7 Ways to Increase Your Site’s Online Sales.

Most sites struggle with increasing, let alone making online sales. I’m going to give you 5 simple ways you can make it work better.

5 Ways to Increase Your Sites Online Sales

Now real, quick let me mention why I am fit to give this advice:

ways to increase online sales

1) Create and add call to action buttons.

Whether you’re an affiliate marketer, a product owner, an eCommerce individual, the fact is this, to get people to buy requires that they click a link on your site to do this. 

The harder it is to see these links, the harder it is to make the sale. One way to reduce that problem is to start using buttons and having those buttons have call to action text within it.

Let’s say I have a paragraph with 4 sentences in it and somewhere within that is a link to buy something. Unless my content is awesome, the odds of someone seeing that link is already tough and it’s even more tough that they’ll buy from the link.

Now consider if I had the same 4 sentences and somewhere after or between those sentences is a big button that has text for people to act on. The chances they see this will increase by a lot.

Now making buttons is actually VERY simple. Here is a free site where you can make it.

Here is an example of a call to action button:

I made that button in seconds using the link I provided. And by the way, notice the “click here” is underlined, it indicates an action needs to be made, but either way, if you add these buttons to your site, you WILL notice a VAST improvement in clicks on them, and an increase in these clicks indicates a higher chance of sales happening.

Also that button wasn’t just there for show, it’s a legit link that points to a program I’ve used to truly achieve a lot of success on my sites. Check it out.

2) Add call to action text. 

After being involved in selling things online for so many years, I have to tell you, telling people to click on something to buy it is better to make sales from than letting them choose. 

A link which says…

“You can get this here” will get less clicks and less sales vs something like…

“Get this here now at a MAJOR discount”.

Notice the incentive is different and it pops out better.

While you don’t want to add too many of these on your site, make sure these are easy to see and based on the fact that they are already call to action words, already makes them easier to spot.

Note: Call to action text can also be a question. Curiosity is a great way to get extra clicks. For example:

“Want to know how I make profitable websites? Here is the secret.”

This is basically clickbait, but it is also a great way to use it.

3) Offer proof (success stories, testimonials, success screenshots, ect…).

It’s so simple to pitch something to people, but if you add proof of whatever you’re promoting works, you now have credibility added to your review/promotion and that already raises your chances of seeing sales increase.

But what if you never tried a product? What if you’re reviewing some weight loss program, but never did it? Well you have a few options:

If you’re an expert, mention that you are one and that program you’re pitching works and cite your expertise as proof.

Offer images of actual success stories as screenshots. 

These are ways to get around the issue. For example, I pitch Wealthy Affiliate, a program which gave me the knowledge to make online sales full time, and I truly provide my own success story here (by the way, that’s a call to action link with the curiosity element added to it, so click it :)).

Furthermore, I do put myself in the shoes of the reader and one thing that comes up is, what about other people? Am I the only one who sees success? So to quench this question, I offer a screenshot of success stories and that adds further proof and reliability that my review is credible. Start doing this too. 

And here is an example of a popular image I use that illustrates this:

ways to increase website sales example

4) Provide larger images with call to action words/links in it.

Besides the one I just showed you, there’s other examples you can use too.

Very often, images take up the line of sight for people, but they are often misused on websites. What I like to personally do is provide an image every few paragraphs in my websites and if I am promoting something, to link that image to the product, whilst adding call to action text in that very same image.

Here you’re basically mixing the element of getting people to click with visual curiosity. Here is an example:

By this point, you can probably access that the above image utilizes all 4 methods in one strategy. It provides a call to action, it incites curiosity, it provides proof and it’s a large image which the eye CANNOT miss. Therefore a reader who is reading my article WILL see this image and WILL have a high chance of clicking on it as a result.

5) Bonuses. 

If you’re willing to put in more work to make more sales, start offering free bonuses on your sales pitches. It doesn’t matter if it’s an affiliate or eCommerce site, people love to get more value out of their purchase.

If you’re just reviewing a program or selling a product that has say a value of $50, you’ll often find that unless you’re a master marketer, most people who read and consider your offer will not be ready to spend that much money on it.

But if you add in at least 1 or more free bonuses, put a value on them and say it’s free if they buy the $50 product, then suddenly, people feel like they are SAVING money and this obviously increases the odds of success.

Again, I have to bring to your attention my Wealthy Affiliate program. While it’s free to join, people are still skeptical, they have questions, they may have been scammed before, I get it.

So what I do is I give them a free bonus which is coaching from me and I provide a special link for that coaching, which I monitor. 

Folks, let me tell you, I’ve gotten a lot of sales from that new offer I’ve pitched and clearly it works, because the bonuses raises the confidence of the buyer, that their purchase will give them more. Use it.

6) Use exit pop ups.

An exit pop up screen can be a VERY powerful tool to increase your website sales and in my case, I have been using such a technique on this website.

I installed a tool called Thrive leads to this website and set up an exit pop up which you can honestly see for yourself if you try to exit this page, and that screen that pops up leads people to a recommended program called Wealthy Affiliate.

Not only has this pop up sent more traffic to that page where I want them to go and see the main offer I pitch on this site, but it is naturally led to more sales being produced as a result.

7) Create exit pop ups on the offer pages.

On the Wealthy Affiliate page where I sent people who click on the original pop up, exists another pop up, but this is ONLY on that page and it activated once people try to leave it. 

