Creating Income System’s Hidden Scam Exposed

creating income system review

The short story is that Creating Income System is a scam because of how it tries to get you to get its “free system” by actually buying what we call hosting scams. This review explains how that process works and why if you want to make a profitable income system, why you should use something else (which I’ll show you).

Quick Report on Creating Income System:

Creator: Unknown.

Price: Free comes at a price with this program and the price of getting your “free” site is going to run you from $152.50-$182.50, which I’ll prove isn’t just overpriced, but I’m also going to explain why that free site might not be the money maker they make it sound like.

Overall Rating: 0 out of 10 stars.

There’s no room for recommending this thing.

Creating Income System in a nutshell:

The good old hosting scam is what Creating Income System really is. Many people and programs try to pull these “free” sites for a “small payment”, but it all ends up costing you a lot more than you ever though.

Want proof that it’s overpriced?creating income system cost

Sure I have no problem with that, but before I explain it, let me compare it to legitimate prices and packages you would see if you were buying a website and hosting. Even the most expensive is always going to cheaper than what Creating Income System offers.

I also have a screenshot of the checkout cart of Creating Income System on the right so you can compare the prices I list vs the ones they show.

When you buy websites, there’s 2 mandatory things you need:

1) Domain names: 

This is the name of your site. It can either be free (usually sub domains are free), and the average price is $10 a year. That price is for brand new domain names.

There are also once which were purchased by others which have brand name potential which can sell for $100’s or even several $1,000. I don’t recommend ever buying those, stick to the $10 one. That’s really going to be the most expensive or something around that amount.

2) Hosting:

Yes hosting scams exist, but usually you will need some kind of hosting to make your website actually work. The scam is paying too much! Hosting prices for websites range from $1-$10 a month and that’s really for GOOD services you’ll rarely have problems with.

Optional services also come with websites:

Website builder. You should never pay extra for this. Just install WordPress to your site and it’s free.

Privacy. There is an optional price to pay if you want your website identification to be private and this costs close to $10 a year. People can usually look up information (name + address) or website owners, but the privacy setting will not allow that information to be disclosed. I recommend this be used on personal websites. Business sites shouldn’t use this because you’re still showing your business address anyway.

SSL. This is security for the site and it does help with ranking websites and getting search engines to trust it more. SSL is an important thing to have (while optional) and it is a ranking factor.

Bottom line: Legit domain and hosting services cost less than Creating Income System’s option:

Every person who makes a website has their own intentions for it, and for each goal, there’s different price ranges so I’ll go over each of them and explain why ALL of them are much cheaper than what Creating Income System offers.

1) A person wants to have a personal website/blog, not to really make money, but just be creative with it, what would I recommend?

Make a free blog site on Blogger or WordPress. There’s no domain or hosting expenses at all and the privacy information will only show the main site’s name, not yours. Blogs on those sites are basically part of the bigger blog network, so if you want to own your own website, you can do the following:

For the free option, create a website through a program like SiteRubix. Hosting comes with it and privacy is part of it too. You get your own WordPress blog and even though it’s part of a sub domain, it works just as well as buying your own domain name.

2) What if someone wants to open up an online business or make money online?

Buy a .com domain name and cheap hosting. Whenever I purchased hosting, it was always through Godaddy for $5/month. That’s still less than a $100 a year for owning and running the site. Even if you add privacy, it’s still under a $100 altogether.

If you’re new or not ready to put in money, I’d still recommend starting with SiteRubix if you’re new, then transferring that site to a .com when it’s making money.

3. Most expensive option: Creating Income System. Well it’s either getting a website and hosting for free, less than a $100 or paying $150-around $200 a year. And of the other fees I saw there, it’s just crazy to see what they are trying to get away with…

Final Rating: Creating Income System: 

0 stars

Red Flag (Scam)

0 out of 10 stars. I don’t believe in the site they give you and you know what I think of their hosting…

But they say you’ll get a great website which costs almost $2,000 to make!

Consider that they never actually show you the website they’ll give you, so how can you take their word for it? Even if the website they give you is really out there and professional, having no experience in monetizing it is going to really screw up anything you could have done with it and it’s not going to be your fault either. 

Learn how to monetize any website from this brilliant program.

In my opinion, any site you get from these hosting scam sources are never good. And them being worth around $2,000? That’s not just a very big claim and number, it’s also a rip off if anyone actually charges that much!

It is unfortunately true that many web design companies, even the good ones charge crazy prices to make you websites and Creating Income System’s sales video even said they charge close to $10,000 for high ticket client websites! But I’d never go beyond anything over $300. The kind of stuff they make is probably beyond your needs to begin with and most of the other features, you could set up yourself, for free using accessories given to you for free through WordPress. 

Checkout carts, blogs, webpages, pictures, graphics, all of that is available through WordPress plugins and accessories and once you have your website set up, get WordPress (usually most sites already have it installed). Any trouble or questions you have can be asked on WordPress forums. You can also find a lot of video tutorials on just about anything you want to do with your site. 

Creating Income System


Creating Income System Score



  • None.


  • Just a hosting scam to get you to overspend on a website.

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