How to Create Your Own Info Product And Market it Online.

I’ve been making info products for years and giving them away for free and/or selling them. In this article, I’d like to share how to make one and market it.

The thing I’ve come to realize is that there is immense value and selling potential behind selling these sorts of things and even giving them away for free (I’ll explain how to make money off this) and the beauty is that it’s so simple to make. The harder part is trying to market it, which I will also go over and provide a way for you to do.

Now I won’t get into every single little option you have (because there are many, I will just go over the options I used to make info products, and how I went about selling them. I have an article on selling options here.

3 examples of personal info products I’ve made (and am making):

1) A very long time ago, I created a diet eBook. 

It was 20 pages long and all I basically did was I listed 5 different ways people could naturally diet without doing anything crazy. I gave away the eBook for free.

This is how I marketed it:

I wrote a lot of diet and weight loss articles on and got traffic from this site, which I then linked to an opt in page that gave away this eBook I wrote. By the way, don’t use that site anymore, it’s not useful anymore. I provided a link above explaining why in case you’re curious.

But in any case, when I did try this years ago (when this site was useful), I collected an email list and at times, I would get 100-200 subscribers DAILY.

The way I made the money though, despite giving away the eBook for free, was inside the eBook I provided links to an affiliate product, which unfortunately is no longer in business, but still, at the time, I gave people a choice on getting it and I would get 3-4 sales daily from this, which would earn me $100-$200 daily.

Creating this info course was extremely easy, here’s how I did it:

I simply created a Microsoft Word document, wrote the eBook, then turned it into a PDF document. I did make sure to write great content within the eBook.

I added images, instructions, clear bullet points and basically did my best to make the content as valuable as I could.

You can do something like this too and the success of this method rests on the traffic you can get to the site which gives or sells the product. In my case, I used an article directory to get the traffic to the page which was giving it away.

However, I would not advise you use article directories anymore. You can do things like create YouTube videos which would be a great way of doing this. For example:

If you were doing weight loss topics like I did, I would advise making YouTube videos with free content and tips on this and linking it back to the page where you give or sell your info product.

Another great option though would be to create a blog site of your own and let that receive the traffic to give or sell the product. Here’s training for this.

2) Created multiple info courses on making money online.

There was a test I ran early this year (2018) where I created very small micro niche websites on making money online, but they were divided into different aspects of it:

Working from home, affiliate marketing, SEO, online coaching, starting an online business, all of which are branches of the bigger, making money online niche topic.

For each of these specific niches, I wrote an eBook, just like in the example above, made it about 10-15 pages each and explained how to succeed in each one.

And they all started as Microsoft Word documents, had affiliate links in them, provided lots of free content and made some sales each.

The thing is, I couldn’t market these eBooks on search engines due to the small size of the sites they were being sold on, so I relied on paid ads to market them. In any case, I did make a few sales and saw potential. And again, it was all free stuff I was giving away, with a backdoor into sales happening on the back end (and it worked, just not in the proportions I was hoping for).

3) Currently, I am creating a product to have affiliates sell for me.

I have finally come to the conclusion that big money can be made when you own your own info product and have affiliates market it for you. At the time of this writing, here is the current idea I am embarking on:

I am creating my own info program on succeeding with an advertising network called Bing Ads. Given that I have a lot of success and experience with it, my niche audience is people looking to succeed with that network too.

The course I am creating runs them through the same process I go through when I create ads and how I get traffic.

I am planning on selling this course for close to $50 and also to put it up on a network like Clickbank to have affiliates find it and market it for me.

I am also planning on pitching a webinar and back end of the course for those who buy it to get people into another program I am involved it.

Unlike the other free info resources I’ve created before, this will be my first paid one, which is technically going to be a course within a membership site.

Creating it isn’t difficult and you can do these sorts of things too. Essentially it comes down to sharing valuable info on how to solve a particular problem and then just writing or creating videos (informational stuff) to help with that.

In my case, I am using a combination of WordPress websites to write the content on, YouTube videos to show instructions on what to do and maybe even PowerPoint presentations, all of which are tools you can also use to create your own products as well.

So with these 3 examples, how can you start and do this too?

I have concluded based on years of doing this that there’s 3 steps you need to take to not just make your own product, but to also market it, here they are:

how to create an info product

The important thing within these 3 steps you need to understand is that the actual creation part comes as Step 2, not 1 and that is because it is imperative you pick a good subject and audience to market to. The better the chosen audience, the better the chances that what you create will sell better. Here are examples and how they can lead to creating full time online businesses.

The set up in step 1, leads to an easier execution of creating it in step 2 and makes the marketing easier in step 3. You will also notice that in the 3 examples I gave above, I always followed these exact same 3 steps and it’s the reason why I made them succeed (well the first 2, the last one is still in the process of being made).

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