Kontent Machine Review. Why It’s Not Recommended

kontent machine review screenshotI came across Kontent Machine (latest version 3) recently and decided to have a look see into what this program does.

Although initially I had a presumption and it did turn out to be right, I will say that the program is not a scam.

But at the same time, what it does is something I could never agree with or recommend to anyone of my readers, simply because this program like so many I’ve reviewed before it pretty much does the same thing:

Attempts to find loopholes in search engines which will eventually end up doing more harm than good for your website.

This is my personal opinion based on what I’ve researched when looking into this program.

Kontent Machine 3 explained:

It’s basically a program that takes content whether yours or someone else’s, spins it and distributes it across various places to provide your site with backlinks, but in a bad way backlinking is done as I will explain. In addition the focus is also to help you generate a lot of content quickly without having to put in the work yourself.

The theory behind the Kontent Machine 3 system:

In today’s world of SEO content is king and generally speaking, the more high quality content you have, the better rankings and authority you will have in search engines. To create unique content of your own and in the amounts necessary to create and get high rankings in search engines will usually require a lot of work and time.

This is where Kontent Machine comes into the picture and aims to minimize that effort by helping you create automatic content (that phrase should be a warning to you) with the push of a button that can either be used on your website or distributed to other websites, providing you backlinks (links to your website) thereby giving it more authority in search engines.

  • More authority in search engines = higher rankings.
  • Higher rankings = more traffic.
  • More traffic = more money. 

How the Kontent Machine 3 program works:

You basically enter keywords you wish to rank under as well as paste your own content into the system. The system then takes that content, use a spinner software to “duplicate” the content, but in different words and spreads it across various places. 

If you don’t have content of your own, you can enter keywords you wish to rank under and Kontent Machine will then find related content based on your search preferences which usually means it’ll take it from article directories. This is what I like to call “indirect plagiarism”.

That content will then be spun and used to provide backlinks to your website. As I understand it, there is also a video that will be attached to your content to better help it rank.

Why I can’t recommend Kontent Machine:

In their sale’s page, they show how using their software can get you immense amounts of traffic in little time. Technically, it’s true. By creating a lot of content and receiving backlinks to your site, you can give search engines the impression that your site has high authority and massive amounts of content, which as I mentioned earlier are keys to SEO and getting organic traffic.

However, what this program does only provides temporary results in the sense that they fool search engines into thinking you have a high quality website. But I’ve seen this kind of stuff before, especially with programs like SEO Zen, which in many aspects is VERY similar to Kontent Machine. But that’s beside the point…

The main point is that search engines, especially Google are becoming much smarter in how they rank websites and they have filters that spot websites who use these artificial methods of ranking and trying to trick them. And what happens when they catch them?

They slap the website which means that the initial high rankings you have/had, will drop and your traffic will vanish in an instant. Furthermore, the process of trying to get your site back up in the SERPS will become even more difficult. 

This is how these types of programs end up in my experience. They give you those initial results, you get excited, then a slap comes along and everything falls apart. I’ve personally experienced this before. It was a HUGE wake up call.

But when you want to discuss details, here’s what leads to the slap:

1. Backlinks. Trying to get as many backlinks to your site is an artificial form of SEO which doesn’t work in the long run anymore. Places like Google associate sites that chase quantity backlinks instead of quality as low quality websites. 

2. Content spinners: I have yet to spot a software program that creates truly beautiful spun content. I’m sorry, but it just doesn’t happen. There’s no way whatever it is you write, when spun is going to make grammatical sense. And remember, people are going to be reading this stuff. So what are the odds that something that is not so easy to read (Spun content) will actually help you? Not likely.

The only thing the spun content will do is be distributed to other websites through programs like Magic Submitter, which I didn’t rate high when I reviewed it, and will provide backlinks and you already know my opinion on backlinks.


  • It does what it says it does so it’s not a scam, but the long term results aren’t as big as they claim in my opinion.


  • It’s pretty expensive to buy. You’re looking at either $37/month or $217 for a lifetime access. 
  • The results you get are likely going to be temporary because these use black hat methods of marketing I mentioned above.
  • This approach to success in online marketing is dying. Tricking search engines & finding loopholes is NOT the right way to build a sustainable online business. This is.

Final Rating: Kontent Machine

2 stars

Red Flag (I would avoid it)

2 out of 10 stars. You may get initial results, but in the long run, I don’t see this program working out. Here’s my #1 recommendation called Wealthy Affiliate for legitimate, long term results.

My Final Thoughts:

When I took a look at the sales page of Kontent Machine, I wasn’t surprised to hear the presenter tell me it was better to focus on using this sort of tool than to write high quality content and share it with people. Ironically or not, in my experience, the latter is what works better, maybe not in the short run, but in the long run, absolutely. 

If I’m building an online business, I don’t want to jump from website to website and worry everyday that at any point in time, my site could get slapped and I will have to start over. I want long term results and on a personal note a site that more importantly helps people than sells to them. That’s my idea of a sustainable online business. Yours could be different.

I just don’t see it any sustainability with Kontent Machine 3. It does what so many before it and likely after it will do: They keep looking for loopholes to beat the system. That system being search engines and the rules they put into place for being ranked high on them.

But the system is always going to be in charge and they are constantly making efforts to do away with methods of marketing programs like Kontent Machine use. I’d rather play by the rules and not look for any loopholes than bounce from product to product that tries to fool the system and never really have any sustainable business. If you’re on my side and want to build a long term online business, Wealthy Affiliate is the only place I recommend for doing that.

Do you agree/disagree with me? Let me know! 

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