Click Clone Cash Review. There’s so Many Scam Signs!

click clone cash review

While it sounds attractive and easy, there’s many red (scam) flags with Click Clone Cash you need to know about. Let me show you what they are and a better option that doesn’t have them.

Quick Report on Click Clone Cash:

Creator: Josh Owens.

Price: Varies because you will have to pay for hosting and probably other expenses.

Overall Rating: 0 out of 10 stars.

It is my opinion that this program is a total scam and before I explain why that is, let me show a program that I said doesn’t have any of these red flags and is completely legitimate:

Quick update:

I’ve had some comments on this post from people who have purchased Click Clone Cash, but weren’t happy with it, which pretty much just adds extra weight to this review of it and again, further enforces the alternative that I just showed you to be better.

I didn’t publish some of these because they had personal info, but here is a screenshot (with the information crossed out), to give you an idea of the types of reviews coming out about Click Clone Cash:

Here is one of the reviews I got on Click Clone Cash:

click clone cash reviews

I did respond to this person and explained ways they could get her money back by the way. And if you also lost money on this program, here is how you can get your money back.

Click Clone Cash makes for a better diet than make money online program:

Remind me never to eat while watching the kinds of sales videos Click Clone Cash puts up because I completely lost my appetite watching it (great for dieting though!). To say there are a “few” scam signs to this program is an understatement.

There are tons and having to listen to the entire video, I couldn’t help but think “Please make it stop!”. My opinion is that you should avoid this program at all costs because it will cost you. It’s not free.

Honestly, I didn’t even have to buy this program to know it’s a scam. I’ve seen so many sites like this before.

  • The easy money promises.
  • The hype.
  • The actors (I don’t think there’s a single real testimonial in the sales video.).
  • The whole set up of the sales video and so much more.
  • And I see these programs a lot. Here is a recent one called Profit Point Autonamy, and yeah, it’s just as cheesy and also made me lose my appetite.

It’s all an act in my opinion.

The only reason I even sat through the entire sales video was because I actually wanted to see what the system was about, but of course programs like these never actually get into details. They just give you the simple explanation.

Something along the lines of: Just click and make money.

So let me cover this program and explain why I will be recommending against trying this program (and why this is called Wealthy Affiliate is the one you’ll want to try instead).

Click Clone Cash in a nutshell:

Supposedly you’re looking at a system that finds and “clones” successful businesses which then makes you money from that. All you have to do as Josh says is just identify where you want the checks to go (and I am rolling my eyes as I write this, but that’s literally how ridiculous the sales video makes it out to be).

Throughout the entire sales video, the hype was just right up there with all the ridiculous scams I’ve reviewed before. Seeing and hearing things like:

Bulletproof system, charity, making the world a better place, sob stories and “convenient” testimonials were more than enough for me to understand that this place is not what it makes itself out to be.

The whole notion of making money “instantly” is nonsense in the online marketing world if you’re new (get started here if you are). No sort of business, online of off, is going to make you instant money without you investing time and effort into it first. Don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise.

If you believe that you can enter into an industry with no experience and make instant money, then I’m sorry to tell you this, but you’re going to get scammed, plain and simple. But besides talking about the basics, let me list the scam signs I noticed with Click Clone Cash just so you’re aware of them and if you ever see them in other products, you’ll know that something is up.

Scam signs you see with Click Clone Cash:

You will always see the following kinds of scam signs in questionable programs so make sure you memorize these:

1) The actors.

I don’t believe any of the testimonials you saw were from real people. I may not be the best critic or spotter of acting, but I know bad acting when I see it. Watch the video for yourself and you’ll see what I mean. If your product is so good, then why not ask real people to submit a testimonial?

2) The whole “guarantee” of making money.

Josh went as far as to say that he’ll actually fly you out to his house in Oregon if the system doesn’t work for you so you can figure out what’s wrong. I’m not even joking and that’s one heck of a guarantee. Too bad I don’t believe it.

3) The lack of explanation on the system and how it works.

One of the biggest scam signs I see with systems is that they never actually get into details on what you’re buying. This is an epidemic within the online marketing world with products being sold to you.

With Click Clone Cash, all you get is a short explanation on how some system will clone successful businesses and that’s pretty much it. No actual details on what you’re getting, how it works and/or realistic expectations.

4) The get rich quick scheme.

So Josh says something along the lines of you’ll be making $100k in 3 months if you partner up with him. I’m sorry but unless you have good knowledge in internet marketing and/or a pre-done system set up for you, this is NOT going to happen. I think those numbers are just a marketing tactic.

5) You don’t get instant access to the system unless you pay. 

For some reason I though the system was free. Maybe it’s just me, but once I entered my email to get “instant access”, I was taken to a check out cart to buy hosting from another company.

Hosting is basically the ability to have your website appear on the internet. And in this case, you get a number of plans to choose from which you’ll pay for several months in advance.

The total price of this will range anywhere from $89.70-$332.92. This I believe is the actual product he’s making money through with you.

Now I can’t vouch for the hosting because I never tried it, but I can tell you that I personally have used both paid/free hosting. The paid one didn’t cost me more than $5-$6/month, plus excellent support so the pricing with Click Clone Cash’s option is ridiculously high. 

And I’m fairly certain you’ll probably have other expenses come about once you buy it. Programs like these in my experience never end with just 1 sell. There will likely be up-sells and the price of those may likely be higher. Of course this is my opinion, but after reviewing so many other programs like Click Clone Cash, upsells are always existent. 

Final rating: Click Clone Cash

0 stars

Red Flag (Scam)

0 out of 10 stars. No way I’m recommending this. This program looks like a total scam in my opinion. See my #1 recommendation which is Wealthy Affiliate.

My final thoughts:

So my conclusion is that the system isn’t what he’s really selling to you, it’s this hosting and this is what he’ll (Josh) make money doing so. This brings up the question of why a supposed millionaire would sell you something in the 2-3 digit range when he’s supposedly making 5-6 figures through his proven, full-proof system. It just doesn’t make sense.

I’m going to be advising against Click Clone Cash because of the many scam signs I noticed with it. I honestly wanted to buy it just to see what was inside, but all the money to spend on hosting was just not worth it. Sometimes you know a scam when you see it and it’s just not worth stepping into it to prove it. 

If you have a personal review of Click Clone Cash you’d like to share or would like to tell me your opinion on this program, let me know!

Click Clone Cash


Click Clone Cash score



  • None.


  • Scam signs like Click Clone Cash has are enough to not recommend it.

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  1. I almost did bite into Click clone cash, however for a free program/partnership there was a price tag associated with it and not an option and I declined as it smells like a scam.


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