What is The Best Keyword Tool? Here is my #1 Pick!

jaaxyHaving a great keyword tool at your disposal can be a GREAT asset in success online. But since there are SO many of them available, the most common question is what is the best one? Here is the answer:

Jaaxy: My #1 pick as being the best keyword (KW) tool.

I’ve been in online marketing for many years. Through that time, I have tried many different keyword tools:

  • Micro Niche Finder.
  • Market Samurai.
  • Keyword Spy.
  • Google Keyword Tool.
  • Keyword Country.
  • And others whose names I honestly can’t even remember. 

Some of them were paid, while other like the Google tool was free. But it wasn’t until I started using Jaaxy that I stopped looking around for better alternatives. You see with most other tools on the market, there exist a number of different “problems” (in my opinion) which I feel Jaaxy makes up for. Here are just some examples:

1. They are TOO complex:

I’m a pretty simple guy, so whenever I use any sort of program, including KW tools, I want there to be simplicity. One of the major problems I see is that many tools on the market today are just too complex to use.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying it’s bad, but it’s almost like a smartphone with all these fancy features and out of a 100 people who use it, I’d venture to say MOST of these people will never even use it to 10% of it’s full potential. 

Often times with these tools (Keyword Country for example), you get far too many selections/options and it’s all bundled up in a way that makes it difficult to find your real goal:

  • Your keyword’s popularity (how many times it’s searched for)
  • It’s true competition.

I don’t know about you, but when I look for keywords, that’s all I’m really interested in. To filter out how I want it to show through many different options just makes the whole process annoying and makes me worry that I am doing something wrong. Complex = bad. 

How Jaaxy makes up for this: 

Jaaxy does have pretty much every feature most of the other KW tools on the market have, but it’s not all bundled up and it’s much easier to navigate and understand the whole system.

All you do is enter your keyword and it tells you the exact competition and how many people look for it. There’s no need to filter anything out. You are given the best accuracy right off the bat. If you want to go further and see things like:

  • Insights on your competition.
  • Where you could capitalize on ranking on your keyword.
  • Seeing hot trends.
  • Seeing if domains are available.
  • Seeing if there’s affiliate programs available.
  • And more…

You could do that with Jaaxy as well, but in most scenarios, you won’t even need to worry about this. Long story short, Jaaxy is VERY simple to use. See for yourself. In fact, here is a screenshot (had to downsize pic) of a search I recently did:

jaaxy screenshot

2. They are too pricey:

I’ve seen tools that charge you nearly $100 a month to use them. Frankly, I find this to be TOO much, especially since I know that I’ll never use that tool to it’s full potential (or figure out how to…).

How Jaaxy makes up for this:

Jaaxy currently provides people with 30 free searches before it offers an upgrade for either $20/month or $60/month. Personally I find the $60 too much and use the $20 feature. It fits me perfectly. At the very least, I’d recommend trying the 30 searches and seeing how you like it. They don’t ask you for a CC or any personal info.

3. Many KW tools have outdated metrics:

Places like Market Samurai do not provide the most up to date #’s on search volumes and competition. The world of keywords is constantly changing. Trends are rising/falling and with that, you have people looking for things in a different manner.

I’ve seen way too many tools out there that simply do not show you:

  • Accurate search volumes.
  • Accurate competition #’s.

And since those numbers are really the most important, you need a tool that provides accurate results.

How Jaaxy makes up for this:

It’s as accurate as can be, period, especially with it’s competition numbers because it takes it STRAIGHT out of Google. How much more accuracy do you need? 

4. Not mobile friendly:

Rarely will anyone ever have to use their mobile phone to look for keywords, but I’ve had scenarios where I was in social gatherings and was asked/consulted about some online business ideas

How Jaaxy makes up for this:

It’s completely mobile friendly. With no laptop/computer/tablet present, I simply took out my phone and logged into Jaaxy and showed people how potentially successful their ideas could be. Or maybe I have a KW/niche idea pop into my head and have no way of checking it so I can use the mobile option to find out if it’s good before I forget.

So while doing research on your mobile phone is rare and really optional, just having it there makes life a lot easier.

5. The truth behind keywords & the tools we use:

When you become good enough at finding profitable keywords, you will understand that keyword tools are really optional to use and that in reality, your imagination is the BEST keyword tool possible. However, the tools come into play when you need to: 

  • Find out how many people look for your keyword/s. 
  • What the real competition numbers are.
  • Giving you additional ideas. 
  • If you’re new to online business and need help getting started.

You really don’t need the fanciest, most expensive tool out there to get GREAT results. In my experience these things actually end up doing quite the opposite. With Jaaxy, I have seen some incredible results through maximum simplicity. Here is a case study and this has happened on more than one occasion.

While everything I write here is my opinion, that opinion is based on many years of trial-and-error research, testing out different tools and learning from success & failure and what I can say is that in this business, simplicity is key and in my honest opinion Jaaxy is the best tool out there. See Jaaxy in action.



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