A Personal Thrive Leads Review. It Really Works! My Results.

Quick Report:

Name: Thrive Leads.

Price: You have 3 options with this program, you can use the system on:

  • One site which is $67 one time.
  • On 5 sites which is $97 (my personal pick).
  • Or you can get to use this system on 15 sites ($147).

Overall Rating:8 out of 10 stars. I’m very impressed by this service, the support and the results I’ve had since I started using it. I’m going to give you my full experience and explain why this service is legit, though perhaps not for everyone. Here is the link to their site if you want to try Thrive Leads.

Recommended? If you have a website that gets a lot of traffic and you’re engaged in some sort of email marketing, then yes, I would recommend this. 

What is Thrive Leads? 

Basically it’s a service which helps you collect email lists from people who are on your site in the form of pop ups. You can edit what sort of pop up you want, it could be things like:

  • An exit pop up.
  • An in site pop up and this is where you have many options (it can fill up the page, a small portion or on the side).

Now this service needs to be connected with an autoresponder if you’re going to use it. Luckily I have Aweber, so connecting it was easy, but Aweber acts as the list building software, while Thrive Leads acts as the system that helps you customize HOW you build your list. I can’t make pop ups with Aweber, but I can do it with the other program.

Who this service is for (why I got it):

I strongly advise using this service if you have a website which gets over a 100 visitors a day and you are serious about building an email list. Let me explain my story to showcase why:

For the longest time, I’ve avoided building an email list on this site. Yes I know high level marketers will call me a fool for not doing so and they are right, but my reasoning for not doing this was that I had a good sales funnel in place, on say this site, and the process was netting me about $60,000 a year. 

I was and am promoting a service which once my traffic signs up to, they enter their email there and then the program I recommend takes it from there. So my whole goal with this site for the longest time was to get as many people into the program as I could. Not only is it legit and awesome, but I didn’t want to bother the people with my own emails.

However, things have evolved and here’s what I mean by that:

So there was a period where this site would get 1,000 visitors a day. Then I started getting lazy and now I get about 400 visits a day. Regardless, it’s a lot of traffic.

Now out of whatever number I’m getting today, the LARGE majority of people on the site leave it. Some return later on, some bookmark it, but it’s safe to say most never come back.

Overall, my conversion rate on the site where I was selling the program I talked about was around 3-4%, which could be a lot better. And that basically means that 97%-98% of people are just clicking away, and most likely never returning. That’s lost money and in 2018, I decide to take more risks with this site.

So how could I salvage that 97%-98% of people leaving? Well the answer is…using Thrive Leads.

I didn’t want to interrupt my existing sales funnel. My basic formula was to create tons of content, consistently and to link it to my promotion, or as many call it, affiliate marketing. And this is a formula that’s working well for me.

So I had to be careful with how I used this service. I didn’t want people on my promotion page to click out, sign up to an email list when they were ready to buy.

The way I decided to use this service was to create an exit pop up and target the traffic on my site which was already planning on leaving. In the process, I would be targeting people that wouldn’t be interested in my promotion anyway and thus I would not cannibalize my profits. 

And so this is what I did. It’s been 2 days since I activated this program, connected it to Aweber and BOOM, we have a nice little side sales funnel that’s collecting an email list, not interrupting my main promotion and I am using the newly collected list to re-promote the same system to.

Want to see an example of how Thrive Leads works? Just do this:

  • Try to hover my site URL and change it.
  • Try to click the back button.
  • Try to hit X on this page.

What will happen is that a pop up will be triggered known as an exit pop up. Here is what it looks like in case you don’t like pop ups:

This is what I set up through Thrive Leads and while it’s very easy to get rid of this window (just hit X on the pop up), this one simple update to my site has made me collect dozens of people on my email list, and as far as I know, this has not negatively impacted my sales. 

What are the results? Here’s what 2 days have netted in terms of opt ins:

So this is what this report shows:

Nearly 800 times the pop up was activated (sometimes by me while experimenting) in a matter of 2 days. But for 99% of cases, this pop up I showed you above occurred for new visitors to my site.

In the process I got nearly 40 sign ups. Now we are in a holiday week (Happy July 4th by the way guys!). So that’s 40 signups I could still do something with and sell the same promotion to that I would otherwise not have had, understand how important this is! That’s 40 potentially NEW leads that I can generate sales with.

