Is Affiliate Marketing Mastery a Scam? An Expert’s Review.

Before I give you a review of Affiliate Marketing Mastery (AMM) and tell you if it’s a scam, I want to come clean and tell you that I do not own this program.

But before you click the X button, know that you’re reading this article from an expert affiliate marketer who has made $1 million in sales, in this business (and you will get proof of that in this post, I promise).

I know what I’m talking about and being that AMM has pretty much summarized what it’ll teach you in it’s sales page, I feel more than qualified to review the program based on that.

The principals taught within that program are very similar to what I learned that made me my sales, but the difference is that I didn’t pay as much to learn it and that will ultimately be why I don’t recommend this program (and what I’ll be showing you that’s cheaper and better).

The quick review of Affiliate Marketing Mastery (AMM):

affiliate marketing mastery review

Creator: Stephen James.

Price: $1,997 one time or 3 payments of $767.

What do you learn? There’s 7 modules of training on how to become a successful affiliate marketer.

Each module takes you through different platforms you will be building to drive sales, all the way from social media platforms, list building, to SEO and YouTube marketing.

Included with all of this training is added coaching and other bonuses that offer extra value to this program.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 10 stars.

Ultimately, it’s the price of this program that’s the reason why I’m not buying it or recommending it (it is NOT a scam).

What is said to be taught in this program is totally legitimate, but I just know of alternative ways of learning these things without having to pay so much. If you are set on getting AMM, then I can tell you that it’s a good purchase, but before you make that decision, let me mention the alternative for a moment…

Alternative recommendation: Instead of this program, I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate (WA), which is the program that helped me make $1 million in sales. While I will give you specific reasons coming up as to why this alternative is better, there’s 2 major ones right away worth nothing:

1) You can access it for free.

2) And the training includes coaching from me:

And here are the details of both those things:

affiliate marketing mastery alternative

Now for the remainder of this review, I will be talking about Affiliate Marketing Mastery and covering it’s training, but I will also be comparing it to the other program as well.

What is Affiliate Marketing Mastery all about?

I did mention that there’s 7 modules of training and there’s bonuses included with that, such as coaching, but in this section, I want to cover in more detail what each of those modules and training entails. 

I am very happy to see that Stephen, the creator of this program has given you a free preview of his program to showcase the value inside that program (you can see it here). And being that I cross referenced those details with my experience, I know it works, I just don’t think it’s worth paying that much for it…

But anyway, in this section, let me go over each module in a bit more detail so you know what this program is all about:

Module 1: 

This is more of a planning stage where you get introduced to affiliate marketing (by the way, I promised proof of my affiliate earnings, here it is.) and get to know it’s potential and again, I am taking this info from the sales page, but just clarifying it in case you saw that sales page too but want to know more…

Anyway, I can tell you that this business is legitimate and it’s not really my personal sales which prove that, it’s the fact that major companies such as Amazon are running their own affiliate programs (which I am registered with by the way), that allow normal people like us to make money through them. And here are Amazon affiliate success stories.

This business is legitimate and it’s success comes down to knowing that you should promote products that offer solutions to people with problems. This module of training does that.

Module 2: 

This is where this program gets you into niche marketing. I have said countless times when doing these types of reviews that niche marketing is where online business success comes from.

Promoting products that offer solutions to niche audiences that have problems is the BEST way to get sales and I think at this point I have enough credibility to say that (here is a beginner’s guide to how this is done).

Either way, this module explains all about niches and registering with networks to promote products to the niche audience.

Module 3: 

Here you get into the part of your business where you set up a WordPress website/blog and start getting introduced to search engine optimization (SEO). This part of the training basically helps you set up a site like the one you’re reading now, and to learn how to write content that gets organic, free traffic from Google.

Module 4: 

This module is all about focusing on creating HIGH quality content, a CRUCIAL part of any successful online business. As you are reading this particular review right now, I’d like to quickly ask you this? Are you focused on reading my content?

Are you continuing to read it to get more info on AMM?

If so, then I am doing my job right in providing you with high quality content to answer your questions on this program. This type of example should be used in your own efforts when you start writing your own content, on your site. I have a tutorial on high quality content here too by the way.

Module 5: 

A lot of the training in this module focuses on promoting through social media and list building

Module 6:

In this module, you get into the specifics of creating affiliate links, putting them in your site, in your emails to send to subscribers and monetization basically. 

Notice though that it’s only in module 6 where you actually start to focus on making money, not in the beginning. This may turn away a lot of people, but it’s actually the right flow to get results (and a positive note to add to AMM for that matter too).

You cannot start a site, put up some affiliate links and expect to make money, you need to build your site first, get the traffic, then monetize that traffic to see success and the way this program shows it, is the right way to do it. 

Module 7: 

This final section goes over more in-depth ways to optimize your traffic and sales results, through advanced techniques such as split testing, analyzing your traffic through programs like Google analytics and basically becoming a smarter marketer. 

