Is 30 Day Success Formula a Scam? Is it Just a Scheme?

There are an awful lot of blogs, videos and sites recommending 30 Day Success Formula, but you won’t find me doing that. Is it because I think it’s a scam? 

30 day success formula review screenshot

Well the truth is, I can’t actually prove that, and I will not say that its a scam, and I do believe that you can actually make money by participating in this opportunity (I will not though and I’ll explain why that is shortly).

BUT based on the research I did, I think there is something very questionable going on.

Specifically, this “opportunity” sounds like a mix of a cash gifting, a money mail ordering scheme and POSSIBLY a pyramid scheme.

Now this is my opinion, and I could be 100% wrong, but if you know who I am, the fact that I do make money from home (online), the fact that I understand the differences between legit ways to make money and illegitimate ways, you’ll know why I am truly reluctant to participate in the 30 Day Success Formula opportunity, and why I do not recommend it.

30 day success formula alternative

I will be explaining more thoroughly why I believe in my option far more than 30 Day Success Formula’s one as you continue reading my post on it.

Usually I provide a “score” of a program I review, but in this instance, I just can’t really give an accurate score, but I’ll give you the details on this program, the reasons I am not participating in it, show you more info on my alternative opportunity and you can then decide if you wish to try 30 Day Success Formula, or the other thing I recommend, or none of them at all. It’s your decision.

Let’s first begin with explaining the opportunity of the other program:

What is the 30 Day Success Formula?

Most of the reviews I have found regarding this program seem extremely biased and that’s because they send me to a link that promotes the opportunity to me. It was during one of the reviews I had looked at that led me to a PDF document describing it in detail and here is what I learned:

The 30 Day Success Formula is an opportunity that involves you participating in mailing out money to specific addresses and what is said to happen once you do this is that some third party company is said to promote on your behalf to get leads to send money back to you. 

This is at least what I gathered from the PDF document which so far is the only truly informative explanation of what 30 Day Success Formula is.

Now supposedly (this is how I understood it), if you participate in this opportunity, you get a special “invite code” that whoever you mail the money to, will be able to use to log into the site and start participating in the opportunity as well and if they do, a portion of the money they invest, will be mailed back out to you.

And that person who sent you the money will also have the opportunity to invest money into getting others to participate in the opportunity as well.

There are 6 levels to 30 Day Success Plan (aka investments):

You have 6 levels of choice to join this program at. The more you initially invest, the more you are eligible to earn. I’ll provide a screenshot of this momentarily…

The first level is said to be at $250, but from the PDF I read, said it was discounted to $89, and you sent you 3 letters to 3 different addresses, with hopes that least one of them will decide to join and send you money back.

The next level is officially at $250, and it works the same way, except the money you get back from each person who sends you it, is higher.

The next level costs $1,000 and obviously, the opportunity to make more back exists.

Then the following level above that is $2,500.

Followed by this is a level that costs $5,000 but offers you opportunities to make $2,000 back from each direct person who decides to participate in the opportunity and send you money. You will also get “indirect” sales from that person who gets others in, and this exists on every level by the way (does that mean this program is an MLM? I’m not sure).

And finally, level 6 is set at $12,500 to join (which is an interesting number because it’s related to cash gifting amounts, which is a red flag for me as I’ll explain), but this is the one which presents the highest investment risk and highest potential return.

Here is a screenshot of each level, and the amount you can potentially make:

30 day success formula compensation screenshot

An “optional” method to make money faster.

So with each option above, the “key” to making more is sending out more “letters” with offers to participate in the opportunity which is why in the very same PDF form I saw, in the order section, besides selecting which level you will be applying for (and sending cash from), you will also have the option to pay more to send out more letters and that basically means that the more letters sent out means more opportunity for more people to sign up and have you make more back (I’ve circled the image below with the options):

30 day success formula cash gifting

The costs are $299, $599 and $1,338 and they claim to have a 4% response rate for the letters sent out, which if true does mean you can make money back.

I actually have a lot of experience with these types of opportunities (and they are not good):

Not only have I gotten these kinds of opportunities in the mail personally, but in this section of the review, I will explain the main reasons why I am not participating in the opportunity 30 Day Success Formula offers. Again, this is my opinion:

The 5 reasons I don’t believe in 30 Day Success Formula:

First, let me say that I DO believe people can make money from participating in this system, but I also believe there are schemes in the back end (and I will explain the details of why I believe this), so just because you are able to make money with this system, does not mean it’s totally legit either…

1) I’ve gotten these before.

So the first experience I have to share with you is that is that I have actually gotten letters in the mail about these types of opportunities, where the basic message is, pay this much and you’ll be able to get back so and so, followed up by success story testimonials. I just rip these things up, and don’t bother because I do not trust them (I believe they are get rich quick schemes). The reason I don’t trust them is because…

2) This is what I think they are.