At this point, we’re looking at 20 signups a day, but I estimate the real number will climb when July 4th week ends and things get back to normal, but over a month, and a year, I could grow a substantially huge email list without having to engage in any new projects, just let Thrive Leads run, collect the list, then test which sales funnel makes that list convert.

And on that note, here is the current project I am engaged in:

As of now, I am funneling my newly created list to a side website I started several months ago where I give out a 7 day course on learning to blog for money. The site still aims to promote the same program I’ve been promoting on this site and if the conversion rate is in the double digit range, then all I really have to do is keep funneling more good traffic to my main site on which Thrive Leads is activated, let a portion of that traffic sign up and get involved with the 7 day lesson on the other site and make more money that way.

And if this is too complicated to understand, here is a far more simple way to understand this sales funnel:

A large chunk of traffic is leaving my site. I’m aiming to keep some of that traffic from leaving by giving them a reason to stay with me (free course, free stuff). A portion of them stay and I can then make more money with that traffic which I wouldn’t be able to were it not for Thrive Leads help.

Update on that project:

It’s been about 2-3 weeks since I started using this system and so far I’ve gathered over 300 subscribers, made 2 sales on several sales funnels I’m running. These 2 sales are monthly recurring, so that’s great but considering this same sales funnel keeps running, I will keep making more sales (the value of each sale is about $100+).

And the bottom line is that these sales would NOT have happened had it not been for the Thrive Leads program helping me re-funnel exiting visitors from my site back into another sales funnel.

Customization options and ability to improve the sales funnel, it exists with this service:

As of now, my initial 2 day stats show that the exit pop up I installed through this service is converting at nearly 5% (Basically out of 100 people who leave my site, 5 sign up). This is just a first time report and I can always improve the exit pop up I’ve made to test if it’ll convert better.

The great news about Thrive Leads is that it gives you default templates to work with which are already good converters, but you just edit them to make them relevant to your site. Here’s an example:

Now is this 10 of well over a 100 examples on that same list you can choose from. I just decided to go with one that was closely related to what I wanted, and there’s some others I will test as I keep using this service, but all you do is pick one out, edit it, connect it to your autoresponder and let it run, then see if the results are good and if they aren’t, you can always re-edit them or make a new one. In any case, the coding is done for you and all you really do is add your own stuff to it.

Final Rating: Thrive Leads.

Green Flag

8 out of 10 stars. Terrific service that is highly useful for any email marketer with a site that has traffic. The support and tutorial videos on the site itself are also excellent. Overall, I am happy with the $97 I spent on this. I still have 4 other sites I can replicate this service on.

My final thoughts: Do you really need this service?

I already mentioned for whom this service is most beneficial to, but I want to stress how important my point on that is. While I love Thrive Leads, I know that there will people who read this review, who:

  • Have no good site…
  • No good traffic stats and/or relevant traffic…
  • Who don’t understand email marketing…

Who will buy it and then wonder why they are not getting results. It has nothing to do with Thrive Leads, it has to do with you and your understanding of internet marketing and if it fails in those 3 departments above, don’t get Thrive Leads, you need to improve your understanding of internet marketing first, get a good site up and running, and THEN get it.

Don’t have a healthy site with good traffic? Here’s what you need to do:

Too many people jump into email marketing and using services like Thrive Leads too early. You need to have a good site, with healthy, relevant traffic and you need to have an understanding of sales, sales funnels and all that. To do this, here’s what you need:

This is the program from which I generated the traffic numbers I eluded to above and that wasn’t just regular, junk traffic, it was actually highly relevant traffic and it is because I have these core things set up, thanks to that program I just linked to by the way, that I can successfully utilize Thrive Leads and use it the way it’s MEANT to be used. 

So I highly recommend that training program to get your online business rolling and have those core things in place before you start engaging in more advanced list building tactics. 

13 thoughts on “A Personal Thrive Leads Review. It Really Works! My Results.”

  1. Great Post Vitaliy.

    I can see what you mean by the amount of traffic you need to make this work. I am not quite there yet. I have plenty of content and my SEO is improving. I think I would be tempted to wait until I hit 500 a week before using Thrive Leads.

    It is a simple but brilliant way to increase overall conversions so thanks for making me aware of it. Like you, I was not aiming for an email list but to ignore the potential conversions is a bit silly. Very much looking forward to hitting the 500 mark and trying it out.