Optimization of your site, your email list, your sales funnel is CRUCIAL for the growth of the business, but it should only be a mandatory thing to do only after you start seeing initial sales coming in. Then you have data and sale reports to work off and improve upon.


There’s various bonuses offered within your membership to this program including assisted coaching through these modules, case studies, reports and interviews from successful affiliate marketers and more.

And by the way…you can also get that with WA. Here’s how:

We have a whole bunch of Wealthy Affiliate success stories and plenty of people like myself to get help from (not just interviews, but real help and assistance to help you become a success). I’m not trying to say AMM doesn’t provide value in this bonus, but I can personally tell you that with WA, you can literally TALK and get coaching from the many success stories there. 

Final Rating: Affiliate Marketing Mastery.

Yellow Flag

4 out of 10 stars. Not a scam, there’s great training, but for too high of a price (at least for me to recommend it, but I did link to it above if you are interested). I know where you can get better and cheaper training, so who wouldn’t want that?

My final thoughts: 

Ok, so in this last section, I want to compare the same program I talked about at the beginning of this review as being the alternative to get: Wealthy Affiliate. 

By now you already saw a few clues as to why it’s better, but here we’ll dive into specifics on WHY it’s better:

affiliate marketing mastery vs wealthy affiliate

5 reasons to go with the alternative option:

1) Pretty much every single module you read above on what you learn from AMM is taught within Wealthy Affiliate too. In fact, the core training of WA pretty much covers 90% of what I just explained is covered with the other program. 

With the other 10%, there’s actually MORE training and value offered within WA because it’s a constantly evolving and growing program.

2) Additionally, you can SEE this without having to pay a penny which is one of the MAJOR reasons I advise you at least check out WA for FREE before stepping deeper into the program.

Now this may raise questions such as “So there’s a paid membership?” to which the answer is yes, but at nearly $50 a month (only if you decide to upgrade), compare that to the pricing of AMM.

3) Cheaper may be interpreted as “less quality” but not in this case. Again, you will see this if you try WA for free, but my own results speak for themselves (see other WA success stories from this place).

4) Coaching is great in AMM, but did you also know that WA offers it, and even for free members? Yes, it’s true, get the details here.

5) And finally, the support and community is the last major reason this is all worth checking out. We have over 1 million members who help you succeed.

I am 100% certain AMM does not offer the same quality of training, support and free tools that Wealthy Affiliate does (and that’s not an insult, it’s just that WA is truly unique in all those regards).

In fact, I’ve never seen another program, even the legitimate ones which can match it in those aspects. Like I said before, AMM is legit but if those price points are too much, WA is the alternative that’ll provide you those same things, and you already know the cost effective benefits of it.

6 thoughts on “Is Affiliate Marketing Mastery a Scam? An Expert’s Review.”

  1. I totally agree that the price is a roadblock for this one.  As a person who has been a member of a program that had a price of $5000 and made no money from it I tend to shy away from any program that is more than $100 even if it has a money back guarantee.  Do you have a price maximum recommendation for programs?  

    • To be honest Tim, no, there are good programs out there which are $1,000’s and I’d recommend, but that is up to the person and the most important things to determine if that price range is for you would be if you’re experienced enough to use the program you purchase and if you can afford to waste the investment. 

      I find that most people who buy expensive internet marketing programs shouldn’t be doing so, because they cannot afford it in the first place, they are making a faith bet basically and that’s NOT good.

      If there’s any GREAT program I recommend for anyone, it would be Wealthy Affiliate. I find that one has the best starting point in all areas, including price and is fantastic with it’s content and training despite the low price.

  2. Thanks for this in-depth review about AMM. I agree that the price they’re asking for is way too much — and seeing as people usually are trying to build a business online to “make” money, I don’t really see many people having this kind of money to fork over to begin with.

    Also I liked your comparison between Wealthy Affiliate and AMM — and seeing that WA actually offers more value at the fraction of a cost, it’s pretty much a no brainer which one to choose.

    Thanks again for this enlightening review and I like you said the amount of money you’ve made also shows why WA is so good.

    • I have found the training in WA to be most comprehensive and straight forward (legitimate). It’s because I followed it that I got to where I got to Michael, thanks for your comment.

  3. Hi Vitaliy!

    Affiliate Marketing Mastery sounds like an interesting and legitimate program, but I agree with you about it being steeply priced. After seeing Wealthy Affiliate and the quality training they offer, it’s difficult to see many other training programs (even those that cost thousands of dollars) who offer better.

    Great review. Thanks for the information and for helping people save money and avoid scams.

    • Hi Tiffany, you are right and I can further add to that conclusion by saying I’ve sifted through 100’s of programs (this is actually true) and made the same conclusion about Wealthy Affiliate, they are the #1 place to start.


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