Wincher Keyword Tool Review. Is it Worth Getting?

Just today I discovered and tried Wincher. Having tried many different keyword tools over the years, and knowing which ones are good and bad, where does this one stand?

Well the answer is that it’s generally a good program, but from what I have seen having explored it’s free trial, there’s some issues I noticed. I want to go over them in this review of it and tell you if you should try this program or if there’s better recommendations.

What exactly is Wincher? 

wincher keyword tool review

Well obviously, it’s a keyword tool, but to be honest, it functions a bit differently than most of the other ones I’ve used over the years.

The main difference I noticed is that you can’t really do keyword research on just any random term, you have to first input an existing website of yours, then input specific KW’s you want to see if the site ranks for, and then this program itself gives you a chart of which terms your site currently ranks for, how much traffic that brings in out of the potential amount it can bring it.

This program also provides you an ability to track a competitor’s KW rankings, among other features you can get reports on.

So overall, this program generally is good, but for people who only want to see how their existing website is performing in organic rankings. 

I am honestly surprised I couldn’t look up random KW’s within this program and the fact that I had to connect a website to it in the beginning was kind of annoying for, but I admit, it was a very easy set up.

The pros of using Wincher for keyword research:

1) Firstly, I found it very easy to use in general, not just with the set up I mentioned above, but the sign up for the free trial and everything else. I think beginners would be able to understand how to use this program pretty well.

2) Second, I found the reporting of this program to be quite spot on. As a test, I used a website I started a long time ago on hair loss solutions but never really built up much, so basically, that website’s rankings are pretty low at the moment, but I give Wincher credit where it’s due, it showed me pretty accurate reporting on that site’s rankings and I know they are fairly accurate because I get the same reports from Google Webmaster Tools, which is as accurate as you can get.

And remember that program I just named because its going to become important in my final decision on whether to use Wincher or not.

Here is the report I got for this website from using this program:

The negatives I found on Wincher:

Now let me preface these negatives by saying that I didn’t investigate Wincher that deeply, I wanted to see the basic functions and abilities this program had overall, so it’s possible some of the following negatives I’m about to list aren’t really an issue and perhaps they are limitations of the free trial you get with this program, and perhaps they are unlocked when you buy it, but they didn’t mention any limits when I started my trial, so whatever, let me make my points:

1) Ok, so the first standout negative I noticed is that…I couldn’t really do any keyword research, other than what was connected to my website. Sure, I connected a website based on hair loss to this program, and it’s giving me rankings for terms based on my existing articles I have there, but what if I just want to explore other ideas on future websites I wish to make and want to research KW’s for those?

I don’t see anywhere on Wincher that I can do that and that kind of defeats the purpose of having this program in my mind…

2) The second issue I noticed is the pricing and limits to that. So the rule about that is…you NEED to connect a website with Wincher in order to use it, and for the first website you connect, it’s 6 Euros monthly, which is about $7 USD, but then if you wish to connect more, the cost obviously rises, but not in 6 Euro increments, it actually gets cheaper as you wish to connect more sites, but they have a counter for it.

Now the issue is the limit of each site you connect, which is you get 100 keywords every month. I don’t understand why it can’t be unlimited, a good keyword tool SHOULD do that. Wincher doesn’t appear to do this…

3) Third is the necessity to even use this program in the first place. Basically, all it does is, it gives you ranking reports for your website and the terms it tries to rank for. But guess what other program does this very same thing, for free?

The very same one I told you guys to remember: Webmaster Tools. I kid you not, here’s a side by side comparison between both these programs on the same website:

Now I apologize for the image being small, but here is what I want to relay in this comparison:

1) I cross referenced the KW’s both programs give me with red lines. Webmaster Tools shows me this data too and I would dare say far more accurately because it’s literally Google itself saying “Hey, here is the KW your site ranks for buddy”. 

2) An advantage Wincher has here is that you can explore competitor KW’s, Webmaster Tools however, won’t tell you this.

3) The only real advantage of Wincher in this comparison is that it actually tells me the search volume of each KW it picks up from my site, and that’s good, but you know what else would be good? If I could ACTUALLY look up the term or any other term I wanted to on this program, but I can’t. Webmaster tools by the way won’t give me this information, but you have a few options to go with in this case:

Why is the last one my favorite? Here’s a few reasons:

  • Accurate reporting on KW data.
  • You can actually look up unlimited KW’s without having to link your site to anything.
  • You can look up the ranking of your site for any KW you want.
  • Reporting, affiliate program available and much more.
  • Full report on Jaaxy here.