The exit pop up provides a VERY short, yet simple video where I tell people about bonuses they’ll get (one of the key methods I pointed to above) if they join the program today and I have gotten a bunch of referrals (and made a few $100 from this technique).

If you want to see an example of it, visit my Wealthy Affiliate review page and try to leave the page. You will see how simple it is and it really works.

Here is proof:

exit pop up sales report

My final thoughts: Do not bother using these tips if…

You have no understanding of what relevant or laser targeted traffic is and just start here so you’re on the right path. If your website isn’t bringing into it the audience best suited to read and consider your offers, then these tips will likely not play any major role in increasing the site’s sales. 

Just yesterday, I was explaining the VALUE of traffic whilst reviewing a network called Udimi. I basically broke down the types of traffic a page can get into 5 categories, starting from category 1 which is worst, to 5 which is best.

Your website needs to have at least a category 3 and up to have great chances of making sales. Let me give you an example:

If I have a page that sells a specific brand name mountain bike, then if I were to put that product into which category of an audience is best suited for it, here is how it would break down:

  • Category 1: People who has no interest in bicycles.
  • Category 2: People who are interested in sports and bicycle riding in general.
  • Category 3: People who are interested in mountain biking. 
  • Category 4: People who are interested in the brand of the mountain bicycle I am selling. 
  • Category 5: People who are interested in the EXACT same brand of a mountain bicycle I am selling.

Do you see that as the categories rise, that my product becomes more and more suitable for the person? This is why I say a category 3 and up person is who you want to market to. Forget categories 2 and down, you’ll just waste money.

And then as long as you market to the right category, THEN adding the 5 ways to boost your sales will actually have a MAJOR, positive impact on sales.

12 thoughts on “7 Ways to Increase Your Site’s Online Sales.”

  1. Great post! I think these tips are great for someone like me trying to get more clicks. The primary focus is to provide value to customers but this is still a business and therefore that aspect of your site is very important. I think I will definitely make use of images with the curiosity factor and call to action more from now on.

    I am just wondering how long it takes for the traffic to build to a big enough level? I know it takes a while but perhaps there is a good way to increase natural traffic faster?

    • Hi Renton, generally speaking, unless you have a large social media following, a large list, are well known and/or there’s well known bloggers or people with high traffic sites linking to yours, you’re likely going to have to get traffic to your website through the old fashioned way, which would be SEO.

  2. Thank you for the links to the make a button site and all your super useful tips on how to get more clicks with your traffic. I think you have it really dialed in with understanding your consumer and how they navigate your site. 

    I am new to affiliate marketing and am immersed in training to learn about it all. The information and tips you have detailed so clearly here will be hugely beneficial for me and my approach. I really appreciate this new knowledge and a kudos to you for your continued success!

  3. I think with the ever-evolving internet marketing world nowadays, it’s important to stay on top of the game if we want to build a successful online business and make our brand stand out.

    In my opinion, tweaking our websites and blog content can really make all the difference in the world. I’ve found that making the smallest of tweaks can have a positive impact on sales & conversions.

    I’ve certainly gained some value from your article, like enhancing  ‘Call To Actions’ which, to be honest, is something I had never thought of doing. So Thanks! 🙂

    As for bonuses, this is something I’ve always struggled with. I see a lot of bloggers incorporating their own bonuses into their product reviews but it’s frustrating when they have the upper hand, especially in the “make money online” niche.

    I’m not exactly confident when it comes to shooting my own videos lol. So what would you suggest I create as a bonus and more importantly, how and where do I find the right resources for creating freebies for my blog visitors?

    • Hi Neil, I assume you’re in the make money online niche since you asked me this question. Regarding bonuses, you should give people value in the form of case studies, tutorials and things they can also see value from that you personally have seen results from.

      For instance…

      Because I have a lot of experience in my niche, one of the bonuses I provide is coaching. When people read about my experiences, it gives them the rightful (and intended) impression that I am a high value person who can help them succeed, and when they see the coaching, that automatically makes them feel that getting my offer is much more valuable now.

      Now if you can’t provide something like coaching, look up valuable things like case studies where people provide thorough content on things that have worked for them in making money online, so that your audience who sees that will also be able to see value in that and on your page where you pitch this bonus, tell them you’ll share a case study worth so and so money (that really works if they use it). 

      Essentially it comes down to giving your audience some sort of VIP value and that should ideally come from your own experiences. 

  4. Hello VitaiIy, I really enjoyed reading this and found it so helpful. I have found so much valuable information here, especially regarding text links. I am still developing my own website and had not considered placing text links within my imagery. Thanks so much for a great soucre of information, I will be following you for more good tips.

  5. What I have to say is I am so excited that I came upon this site, because you have given me faith that with the right tools, resources and ambition, there is real money to be made in this affiliate marketing business.  I am about to retire, and I know that the amount of Social Security will never be enough to sustain my lifestyle, so I need to make some extra money to be able to enjoy my life!  

    So I started a blog, and I’m selling some things on it, and your article was great, about the call to action BUTTON.  Genius. I’m definitely going to go back through my sites and add me some buttons!

    Thanks for the great info and the confidence-boosting article.


  6. Thanks for such instructive tips. I am primarily focused on free traffic and I have improved my call to actions but still no more sales. I am using text CTA, do you think that it would be better to use buttons? I will try to combine all of those tips and see the end result.

    • Definitely test the buttons instead of the existing CTA text Daniel. But if you are not seeing ANY sales, the problem may not be with that, it could be with a lack of traffic and/or niche subject. Are you getting loads of traffic or very little? And is your niche specified?


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