Is Internet Lifestyle Network a Scam?

internet lifestyle network reviewIt’s been awhile since I’ve done a review and when I stumbled onto Internet Lifestyle Network “University”, I figured now would be the perfect opportunity.

Now full disclosure:

I did NOT buy the program, but I did carefully research it and one of those methods was through a person who did join the program and I will be showing you his personal review of it below.

Everything you read here is my personal opinion. Having said that, let me give you my thoughts on this program and why I’m personally NOT going to be buying it. 

Internet Lifestyle Network explained:

What I do want to mention is that prior to even researching it, I took a look at their sales page and made a prediction. It was:

They are going to try and get me into their program for $37 (monthly). From there I will likely be offered additional up sells (more offers for more expensive prices) and in one way or another they will encourage me to buy the up-sells because in the process I will be able to make higher commissions. 

How can I make such a prediction? Well I’ve seen sales letters like this one before and in pretty much 9 out of 10 cases, what ended up happening was what the prediction says. 

So did these predictions come true after the research was done? Most of them yes. Here’s what you need to know:

Internet Lifestyle Network is basically an affiliate and MLM type organization that teaches you within it’s members area to promote it to others. Now what it does is it offers you:

  • 2 monthly memberships: $37/month for their “Speed Wealthy System” & a $97/month for a “Professional” membership.
  • There are also 5 up sells from within the members area. The price range of these up sells ranges from $195-$1,495.

Some of these services involve you getting “great looking” blogs which I personally can’t vouch for because I haven’t seen it, but I took a screenshot of what you supposedly get:

internet lifestyle network blog

But based on what I personally know about building blogs, I do not believe you should EVER pay such outrageous prices. You can literally create a beautiful looking blog in less than a minute and for free through various methods.

This one is my personal recommendation. See for yourself.

“De-coding” the Internet Lifestyle Network program:

What I mean by de-coding is that I want to explain what this program claims you can do and the reality of making it happen.

1) They tell you that you can quickly make $20 after sending out an email to people you know OR your email internet lifestyle network emaillist. 

I really hope this email they mention is NOT what I saw on their sales page. Because if it is, and I took a screenshot of it (right) and if someone ever sent me such an email, I would send that into the trash faster than I blink.

I personally found the email a bit on the spam end and I get tons of these in one of my “experimental” emails which I use when I review other programs.

I’ve got SO much spam, it’s ridiculous and a lot of them sound VERY much alike to what I saw being shown in the sales page. But hey, you read it and tell me if YOU think it’s good/bad:

And to make matters worse, you are going to be sending this out to other people. People you know. People who trust you. They say this email will get people hopping into the program in no time. I don’t believe that. 

2) The $100 cash back promise if you don’t succeed.

I’ve looked at their terms for making this happen through a person who did join the program and what you need to know is that the way it’s set up, it’s going to be VERY difficult to get that $100 if you don’t succeed.

Basically you have to go through a large series of steps where you implement the training within the program and much of that involves sharing…excuse me…selling the program with your friends via email, Facebook and other places. 

Just like with the email I would have thrown into the trash, if I found one of my friends promoting to me in this sort of way, I’d delete them of my friends list at once. This is really not my idea of a good way to advertise a program.

Now there is the other side of the coin: They don’t want people abusing the system so naturally they will set it up in such a way to make sure you do what’s necessary and honestly, even though I feel this way of marketing is bad/wrong, I do think if you have a lot of friends, one, maybe even 2 will bite. 

3) The $37 is really just the start.

Like I predicted, there were/are up-sells and they expensive. Now what is true is that they are optional but the way this system is designed which is common in most MLM programs is that if you buy the program, you get to re-sell it. In the case of the Internet Lifestyle Network, upon buying one or more of these up-sells, you are eligible to receive higher payouts in commissions and that’s ONLY when people who you refer actually buy them. 

4) The simplicity and hype about money making.

This is really where my biggest concern comes into the picture. I am not a fan of MLM programs because I believe most of them are straight up pyramid schemes. With Internet Lifestyle Network, my opinion is that there are A LOT of characteristics of a pyramid scheme that exist:

The “product” they sell you in the form of their up-sells is either VERY expensive training and/or a website builder that I feel is also VERY expensive. 

With pyramid schemes, in order to be called such, you need to have 3 things in my experience:

1. No product. I guess you could say there is a product…

2. If there is a product, it’s got to be fairly price. The price for some of their up-sells is way beyond what I consider fair.

3. It has to have a massive chain like referral system. There is such a thing and you’ll find this in every MLM that exists. 

I’ve seen similar types of business models within other programs I’ve reviewed and in these particular cases, I felt the program/s were pyramid schemes:

Empower Network. Almost the same type of MO. You get into it for $25/month, get a blog and then are “convinced” to buy other up-sells which total to over $5,000, plus monthly fees.

My Online Business Empire. The worst online MLM I have ever reviewed. You buy into it for about $50, then are sold up-sells which total to over $20,000! Yeah it’s that crazy.

Now I’m not saying Internet Lifestyle Network is the same as these places, but a lot of what they do is very similar. 


  • There is a 7 day free trial available. 
  • From what I’ve read, you can get a refund if you request (this is not in regards to the $100)


  • It’s an MLM program. I’m NOT a fan of MLM because I feel their business model is very risky.
  • Very expensive, though optional up-sells.
  • I can’t find any reason to recommend a program I don’t believe in to my friends/family/email list.

Final Rating: Internet Lifestyle Network

1 star

Red Flag 

1 out of 10 stars. I’m not going to be buying it because I don’t feel it’s a sustainable business model and the odds of success are not as big as people may believe. Here is my alternative called Wealthy Affiliate which it a truly legitimate option.

My Final Thoughts:

Based on everything I’ve read/seen and if you add in my previous experiences/review with MLM programs, I really can’t give this program a thumbs up. I mean if someone asked me to give them the quick summary of this place, here is what I would say:

You basically sign up, get others to sign up through you. They then go and sign up others into the program. There’s also other expensive products that if you buy, you can earn higher commissions if the people you refer buy them too. There. That’s the summary.

Oh and that review I promised in the beginning of this post? Here it is, that review of Internet Lifestyle Network. Honestly I trust people who have no interest in selling to me far more than those who try and pitch me this program which is why I take that man’s position very seriously. 

The model under which this business thrives is basically a chain. When you get someone into the business, you attached a new part of the chain. Then they have to do the same thing. That’s another piece attached. Somewhere along the line, this is not going to work. The chain simply cannot keep going. Also in my experience, it’s NEVER as simple to make money as these kinds of programs claim. 

I simply could not with a clean conscious recommend this place to my readers, friends, family. But hey that’s my personal opinion. Would you ever do it? Do you have experience with Internet Lifestyle Network? If so, please share your thoughts below!  

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