Is Commission Killer a Scam? Why It Will Kill Your Profits.

commission killer scam

Commission Killer is a fancy name for a product that I personally feel is not worth your time. Is it a scam?

No, but it’s vastly outdated and some of it’s methods for making money online I consider to be ethically questionable. I’m going to explain what I mean in this review.

Commission Killer in a nutshell:

It’s basically an “automated” software that helps you create a WordPress website and then finds Clickbank products to promote on the site based on the niche/subject you chose. Your site will then be filled with ads and have your affiliate link placed on them to receive credit for each sale made.

In addition, Commission Killer also has a software that collects content from the internet based on your site’s subject, spins it around (changes the wording) and puts that content on your site to give search engines the impression that not only is it yours but that you’re also adding a lot of content.

This is called spinning and it’s a 100% proven way to “kill” anything your site could ever accomplish on Google (see why).

Unfortunately there are a number of holes within this program that I want to warn you about…

It starts with the sales page: 

Products like Commission Killer employ an overplayed/proven sales tactic to get you to buy their product. Overplayed because too many products, especially scams use it and proven because people keep falling for it time and time again. Here’s what I mean:

  • The promise of fast money.
  • Showing off how much money the owner of the site made.
  • Saying how newbies can do this.
  • Claiming how easy the product/money is basically push button. 
  • Basically everything shiny object related stuff.
  • Ect…

Unfortunately most times these promises are empty because the product severely lacks in quality. Such is the case with Commission Killer as I will be explaining a moment.

On a side note, one major red flag I always look for within these sales pages is if they actually explain the what the hell the product is. In this case, you don’t get much information except most of the same overused claims you see above. If you ever encounter a product that does this, I would avoid it entirely.

They will also give you a $10 discount if you click the back button, but remain on the site. A common tactic to get you to buy, but it’s still not worth it, even if the product was a dollar, I still wouldn’t buy it.

Even worse, if you still try to leave the site after the discount option, you’ll be bombarded with a number of side offers, some free to get you to stay and enter your email. This is also a sign of not only desperation, but a sign of a poor quality product. 

What you actually get from Commission Killer:

I’ll be honest, there is certainly a lot this product has to offer…were it 2011. But onward to specifics… There are basically 5 things you get from this program:

1. A program called Start Cash Creator.

Basically you first have to buy a website + hosting from HostGator. Then you enter your log-in details and the system creates a WordPress website for you. From what I’ve heard, one of the drawbacks of this is that you can only use HostGator. I can’t vouch for this so take this with a grain of salt. 

What I can tell you is that this method of creating websites is really the long & expensive way of doing things. You can create a WP website nowadays without going through all these hassles and even for $0. Here’s my personal approach

2. An Appearance option.

Basically gives you the ability to customize how your website looks. It’s actually pretty irrelevant since you can easily install WP themes and edit them on your own. 

3. A Clickbank product search option.

To use it, you will first have to registered as an affiliate for Clickbank itself. If you’ve never heard about this place, here’s detailed info. But the point here is that you enter your CB information + the subject your site is pertaining to. 

Then the software looks up products related to that subject and gives you programs to promote. This sounds good and in some ways it is, but you can certainly do this on your own + A LOT of products on CB are very low quality which means there’s a high potential for refunds (if you actually sell them in the first place).

4. A software called Cash Ads setup.

Basically it places your CB affiliate link into the product banners you get after you select a CB product to promote. I’d like to note that you can actually do this on your own. It’s called hyperlinking 😛

5. A spinning software called Turbo Content/Videos.

Sounds awesome, but this is actually the worst feature of Commission Killer. What happens is that after selecting the subject of your choice, this program looks up content on the internet related to it, takes it from either blogs, articles and/or other places, spins it, meaning changes the wording around and then gives you the final product.

You then take that and paste it as content on your website. Had this been 2011, this would have worked, BUT there are MAJOR issues with this tool. 

A) It’s downright plagiarism to take content from other people and use it as your own. Spinning is no different. 

B) Spun content is very difficult to read and often doesn’t even make sense. You’ll probably end up spending more time correcting spun content than you would if you wrote your own unique version. In my rule book, anything that uses article/content spinners is a no-no. 

C) If that isn’t enough to deter you, Google hates spun content and when they spot it they WILL slap your website as being low quality.

In many ways this software is similar to SEO Zen, which basically does the same thing as Turbo Content/Videos. I’m mentioning this because a lot of products use the same format, but it still doesn’t make them worth using.


  • There isn’t much good you can say about this product because of how it tries to make you believe making money online “works”.


  • Some bugs spotted in the system.
  • Product contains up-sells.
  • Many SEO tactics in Commission Killer are no longer a smart move and can ruin your site. 
  • You can do most of the other features this program provides on your own and even for free.

Final Rating: Commission Killer

1 starRed Flag

1 out of 10 stars. You’re better off without it. See #1 recommendation.

Final thoughts on Commission Killer:

This product like so many before/after only succeed because they give people, especially beginners the impression that making money online is simple and only takes a few clicks. Nothing could be further from the truth. 

This doesn’t mean that online marketing is rocket science.

It can be very rewarding and to achieve that takes less than you may think, the most important thing is proper guidance which I keep stressing whenever I review low quality products like Commission Killer. 

Proper guidance is basically education and a step-by-step approach to teaching you what really DOES work when it comes to making money online. The only place I recommend to do this is my #1 recommendation, which doesn’t cost a penny to try and teaches you how to make online businesses. 

As for products like Commission Killer, stay away from them. They use tactics which I personally find unethical and the way they are marketed is just downright disingenuous. If you’re tired of these kinds of scams, avoid any/all products like these and stick to the honest ways of succeeding in this business through methods like the ones I recommended. 

Commission Killer


Main Commission Killer Program



  • None.


  • Uses black hat marketing (bad).

8 thoughts on “Is Commission Killer a Scam? Why It Will Kill Your Profits.”

  1. I recently did a review on another spinning software company and this is something to definitely stay away from. The search engines will spin you into space, never to be seen again. Why aren’t folks reading the latest from Google before they buy something like this? Good post. Thanks.

    • Most people get their information from the same marketers who sell them garbage products like this rather than Google. Hopefully that is shifting Rick.

  2. hello,
    this is a very informational page … thank you… this is exactly the type of thing I would have fallen for at one point.

    • I’m guilty of that as well Danielle. It’s very easy to get seduced by the promise of money. Luckily we both know better now 🙂

  3. Hi Vitaly, Thanks for sharing this information. I am always looking for ways to make money online. Throughout my years I have run into many programs like Commission Killer. I would steer clear of them. I have joined a few in hopes of making money. A lot of time you will get email spammed and up sold for a million things.

    • Unfortunately this is just the way most products work Michael. Sorry to hear about your previous experiences. I’ve been there so I know the feeling. It wasn’t until I tried WA that my hope was finally restored.


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