A Clickbank Superstar Review From an Actual Top Seller.

If you’re considering purchasing Clickbank Superstar, I’m going to give you an insider review of it and explain why I’m not actually going to be recommending it.

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Let me give this review some context before I get into it:

Firstly, I did purchase this program and went through it’s basic membership training (I’ll show you it).

Secondly, the remaining benefits/training was available in up-sells, some of which were expensive and honestly, because I had mixed experiences with the basic membership, in that I didn’t think that upgrading was warranted.

Thirdly, I am giving this review as a former top selling AFFILIATE for this network (my Clickbank success story) and as someone who at one point years ago WAS involved in being a vendor for that network and one of the reasons I purchased Clickbank Superstar was to learn more information on becoming a successful vendor if I ever decided to engage in this again. In other words, I have a lot of experience with this place on both ends of making money with it (vendor + affiliate).

Fourth, regarding why I don’t recommend it (I said it was a mixed thing for me), the very basic membership of this program has value and may suite complete beginners seeking to become a first time vendor with this network, but aside from that, the other training I saw, seemed very vague and outdated.

All of this will be explained and shown shortly.

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Quick report on Clickbank Superstar:

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John Thornhill.


In my case, I got the very basic membership for 50% off ($12.95), but it’s supposed to be about $20-$30.

There are 2 OTO’s that I did not buy, because they didn’t really offer me anything I wanted, but in short they are:

OTO 1: You get 50 PLR eBooks in various niche topics. Some reasons why you “may” want to consider getting this is that these eBooks can be offered as bonuses if you decide to create a digital product and put it up on Clickbank. This is $27.

OTO 2: A bunch of tutorials on niche marketing in general including video marketing tutorials. I honestly can’t say much about this OTO because I didn’t buy it.

Offer/up-sell 3: Now after you become a member, one of the offers inside the members area is a $1 trial to get personal help from John where he’ll assist you in becoming a successful Clickbank vendor, but after 14 days, you get charged $197 every month for 12 months to continue.

What does Clickbank Superstar teach?

The main idea of this program is to help you start with and become a successful Clickbank product creator. The basic membership of this program teaches the starting points of how to set up and register with this network and then set up things like one time offers, up-sells, discounts, bonuses, and all these things.

There is also a little bit of vague training on getting visitors to your offer once this is set up, where you learn about article marketing, forum marketing on places like JVZoo, Warrior Forum and other areas like Muncheye, ad swaps how to set up joint ventures and more. In short, this is training on getting people to come to your CB offer and potentially buying it and/or becoming an affiliate for it.

Nearly the entire members area and stuff you get for the basic membership price is in video format, and I’d say there’s about 15 video modules and a number of text tutorials on the subjects I just listed. There is a lot of content on the members area, and for the near $13 price, I was overall content with it.

A screenshot of the members area of Clickbank Superstar:

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-The basic set up videos were very organized and clear to understand. Good for beginners to learn from. But the truth is you can get this set up stuff on YouTube for free. Here’s an example. I found just as much value from that video on setting up with CB as I did in John’s program.

-There is a pretty decent webinar John offers once you enter his members area, which gets into basics in that it explains how and why to become a vendor on CB.


-The training section of this program following the set up process were very vague and outdated (like from 2015). For example there is training on article marketing (it’s pretty much dead now), and the examples like John showing his blog were from years ago. The stuff he talks about in general is good, but the specifics of it in my opinion are outdated and I would not consider them very useful in 2019.

-I didn’t feel there was enough value in the training to get the OTO offers and the $1 trial for the other thing John was pitching. 

My rating for Clickbank Superstar.

Yellow Flag.

3 out of 10 stars.

Reason for rating explained:

There is a little bit of a reason to buy the basic membership and that’s if you are a complete newbie to the CB network and putting up products there, but aside from the basic startup training which is decent in my opinion, the remainder felt VERY outdated and I personally believe the true benefits of this program lie with it’s $1 trial to work with John, which as I said above turns into a $197 a month cost for 12 months. 

I don’t believe the $197 price offer is worth getting due to the outdated training I saw. If it was very good, I might have been more likely to recommend it, but at this point, with that issue I mentioned, plus the $197 a month offer, I don’t think it’s worth recommending…

My final thoughts and experience with being a CB vendor explained…

While a majority of my experience with CB deals with being an affiliate for it (and I provided a link to my results above), a long time ago I was briefly a vendor for it. Here is the quick story:

I partnered with someone I knew at the time who wanted to sell a women’s workout program there. Due to my positive reputation on CB, the set up was pretty easy as we were given a special consultant from CB itself to help us with setting up.

I was also promoting the product as an affiliate for the program and getting a percentage of sales the overall product got. The product sales didn’t exactly explode at first, but they slowly crawled up and the overall product for the vendor made about $6,000.

I made a few $100 from it and also another several $100 as the vendor’s partner. And this whole experience took a few months to develop.

Unfortunately, the vendor decided to stop this offer after awhile (why I do not know) WHILE the sales were actually climbing but this whole experience taught me a lot about being a successful vendor in general. 

I am now going to share the lessons I got from this so you can use it for yourself if you decide to go into being a vendor for CB:

Here are the 5 most important lessons I got from being a brief vendor on CB:

Lesson 1: It can be very profitable to become a vendor on CB, but in most cases, it takes time to reach that.

Lesson 2: When we put up the product, we were told that CB would do an email blast to it’s 100,000+ affiliates and let them know about our product (it’s thanks to one of the privileges I had).

Lesson 3: You NEED to give affiliates a good commission rate and good niche product that SELLS if you want them to actually do the work and sell it for you. Pay them more than you’d get out of the cut, it’ll be worth it because they’ll do the work for you anyway.

In our case, we had a good niche (women’s fat burning workouts) and a very high quality product in general (workout DVDs).

My recommendation, if you’re creating a product and planning to put it up on CB is to find a hungry niche audience and create a solution program/product for them. This not only makes it an easier sell, but it makes the affiliate’s job of selling it easier.

Lesson 4: Most CB vendors do NOT have a large email list of affiliates or people willing to buy/sell the product, so in the beginning you will have to put in the work in finding affiliates and giving them incentive to promote it. Give them keyword lists, create contests, giveaways and that sort of stuff.

And also, I’d avoid partnerships (meaning you should be the only person who runs and owns the product), because what happened to me, may happen to anyone. In my case, the sales were climbing but because I wasn’t the sole owner, one day, the main owner decided to stop, and that cut off my financial opportunity in an instant. 

Lesson 5: I can’t recommend the Clickbank Superstar program for the reasons above, but I can recommend a program called Wealthy Affiliate, which in my opinion is awesome for learning to become both a profitable affiliate AND vendor.

In fact, the very reason I became successful at this, especially as an affiliate is thanks to them. They teach you about creating online businesses, finding niches to promote to and selling to them as an affiliate (or vendor).

It’s this training that in my opinion is of higher quality than what I saw in Clickbank Superstar and that will likely also be profitable for you, whether you decide to become an affiliate, a vendor and/or both. Learn more here.

In conclusion, I am pretty certain that the further offers of Clickbank Superstar offer great value and training, but for the $197 a month price, I think a better deal would be getting that type of value out of Wealthy Affiliate. 

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