    • No problem! Make the current 500 a week quota your main goal. Then once you do, start using the Thrive Leads program and I would honestly only use it’s exit intent pop up, as it’s the safest for SEO.

  2. I abhor any kind of pop ups that suddenly gray out the article I’m reading and thrust an email form in my face. I click away from such websites at once. However, I see this one’s different, or at least it offers some nice alternatives.

    The Thrive Leads does offer other types of pop-ups, which I’m okay with, if I’m leaving the website, as you have said, that’s a great time to have a pop-up. Or a pop-under or pop-side is okay so long as it doesn’t interrupt the reading of the article.

    Even for me, who dislikes pop-ups, I would use this program though as you have advised, I’m not ready for it nor even an email list because I have never reached the point of having enough traffic nor a good enough website which I’m actively working on now, making improvements. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I recall seeing these alternative pop-up styles.

    • Hi Daniel, it’s good that you are not jumping ahead of your website’s traffic and progress and buying programs and systems you don’t need yet. I’m also glad you shared your personal viewpoint of pop ups. I am actually in agreement there with you in regards to it being annoying when it shows up as you’re reading. An exit pop up is what is recommended and that’s what I use through this program with good results.

  3. Hi Vitaliy,

    This a great piece of software that you have found, sounds very interesting. However, I hate pop-ups myself and will just get rid of them. 

    I agree this is for more of a person that has a lot of traffic and drop off sales rates, and it will help them to capture the missing people who have not engaged. I personally see this as a software for affiliate marketers who have established traffic and sales.



    • You have a point Khayyam, I’ve been using Thrive Leads only with the exit pop up option, so help prevent annoying my readers and it’s been doing pretty well for me in that regard. But this is not just for affiliate marketers, it’s for anyone who has a lot of traffic and needs to get people re-engaged with their site and content.

      I would use it to collect an email list and then share your content with them. You can also use it to drive extra visits to your main affiliate offer through something like an exit pop up.

  4. Thanks for clearing a lot of doubts. I was under the impression that I had to have a lot more traffic in order to start collecting emails for my email list.

    I am actually getting a little more than 100 visitors a day, which is great! I will be looking into email marketing now, because I can’t wait to start using Thrive Leads!

    Is there any training that you can recommend for email marketing? I have a gist of how it works but I want to apply it properly.

    And I know you mentioned you use Aweber but I don’t have the money right now for a paid service. I’m thinking of going with the free membership available with MailChimp for now.

    Have you had any experience with this provider? Is it okay for me to start email marketing with it?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Reyhana, Aweber has a free trial as well. I’ve never used MailChimp and only focused on that one. Keep in mind that if you’re tight on money and want to use Thrive Leads, you will have to pay for that service and an autoresponder if you’re going to use it. 

      If anything, I would consider trying to make your existing site make good money to pay for this before growing an email list.

      • Thanks for your reply, Vitaliy.

        I might be able to only afford one of them right now, either Thrive Leads or the autoresponder. But the only way that I could have both (and that is going to be cheaper for now), is to go with paying the one time fee with Thrive Leads and getting a free autoresponder.

        It’s great that Aweber has a free trial though. It’s definitely a contender for future consideration. I am still waiting for my website to make enough to cover the cost, then I will be okay. 🙂

  5. Hello Vitaliy,

    How are you doing sir? It’s so nice to read your review on Thrive Leads and to me this sounds like one of the best software to have in place once the site has matured enough.

    Tell me more about the price, does it have a trial period and does it charge per month or just one time purchase? Before I go, are the pop ups designed to appear when the software gets the impression that the visitor is about to leave only? Can it be customized to appear earlier than that?


    • Hi Paul, the price is one time, but there’s 3 options as I mentioned in the quick report area. I elected to go for the $97 option, so now I have 4 licenses left. There are no trials, these prices are one time.

      The pop ups can be different in nature, it could be an exit pop up, it could be a pop up that appears while the person is reading your blog and/or various other kinds, you have a lot of options to choose from.

  6. Thanks for the great review, Vitaliy. This looks extremely powerful. It seems like you can use this even if you do not have a Thrive theme, right? I also like your honesty about where you need to be before you invest your money in this. Right now, there are some things that I need to improve on my site. However, once I am ready I certainly will look into Thrive leads.

    • Yeah there’s no need to get the Thrive Theme if you just want the Leads option of the program. I use an entirely different theme on this site and it works perfectly fine with Thrive Leads.

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