Simple Sites Big Profits Review. Is it a Scam And Worth The Price?

simple sites big profits review

Simple Sites, Big Profits charges a lot to make you a website, and I personally don’t think it’s worth it (review will explain why).

You can also read comments from people below this article which discuss their experiences with this program and they are generally not that positive. But anyway:

Here’s the quick report on Simple Sites Big Profits:

Creator: Marcus Campbell.

Price: $297 or $777 (Plus potential upsells).

Overall Rating: 2 out of 10 stars (Red flag, not recommended).

Marcus Campbell’s Simple Sites Big Profits is one of the rare cases where I rate a program low, but actually consider it to have valuable information that can help people succeed online.

I don’t believe the program is a scam, but because of a few factors, the biggest being the price, I simply cannot recommend it because there are much better & cheaper alternatives if you’re looking to succeed online in my opinion.

And it’s not just an opinion I’m putting out there, I actually make money online through the types of things Marcus’s program is supposed to do, except I know I don’t need to spend so much and can show you how to get the same results.

So in regards to Marcus’s program and my overall opinion on his program:

simple sites big profits alternative

Simple Sites Big Profits explained in a nutshell:

Basically it’s a course that goes over creating mini niche sites (sort of like micro niches) and using various marketing methods to them to get visitors. You will then promote products and other affiliate offers on these sites and earn money each time someone buys your offer through your site.

If you don’t understand what this means, I’d recommend reading my tutorial on making money through niches, but to make a long story short, what you’re going to be doing is basically looking for mini markets called niches with low competition (other sites competing against you) and a high number of people doing searches on them. You will then create a website aiming to promote products within this niche market and sell it to people when they come to your site.

For example:

I could find a niche on a specific diet, make a website talking about it and then promote books and various other things on the site which talk about the diet. 

This actually has tremendous potential so what Marcus talks about is definitely reality. Speaking from personal experience, I’ve applied the same approaches in my business and have seen tremendous results. Here’s a case study on how a diet review made me 6 figures.

But what you need to know is that the concept talked about in Simple Sites, Big Profit is NOT new. You’re not getting some secret formula, you’re just getting a standard approach to succeeding online for a big price. 

This is really the simple understanding of it, but it does get into greater details within the course. I personally didn’t try it but I know enough about this subject to know what you’re getting yourself into and my overall view is that the price they charge is just too much:

simple sites big profits price

How practical is Simple Sites, Big Profits for making money?

I’d say practical if you apply it to a few sites, not many. But even in that instance, I still can’t recommend this program.

And I hardly ever endorse buying websites or having the whole process outsourced, because I have only found 1 place I trust for this which is Human Proof Designs, yet I still prefer that you make them yourself, under the guidance of a good system like Wealthy Affiliate.

Listening to Marcus’s sales pitches (they are pretty long), the impression I got was that he made hundreds of websites all aiming for different niches and profited of them. This accumulation of profits was what makes up his online business and his income.

I’ll be honest, I somewhat believe that, but a huge skeptical side of me still remains and that’s because in my personal experience, it is probably impossible (experience and time wise) to set up a website and have pretty much all of them make money in any niche.

In theory it is possible, but in reality, if you don’t possess enough experience in a given subject/niche, you probably won’t succeed in it. I’ve had this happen to me many times and in every instance that lesson was the common theme.

The experience factor: If you are to succeed online, you need to start with a niche you like. I constantly keep telling people to do this.

When I say like, I don’t mean one which you think will make you tons of money. I mean one which you personally have an understanding of. That’s because when you get to work and start making your site, having personal experience in it makes the process of making your site look professional and connect with your visitors much easier. I’ve made a lot of big sites this way (see my website income reports from using something called affiliate marketing).

People who visit your site in my experience and quickly tell if you know what you’re talking about and lacking information in a given niche can quickly be seen and felt. I’ve seen many people (including myself) take the wrong route and fail chasing something they didn’t know anything about but still do it because they though it would make money.

Find 1 niche. Potentially it can actually be all you need to succeed online and make a full time income. 

The time factor: I don’t know how long it takes to make the hundreds of site Marcus talks about, but if you’ve ever created a website or tried to start an online business, you’d know there is a tremendous amount of time needed to invest into the building process.

