Weekend Profit Blueprint Review. Can it Work That Fast?


Can you really make money over a weekend through the Weekend Profit Blueprint? Well it’s not a simple answer. I bought this program so I’ll explain how it works, and you will be able to see the answer yourself (it depends).

Quick Report on Weekend Profit Blueprint:

weekend profit blueprint review

Creator: John Koen.

Price: $17 for regular program and 2 optional up-sells after. 

Overall Rating: 4 out of 10 stars.

I like the idea of taking already existing products and improving them to give the buyer a better experience.

The only thing about this program I don’t like is that you are taught how to do that via PLR which normally I try not to deal with in anyway. I will also answer if you can really make profits with this strategy over the course of a weekend.

Weekend Profit Blueprint in a nutshell:

You learn how and where to buy PLR content, remake it by adding and deducting content (depending if they allow you to do that) to overall make it more valuable, then create a website to sell it and collect an email list. To make money with this strategy, you are also taught how to hire affiliates through joint ventures. 

PLR content has mixed views in the internet marketing world and I wrote a whole post on PLR a few months back explaining why I personally stay away from it, but there are people who can take this type of stuff and turn it into “gold” and John’s program is one of those few cases.

The 3 parts of the Weekend Profit Blueprint:

The entire website of Weekend Profits Blueprint consists of 3 areas:

weekend profits blueprint members

Those 3 areas at the top in the menu section. They are:

PDF. This is the first thing you’ll read about when going through the whole site. It’s 14 pages and briefly explains the step-by-step process of using the program. All the things I mentioned about buying PLR, editing it, then setting up a site to sell it, all that is written in here. 

Theory Training: There are 10 lessons which go over each aspect of the blueprint and basically re-explain what you already read inside the PDF. All of these lessons are mainly covered in a video format which is basically a presentation with bullet points and you hearing John speak. Later on as you go through the course, you will also learn that when you start implementing the blueprint yourself, that you will also be advised to make an audio and videos of the PLR product you’re selling to add extra value. 

Within these 10 lessons, I didn’t see much in terms of actual examples with the exception of 2 or 3 videos where John shows you example websites he’s set up, but it does explain why this training is called “Theory Training”.

Practical Training: Now this is where you’ll really get into the details of the program. There are 4 phases you will go through, each containing a series of lessons, making a total of 19 of them. 

I’d recommend taking your time with these videos because they are very in-depth and really make up for what I though was missing earlier on this website which was examples and case studies. 

In the first phase, John explains how he selects PLR ebooks to edit and the types of licences available with them that may or may not allow him to do that as well as how he goes over them and creates what is known as a “mind map” where he lists the most important points of the book/s that he can then use to create his own ebook or edit the existing one.

Later on in the phases, John shows you how to set up a membership website, an opt-in form, as well as software tools for video and audio editing if you decide to add that when you do it on your own.

The final area besides support in the menu is called “Weekend Profit Blueprint Express” which contains 2 things that I was not given access to due to me not buying the up-sells, but as far as I know, it’s PLR content ready to go as well as templates for membership websites you can use. It can save time and money, but that’s going to be your decision. If you can make websites easily, I don’t think you’ll need this.

Is it better to use PLR content or write your own unique copy?

With Weekend Profit Blueprint, what we’re really talking about is selling your own products, but there are time constraints as well as issues that arise when you get into it. It’s not easy to make your own product, even if it’s just an eBook. I’ve done that before and it’s taking me weeks to make a write my own stuff.

That’s why with this program, that part of the BIG problem is technically handled if you buy a PLR product that is going to be your product. It basically gives you a product to sell and depending on the rights granted by the person selling it, you may be allowed to edit it and then use it as you like. ALWAYS make sure to read the rules and restrictions when buying PLR products. You never want to be labeled as a plagiarist.

The rest of the stuff such as website creation, making an audio book and videos is something you’ll have to add on your own. But what is most important in the product is the PLR. 

A lot of them unfortunately are very low quality which is why John recommends you read up on multiple sources of information on the topic you’re going after, and to add that to the product.

One of the biggest issues with PLR products is that a lot of them are outdated depending on the topic they are covering. Internet marketing for example is a perfect illustration of that because it’s ever evolving. 

If however your topic is something like dieting and the PLR products you find give sound advice that doesn’t need to evolve, you’ll already have a good product to use and if anything, you can read other sources that also offer great advice and will be able to add that into the product.

Again, be VERY careful when buying PLR content and always make sure to read it (John also recommends you do this) to make sure it’s really good enough to sell.

Final Rating: Weekend Profits Blueprint

4 stars

Yellow Flag

4 out of 10 stars. So I’ll answer that question now: I don’t think you’ll be able to make profits over a weekend if you’re new to this.

Even editing PLR products takes a lot of time. Setting up the website and audio is actually going to be the easiest part in my opinion, but it’s all going to cost money to implement each area of this blueprint. Maybe a couple of weekends is more possible to get results from this.

weekend profit blueprint alternative

My final thoughts:

I have to give my personal view on this whole topic. I was VERY close to giving Weekend Profits Blueprint a green flag. The product is completely legitimate and if you’re worried about all the backlash of using PLR, know that John teaches you the safe way to use it.

My only real problem with this whole topic is just using PLR content. I don’t like using someone else’s work EVEN if they give me permission to. I prefer to work on my own and make original works to use. 

Some may argue that if I have a good pre-made product to use with permission that it’ll save me time and they have a point, but for someone with my taste, I find it takes as much time to edit work as it does making it, but that just applies for me personally.

So if I were using the strategies of this program, I would pick a topic I love, read about it extensively and even get PLR content, but all for the purposes of learning more about my topic, taking notes to then formulate my own unique product. I also have to briefly mention that a program called Niche Flipper explains this perfectly.

And for the rest (audio book, video, website, joint ventures, ect…) the whole Weekend Profit Blueprint can be followed word for word.

Now if you’re not like me, then you can follow the blueprint entirely. It’s all a matter of preference. Overall, I do like this product.

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