7 Day Cash Money Review. 3 Reasons Not to Get it

7 day cash money review

I’ll give you 3 major reasons you shouldn’t get 7 Day Cash Money in this review and that’s because I got it and I regret it. 

Quick Report on 7 Day Cash Money:

Name: 7 Day Cash Money by Jean (last name not specified) also known as “Earn Cash Yearly”.

Price: $2.95 for a 7 day trial, then 2 payments of $49.50 every other week. Also 1 up-sell for $129 which is then down sold to $74.

Overall Rating: 2 out of 10 stars. 

Very outdated approach to marketing. I might have recommend this type of service 5 year ago).

I’m not sure how long ago 7 Day Cash Money came out, but by the looks of how the site was designed, it must have been several years at least.

Now this is important, not because bad looking sites equal a bad program (which by the way is NOT true). In fact a lot of bad looking sites are more trustworthy than good looking ones!) but because it provided me with a clue of what to expect once I purchased their trail offer. 

7 Day Cash Money explained:

It’s a done for you type service where you can purchase a trial account and have up to 300 websites built for you. These sites will then be used to promote offers from places like Clickbank or have ads set up on the sites (Google Adsense) so they can collect revenue each time someone clicks on them. 

Is the monetary potential really as high as the sales page claims? After the year 2009, I would say no.

While making money online in general is possible through websites (see how I do it), the approach this program takes I feel has a few very important holes I need to mention and that leads me to the most important part of this topic:

The 3 reasons I can’t approve of 7 Day Cash Money:

1) The approach to making money it uses is very outdated. 

Let’s rewind a few years: People used to make a lot of money setting up websites, getting visitors to it and simply placing ads for them to click on. If the site was relevant to the visitor and so were the ads, there was a good possibility to earn a decent income every month. Multiply that formula by several sites and you suddenly had an opportunity to earn a great living. 

I once had a blog where I did this, but I didn’t make much (a few dollars), mostly because my focus wasn’t on that, but it goes to show it does work. But that’s not really the point.

The point is that as time went on, a lot of changes and evolution began to take place with search engines and many websites which were deemed low quality would not be able to see high positions on say Google. And in this business, positioning is one of the KEY elements of success. 

If I have a website ranked on the first page of Google, I’m going to get a ton more visitors than if I were ranked on the next few pages. This is important to understand because what I see with this program doesn’t really come together in terms of logic and that leads me to another very important point:

2) I don’t believe the websites you get are going to rank high.

For nearly $100, you’re going to get 300 websites? Something sounds fishy and even if it’s true, odds are those sites are probably going to be set up quickly with not too much content or have high valued information. That’s my personal opinion.

These are the types of sites I mentioned before which aren’t going to do well and if they don’t, you won’t get a lot of visitors to your sites. The 300 number is really an exaggeration because you don’t really need that many to succeed in this business. All it takes is 1 good niche site that gets a lot of visitors and you could make even more than those 300 sites ever could. 

For the price you’re paying, I don’t see how it’s possible for any of those 300 sites to rank well. It just doesn’t add up. If I were personally behind this program, there would be no incentive for me to make a good high quality site for such a cheap price. I’d charge much more than this. 

And in order for even 1 site to rank high, you need to have  A LOT of high quality content, a lot of focus on specific keywords and most importantly, the site itself has to focus on a specific topic (niche). That’s the summary, but here’s the specific approach to making money with a website.

Now I’ll admit, I didn’t try the actual services 7 Day Cash Money promotes, but for the money you’re going to pay, I don’t see how the quality can be high.

3) I never advise you pay for any done for you services.

I’ve tried this type of stuff before and saw what happens when others do this too. Whether it be someone setting up a website for you, someone running your SEO/PPC/email marketing campaigns, what usually happens is that the result isn’t nearly to the potential it could have been had you done it yourself. 

I understand that a lot of people in this business, especially beginners are too scared or worried they’ll screw up if they try so they prefer to look for services which do this for them (enter the program in question), but one point I made VERY clear when I wrote an entire article about is that basically you should never put your eggs into someone else’s basket. In short, done for you website services like this are really a gamble and often not worth the investment, especially if it’s cheap.


  • I’ve though about it a lot, but can’t come up with anything.


  • The trial offer doesn’t really get you anything. You just let them know your information and then get your sites. But it takes time for those sites to get indexed into search engines. The trial won’t be enough to test out the program. You’ll need to pay the other payments and see this program through for several months to get any results.
  • The sites you’re probably going to get based on my assumption will likely not rank high.
  • The site seems old as do it’s methods. 

Final Rating 7 Day Cash Money

2 stars

Red Flag

2 out of 10 stars. There’s no actual money that’s going to be made in 7 days. It’s a nice idea, but it won’t work in my opinion through this approach.

My final thoughts:

If you’re considering trying out internet marketing, don’t start by paying someone else to do everything for you. It simply won’t happen the way it’s advertised. Instead focus on a places that empower YOU to do the work, but provide training that really works (Here’s one of the best programs called Wealthy Affiliate).

The key to success is in your hands, not someone else’s. And that’s all I can say about this program. I am also curious to hear from people who have tried it. Please let me know if you have and what your results are/were.

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