K Money Machine Review. What You Learn From it

K money machine review

I have good things to say about K Money Machine after reading and learning it’s material, which I will cover in this review.

Quick Report on K Money Machine:

Creator: Jason Bracht.

Price: $37 with one up-sell offer to a Kindle Elite Academy for $37/month.

Overall Rating: 6 out of 10 stars.

This program is NOT a scam. I really like the way Jason laid out a blueprint to create a thriving business that doesn’t just start or end with Kindle books, but goes way further. 

Update: K Money Machine is unfortunately unavailable!

I don’t know why K Money Machine went down, but I liked the system, sadly it’s unavailable. You are still welcome to read the review of it further below, which covers what it looked like when it was up, but…

k money machine alternative

K Money Machine in a nutshell:

Jason’s program shows you a specific way to capitalize on the Kindle market by making your own Kindle books or outsourcing and having others write them (ghostwriters), then selling them the right way to maximize profit.

That’s the front end of the business model. 

Long term, the ideal picture is to have multiple books bringing in profits, collecting email lists from buyers and promoting to them in the future. 

The members area of this program has a number of lessons go to through (it’s a big disorganized) and every lesson has a very high quality video that explains exactly what you need to do with a few tutorials offering links, PDFs and other resources. 

Understanding the business model of K Money Machine:


Kindle books are as you probably know, VERY hot and that’s really credited to the whole eBook industry growing. Kindle books are associated with Amazon and a lot of everyday people write books on what they know and decide to sell it there hoping to make good money.

Unfortunately with the way things work, rarely do most of these people ever see the kinds of profits they like and this is what K Money Machine is here for. The training begins with Jason giving an example of how to title your books in a way that is keyword friendly with a search on Amazon. 

For example, if I were to write a book on making money on the internet, I’d want to target a very highly searched keyword within the Amazon search and making the title of my book exactly that. I could dress up the description and make it visually appealing, but the keyword is what really counts as Jason points out many times throughout the training. The keyword will allow your book to rank rather high in it’s specified niche market, allowing there to be more people to see it and buy it. 

Now finding keywords on Amazon is very similar as finding them on Google. It sort of works like the “Google-instant” approach where you type in a word and the results automatically fill in before you finish. You use those results to pick out your titles. If you’ve never heard of this method before, check out a tutorial I have that’s dedicated to that.

The training from that point forward then moves into things such as: 

  • Picking the right title (again focus on keywords). 
  • Creating very visual and attractive covers by hiring people to do it for you.
  • Even outsourcing the work and having people write one or multiple books for you, which you then sell as your own and profit of. 
  • Finally the last phase of the training explains the long term approach which as I talked about involves email list building of customers.

In total, there are 24 video lessons that go over these things. There is a lot to learn even for those who are familiar with this stuff and Jason does add some cool resources to help you along the way such as a measuring tool to predict how many sales a single Kindle book you release can potentially make given it’s Amazon rank.

What can be accomplished by following this guide?

While some people may prefer to experiment with this formula, make one or just a few books, the real profit comes from the numbers of books you release as well as the quality of the stuff you or the writers you hire write. Most Kindle books don’t sell for a lot (usually under $5), so your profit margin per book isn’t going to be high.

Some people also give away their books for free. This is why it’s important to keep writing books and putting them up using this formula because it will add up. And even if you don’t want to do anything like list building or other internet marketing things with the business you already have running, repeating this formula can bring in a good income if done right. 

Although I wouldn’t expect the first book you write to a big hit, the lessons you learn from it will be crucial for future books you write and really once you get the hang of it, it will become easy.

Although I have personally never sold eBooks through a Kindle, I have written them a number of times and have marketed them. There is great potential and obviously if you love writing, it’s only going to serve you to do this. if not, you may want to consider outsourcing. 


  • Very professional looking site and training is also great.
  • There is focus on not just short, but long term implications of this model. 
  • You are given more than enough information to start using this formula and hopefully making something out of it.


  • The only complaint I have is that Jason should get rid of the menu items (Lessons 1-10) which you can’t click on. Those lessons are in the actual “lessons tab”. Don’t worry, all of them are accessible. 

Final Rating: K Money Machine

6 stars

Green light

6 out of 10 stars. If you enjoy writing, getting into the Kindle or ebook selling market may be a VERY good option for you and this program will show you how to make it work.

Update: Since it’s not available anymore, I recommend the Wealthy Affiliate program over it. It teaches how to write blog content vs eBook content, and how to sell it on your websites.

If you want something more related to eBook Kindle selling, you may want to look at The Selling Family.

My final thoughts:

I’m not much of a Kindle user/reader, but I do see more and more people reading books on their phones, tablets and of course, Kindles. This shows me that there is a big growing trend in that niche and while Kindles are a subset of the eBook niche, there’s potentially hundreds of millions of customers within this topic and with so many customers, there is incredible potential. 

I didn’t buy the up-sell that’s within the K Money Machine program, but with the positive reactions I have had towards the regular program, I can see myself trying it out in the future, but first, I would like to give this idea a spin first to see how well it can work.

If you have tried this approach to selling Kindle books, I’d love to know what sorts of results you had and the lessons you learned.

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