Bring The Fresh’s SEO Course Overview. It’s Useless Today.

As a former full disclosure member of Bring the Fresh, I’d like to share some insights on the SEO course this place will takes you through.

All you really need to know is this:

The entire Bring The Fresh “course” consists of just the “Fast Start Guide”, that’s all.

This is where the bulk (99%) of all your SEO training will come from. The fast start guide is a PDF that’s updated every few months by Kelly Felix and available to be downloaded by all members. 

Inside Bring The Fresh’s Fast Start Guide:

The guide is about 70 pages, out of which 50 actually go through the entire SEO course, the rest is just a promotion or many of BTF’s services. Overall the guide begins like this:

  • You learn how to find a keyword which gets over 1,000 searches a month via Kelly’s approach to keyword searching which is via 2 ways:

1.  Google’s keyword tool (A free keyword tool) and then…

2. Market Samurai, another keyword tool which then further analyzes the keywords you found using the first tool and narrows down if the keyword/s you chose are worth perusing. 

  • Once you find a keyword, the next step is trying to find a domain name for that keyword. Kelly recommends buying the exact domain name of the keyword you wish to rank under as he claims this makes it easier. From my personal experience, this is true.
  • Once this step is done, then begins the technical stuff, about 30 pages of it where you set up a WordPress platform for your page and then make it “SEO friendly” by installing certain plug-ins like Platinum SEO and pretty links. 
  • The last part of the course is all about setting up your website/s pages and posts so that it starts to get ranked in Google. This includes adding YouTube videos which the guide recommends you make yourself as it improves your page’s rank in the SERPS as well as utilizing BTF’s services such as “The backlink packages”. 

Speaking from experience, I would NOT recommend using any of these packages because I’ve had very bad experiences with them which led to a dispute between myself and BTF, that later ended up making them suspend my membership, hence my “former” full disclosure title in the beginning of this post. 

What you need to know about Bring the Fresh’s Course:

The only real course in this site is the fast start guide, the rest is either the forum or upsells which there are many of in BTF. Though many of the tactics the fast start guide teaches do work, there are also many tactics (such as the backlink) packages which do not.

I would strongly recommend 2 things to anyone who is reading this and considering joining this organization:

1. Read my BTF review. It’s completely un bias and you’ll be shocked at what you find out.

2. If you’re looking for great SEO training, I recommend trying my #1 recommendation. This place will provide you with the most up to date training and very few up sells. 

Does anything that the Fast Start Guide teach still work?

Years later, after I had my whole scuffle with BTF (and forgotten about it), while going through an old list of PDF guides I had accumulated on online marketing training, the fast start guide came up again and I decided to skim through it to see if what it originally taught was still applicable.

To be honest, if I were to take it’s original date when it was made (2012 I think) and the SEO rules that existed back then, I would say this guide gets you about 10% on the way to success there.

Today, in 2018, I would say it gets you about 1% of the way there and that’s because the entire set up it goes through it really just setting up a WordPress site and editing some SEO settings. 6 years ago, this would have actually gotten you SOMETHING in SEO, such as potentially a decent ranking for some keyword, but today, you’ll probably get just a Google index out of it and no real ranking.

Kelly’s advice on SEO was OK at one point, but I think he got very greedy with his high ticket backlink packages, which as I said I fell for. I think this focus on just trying to sell high ticket stuff, that I already said ends up destroying SEO is ultimately what led to the crash of BTF.

If BTF was the way it originally was, not only would it still be around, but I would probably still be recommending it. Now it’s gone, but don’t worry, here’s 5 other options for programs like it, with Wealthy Affiliate being at the top of that list of 5.


2 thoughts on “Bring The Fresh’s SEO Course Overview. It’s Useless Today.”

  1. I have done KW research but never with those tools. I’m going to have to check them out and see if I can find some valuable KW’s to target.

    Thanks Vitality

    • Honestly Ryan, my best suggestion is to avoid them. Most of their measurements are outdated and you won’t get accurate #’s. Instead I would recommend a keyword tool like Jaaxy for the best results. It’s the one I personally use as do many.


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