my site is about and not interested in buying. Get it?

It’s like comparing junk traffic which can be limitless in how much of it you get, but useless, vs a few quality visitors, each of which has way more value than all the junk traffic has put together.

So with regards to the keyword selection in Commission Robotics, when I say some of the options are broad, here is what I mean:

commission robotics keywords

For those who are new to internet marketing, let me tell you right now the keywords you see in the picture above are WAY too broad, not to mention they have high competition.

But even in the best case scenario that you’ll get traffic from these keywords, the problem is that broad keywords = broad traffic which = little/no profits. If you ever want to make money online, you need to target highly relevant and low competition keywords.

Final Rating: Commission Robotics

2 stars

Red Flag (Avoid)

2 out of 10 stars. Not exactly a scam, but I don’t advise it to anyone. To make money online and have a profitable and long term online business, you can’t use these types of automation programs. You need proper guidance to do that and for that, I’d recommend this place above all else:

My final thoughts:

I once believed in automation programs and felt if I paid enough, someone else would handle everything for me and I could sit back and reap the rewards. However life taught me differently and it was a VERY important lesson.

Ever since then, every program I’ve reviewed that’s dealt with an approach to traffic and online business like Commission commission robotics alternativeRobotics has almost always led to the same results:

  • A lot of traffic but few profits.
  • Very broad traffic, not relevant enough to make good money.
  • Black hat marketing type approaches which can destroy your website.

With Commission Robotics, I see a lot of the same things. The most important reason I will never recommend it is again because it will never handle your business the way you will. And if you think paying someone enough money to build your business is going to work, you’re in for a big disappointment. 

You need to build your own business, through your own hard work! If this is something you can do, then you need proper training on doing. You already know my recommendation on this.

If you have any questions on Commission Robotics, please let me know! 

Commission Robotics


Commission Robotics score



  • These kinds of programs usually don't get pros from me.


  • The SEO methods used in Commission Robotics in my experience are risky for actual SEO results.

2 thoughts on “Is Commission Robotics a Scam? I Bought it.”

  1. I purchased Commission Robotics (Evergreen Recurring income System)$39.95 and an upsell for $34.95. My problem now is getting a refund. It is advertised as a 60 day money back guarantee. I can not see where to go to request a refund. Are you able to help?

    • Hi Lynette, the only way I can help is to suggest you do this. Many bad companies put up that graphic of a money back guarantee, but very often, as is in your case, do not provide an easy way to do it. So follow the link I just gave you above, then use the instructions there and I’m pretty certain you will be fine.


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