They look like cash gifting opportunities. There was a good article I read on an official government website for the state of Michigan which explained these things as being schemes and even pyramid schemes (the next reason I am not joining this opportunity).

I do believe 30 Day Success Formula is basically a cash gifting program and with all the negatives I have discovered about these types of opportunities, it has moved me away from ever trying them. Now remember that $12,500 investment I mentioned above and remember it?

Well I did so because when I first started investigating cash gifting programs, this number came up (It’s about $12,000) and the reason it’s so special is that supposedly if you make under $12,000, you don’t pay taxes on it and I have an updated article I found on this info here.

Cash gifting programs are also believed to be ways to avoid counting the money people make as income (since it’s considered a gift), but I make NO claim that this opportunity is some sort of tax scheme, or fraud type thing. I’m just saying these numbers seem coincidental…

3) Pyramid scheme?

When I look at how the opportunity with 30 Day Success Formula, it doesn’t seem like there is any product, but just a single “opportunity” to pay into to participate in.

Usually with programs where recruitment is involved into an opportunity, mixed in with low-high investments, AND the fact that you’re paying CASH, tells me there’s a pyramid scheme potentially in the mix here.

4) Ponzi scheme?

I don’t want to say that this program is guilty of that (again no proof), and once again, this is MY OPINION, but considering how you send money to people and then if they participate, send money back to you, while a portion of that investment pays the people in charge of this company, it seems like there is a circulation of money happening without there being any payment for products (only services to get more mailings out), and one may argue that sounds like a ponzi scheme.

5) Sending cash money blindly with promises to make more is fishy.

I have a hard time trusting the idea that if I send cash money to a company (there is an official address, so that’s actually a good thing) that it’s even official.

What happens if I can’t make the money back? I paid in cash, so it’ll be hard to track it and return it, if not impossible to prove.

This business model relies on blind trust:

And that itself is just not something I believe in…

I’ve learned and experienced so many ways to make money and have discovered most of them are either illegitimate or work, but in some way screw over someone, somewhere. 

In the case of 30 Day Success Formula, there is a lot of risk and the success stories I have seen (if true), are in my opinion rare cases of this working. Yes I do believe you can make money with 30 Day Success Formula and certainly the same biased reviews I was citing earlier showed their results, but I do believe in this model, people can lose money, in masses.

My overall conclusion on 30 Day Success Formula:

I don’t believe in get rich quick schemes and a lot of what I see with 30 Day Success Formula, sounds like the ultimate shiny object to me and my experience (I’ve lost a lot on these schemes) has shown me to stay away from programs/opportunities like that. Even if I do make money from it, my belief is that it will be at the expense of other people.

If I am to make money, it has to be at the cost of providing an equal service or value to people and this brings me to… 

How I make money and why it is truly legitimate:

The main thing I do is that I create websites and YouTube videos which aim to solve problems for specific audiences. In the process of creating these things, I promote products and services to them through affiliate marketing and make commissions in the process.

Here is an example:

Now obviously, this is a completely different way to make money than with things like cash gifting, but I firmly believe in this model 100% because:

The goal is to actually provide valuable info and product recommendations (or services) that help people solve particular issues. This already makes the process legitimate because there’s an actual exchange of REAL value, not “just opportunity” so there are no pyramid schemes, ponzi schemes or get rich quick schemes going on.

In short:

This is through a legit option called affiliate marketing and for the $1 million dollar proof, I have an article on affiliate marketing here that shows you the reports and explains exactly how it all works.

Let me share an honest thought:

Now obviously, this model is harder than what 30 Day Success Formula is pitching, and it’s true that to build the type of online business I am talking about takes a lot of work but my experience has shown that “easy ways to make money” are often the ones which come with the highest risks and least chances of success.

And in the past, I have lost A LOT of money chasing these get rich quick schemes. My experience has also shown me that truly legitimate ways to make money REQUIRE legitimate effort and hard work.

Here’s a risk free way to try doing what I do for a living:

Now I’m not saying that what Wealthy Affiliate offers is the best thing for you to make money with, but…

  • I did show you proof of it working with my income reports above.
  • This approach I suggest taking is 100% legitimate.
  • You can give this a risk free shot and I’d argue it’s safer than sending mass cash to strangers…
  • Even if it’s not for you, there is NO money lost.
  • You’re not blindly sending money here, you’re trying this for free and here is a preview of the training:

Now that I’ve finished this review and explained my points, I won’t tell you that my Wealthy Affiliate option is the VERY BEST thing for you, BUT I do know it’s safer and truly legit without the crazy controversies I pointed out with 30 Day Success Formula.

As I said before, it isn’t easy, but I love it because I know I’m actually making money doing something legitimate and this has allowed me to work full time, for myself.

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