So do I recommend using Wincher? My final answer…

I truly don’t see the point, when you can just connect your site with Webmaster Tools and get the same kinds of reports there. And you can even do things like install another free tool to your site called Site Kit which gives you webmaster tools reports on your site without having to visit the official one.

My recommendation would be to use Webmaster Tools and Site Kit instead.

In fact, an awesome bi feature of Webmaster Tools is that it’s free to use on as far as I know unlimited sites. This means you need not spend any money monthly getting the same kind of reporting from this program as you would from Wincher.

Sure the latter program has a few benefits, but from what I’ve seen, the advantages it has are in my opinion not something I’d take seriously.

Ok, now that I’ve explained that, the other major issue I pointed out is that Wincher apparently doesn’t actually have a function to look up KW’s, meaning I am stuck only seeing KW’s related to the site I connect with it. This is a huge disappointment for me personally because it kind of defeats the purpose of having this kind of program in the first place and the 3 other programs I recommended in this one’s stead are going to make up for that, with Jaaxy being the best one out of them all.

In the end, to summarize, I would rely on using Webmaster Tools for your site instead of Wincher. And for actual KW research, if you can’t spend any money on these things, go with wither Google’s Keyword Planner or Keywords Everywhere. And if you have a little bit of money to spend and want to get the best one out of them all, go with Jaaxy, it’s the easiest and most convenient out of them all.

One final note. On keyword research as a whole…

I find that many people don’t understand how to properly do this stuff. They end up getting suckered into getting and buying programs that they can’t even use and if they can, I often find their features are kind of useless to use these days.

I often hear from people who talk about KW programs and all their features, but if you dig into it, they don’t know what they’re talking about.

What I’m getting at is that if you’re not overly familiar or successful at KW research or more importantly ranking, getting even the best KW program is not going to solve your problem, good training will.

My advice, if you are in this position is to try a program known as Wealthy Affiliate, which actually created Jaaxy, the best KW tool I personally use. But the important thing to note with WA is the right platform to teach you all about KW research as well as ranking. 

And so, to close this review, I’d like to once again reiterate that I tried the free trial of Wincher and like I said before, if there are any missing features in the free trial which I mistakenly referenced as being negatives of the program itself, please correct me. If not, my assessment of this program stands as it currently is, which is not recommended.

Also I’d like to say there are more expensive keyword tool programs that’ll basically do all the things Jaaxy, and Wincher do and some of them include Ahrefs and SEMRush. But those are for truly experienced keyword/internet marketers in my opinion. I think Jaaxy is perfectly fine.

6 thoughts on “Wincher Keyword Tool Review. Is it Worth Getting?”

  1. Pretty informative post, but in my opinion I don’t think its worth getting. I have been using longtail pro for a while, but the jaaxy keyword tool is still one of the best one I’ve used so far. With that keyword tool you’ll know exactly what kind of keyword to target for.

    • True, I’ve also tried longtailed pro (briefly) and I agree about Jaaxy. I would also recommend you give keywords everywhere a shot Isaac, I think it’ll really help take your keyword research to the next level and brainstorm faster. You can then take the results you find and use Jaaxy to get a more accurate picture of the potential the keyword can bring.

  2. Thanks for sharing this review on the Wincher keyword tool. I actually don’t see the point of getting this too, except if you want to try it out. Even though it offers some great benefits, it still limits you to the amount of keywords you can search and get so what’s the point if you’re paying for it? In addition the price increases every time you add a new website so it discourages one from adding more to get keywords.

    • Yeah the incentive to do more with this tool decreases as the price rises with each new website and the cap on the keywords you can use for each. And like I said, when you have regular keyword tools and webmaster tools mixed, which are free, I honestly think that renders Wincher useless.

  3. Thank you for your comprehensive review on Wincher. It is so hard to try and work out which keyword tools are the best.

    I know that keywords are so important when it comes to get your site ranked with Google, but the complexity of the task is often a bit baffling.

    It is certainly strange that you can can’t use it for researching new keywords, but I guess some people may need to just look at their, or their competitor’s website instead. 

    Great work sorting it out for those of us who are time poor.


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