Most of the time is spent on creating content for your site. It’s not a simple thing where you just write a few things and the money starts coming in. This is simply not how it works. The only time this is possible is when you do paid advertising (PPC), but even in that instance, it’s unlikely. 

The point being is that if you think you can make 1 site, leave it alone, it’ll make money and you can move onto the next, you’re in for a big disappointment. Most of the time, it takes many hours of work and content creation as well as weeks-months to see results and if you’re in this business to get rich quick, you’re not going to succeed, sorry.


  • The theory of what he talks about is possible.
  • He does offer some good information on his sales page including case studies.


  • The price…
  • You can learn most if not more of what this program teaches from cheaper/better alternatives, like this.

Final Rating: Simple Sites Big Profits.

2 stars

Red Flag

2 out of 10 stars. Has potential, but the price is too high. It’s not worth putting in that much money for something that you should first explore. If you want a program that truly works.

simple site big profits alternative

My final thoughts:

Having many years experience in this business, I know how practical it is to make money. Let me tell you right now that it is possible to succeed and make a ton of money in this business, but it doesn’t come easy and too often programs either charge too much, teach absolute nonsense or have both.

I feel with Simple Sites, Big Profits, while there is potential, the price you’re charged is just too much and when you factor. I also know from experience that you only need 1 source of proper guidance, like Wealthy Affiliate to succeed online, not multiple programs. 

I never approve products on my site which cost a lot, even if they have good training. I believe people who are new to this business must first get an idea of how it works as well as experience it and you shouldn’t have to pay a lot of money to do this. This is why I always recommend this place above any and all programs I review.

As for Simple Sites Big Profits, the choice is yours. I personally don’t recommend it and wouldn’t try it, although the theory of what it teaches is absolutely true. Though as I said before, it is not new and you can find the information it teaches from other, cheaper and better sources. 

If you have a personal review of this program you’d like to submit, let me know below! 

4 thoughts on “Simple Sites Big Profits Review. Is it a Scam And Worth The Price?”

  1. Unfortunately I spent money I didn’t have to spend on simple sites big profits, money I will never get back and only have a hard lesson learned to show for it. We are talking about $2000.00 dollars. And that was desperation money because my employment I did have went out of business and the other two jobs I tried, the employers were not worth their pay. So believing Marcus’s presentation, I bought the ready to go niches and some courses, don’t do it, you will be sorry I don’t care how interesting the presentations are, do yourself a big favor if you want to spend money on a course and are willing to learn and are patient, go with Wealthy Affiliate because that’s where I finally learned the basics of how this stuff works and I am still learning. I almost have a working general overall view of how to build a website and the basic blocks of thought you need to get started, I think this is a very good starting point and I got my yearly subscription started on black Friday for a discount of $300.00 and that includes a top of the line hosting, free ssl, and free who is privacy, and a keyword tool. Now the other hosts want to always sell you these things, lots of greed out there and no mercy for the struggling person who wants to give it a try and see if it can become a successful. Don’t be deceived by big promises from the gurus out there, they could care less. I know cause I had bought their up sells and it turned out a total loss for me. When I was able to try to get their help I FOUND OUT they just give you bare minimum help and they know the knowledge, but have no interest in helping you to be successful, you’re on your own.

    • Hi, I’m very sorry to hear you spent and lost so much money on this. From what I saw, the upsells were closer to a $1,000, how did this program’s price add up to $2k spent? I’m just curious.

      I am glad you were able to find a good program through Wealthy Affiliate. I just want to let other people know that it is actually free to check out and the offer you mentioned (the Black Friday option) was actually a major discount they do once a year. Nonetheless, I do agree with all the stuff they give you (and frankly much more).

      I would not let the past mistakes you made with the other program upset you. I’ve personally lost a lot of money as well on scam programs throughout the years I was getting started in internet marketing and when I put that aside and focused on what Wealthy Affiliate was teaching, I was able to succeed and ensure my past failures weren’t in vain.

  2. This guy seems to have good ideas. I purchased a ready made site from him costing $900 which should have been delivered within 48 hours but I am still waiting some months later. He does not reply to me. I’m in the process of reclaiming the cost via my bank. Do not be tempted. Beware!


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