Affiliate Cash Blueprint Review. Everything it Teaches You

Quick Report:

Creator: Temper Thompson.

Price: $9.64 for the main product with 3 up-sell pages following it.

Overall Rating: 3 out of 10 stars

Well it’s an email marketing strategy but not one I’d say is that unique. If you already do email marketing, you may find some value in trying this product out, but if you’re really experienced with it, I don’t think this product will add to your knowledge on the topic.

Affiliate Cash Blueprint in a nutshell:

affiliate cash blueprint review

90% of this product is about email marketing, but the specific kind Temper uses (not really unique, just an extra spin on an already common approach). The other 10% is some basic training on running Facebook ads.

This is not a product that just about any online marketer will be able to use because it’s narrowly focused on profiting of list building, a topic that not every marketer is familiar or successful with. If you’re just entering the world of list building, it maybe worth investing a little under $10 to see how Temper does it. But before you make that decision, let me run you through the whole program first.

Temper’s basic strategy to profiting of list building:

  1. Run a Facebook ad or some sort of PPC campaign to target a specific niche of people that are interested in evergreen topics.
  2. Collect an email list and start sending follow up messages to the list, with the first 3 or so being just informative and none promotional giving basic tips and advice on the specific niche. If the niche was something in dating, you could give basic advice in these emails.
  3. As your email sequences continue, start warming up the list to your program (could be yours or an affiliate offer) to the product that can solve the problem the niche has. In this case, maybe you have people that have trouble dating and the product you’re going to be selling has the solution to that.
  4. Promote it eventually through the sequence and link them to the offer.

This is the basic way Temper does it and through his blueprint which is very extensive, there are variations and examples provided to explain the strategy. The training to what I explained is broken down into 2 parts:

The first is the main main training of the program which is just videos (very little graphics, mostly audio) on the above strategy.

There are 4 training modules with an additional 2 (into and conclusion) added in as summaries. The 4 modules go over the actual blueprint in detail where Temper explains email sequences, what to write, titles on your opt in page and ads to get people clicking and more.

The whole blueprint itself is also provided in an image you can expand and study on your own. I want to also briefly go over the 4 modules. 

Modules 1 and 2 go over the specifics of how to treat your list once they are on. Basically it goes over the summary I mentioned earlier. 

Module 3 goes over a case study where Temper shows how he used this formula (actually a previous version of it) to make record profits. If you are also interested, I have my own case studies on online marketing right on this site. 

Module 4 is a whole video on how to select affiliate programs based on profit potential and how evergreen they are.

The second is training on Facebook ads (2 ebooks) and also additional courses on list building (4 ebooks). I don’t know if these resources were created by Temper and I didn’t see an author name on any of them, but they provide pretty good advice under each topic.

You can technically combine the advice in those ebooks with Temper’s to see where you get.

Besides these training modules that you have to download, the area where this is available also features a link to get training directly from Temper himself as well as links to those same 3 up-sells you see when you first buy Affiliate Cash Blueprint:

affiliate cash blueprint members area

I didn’t buy any of them, but every single sales page they were featured on did explain what they were. Overall it’s extra accessories such as done for you templates and follow up messages to send your list.

If you want my opinion, I wouldn’t buy those until you just try out the regular program’s advice. Those 3 up-sells aren’t expensive on their own, but together, they add up. They are: $17.52, $37.27 and $47.37 which in total equal to $102.16 and that’s on top of the regular product. I think the original product offers enough good advice to work with.

Final Rating: Affiliate Cash Blueprint

3 stars

Yellow Flag

3 out of 10 stars. The basic guide is OK when it comes to email marketing. You may have to watch the modules at least 2 times to understand the blueprint. Maybe if there was also an additional ebook attached which broke down the blueprint a little bit better, it would be much easier to get excited by the product.

My final thoughts: 

To date there is no email marketing guide that I’d absolutely suggest anyone get. There was one a long time ago called Inside The List created by my mentors Kyle and Carson, but that’s no longer available. What is available is there amazing program called Wealthy Affiliate that I totally give my full recommendation to.

But without digressing too far, I would only suggest you try out this product if you have 3 things:

  1. You are very knowledgeable in the niche you’re tackling for your list building campaign. So if you’re into the whole dating thing, you better be able to write some REALLY good advice. You’d be able to connect with your list very easily then.
  2. You have tried Facebook ads, email marketing and understand at least a little bit of how it’s done. 
  3. You have some money to spent. Maybe a few $100’s. 

Just understand that there’s never a guarantee with list building that just because you have a huge list and offer some good advice that you’ll make great money so as a safety precaution, have these 3 things in check.  

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