Affiliate Blogger Pro Review. What It’s Missing

affiliate blogger pro review

Affiliate Blogger Pro has it’s pros, but it also has missing pieces that don’t make it recommendable. This review explains what they are.

Quick Report on Affiliate Blogger Pro:

Name: Affiliate Blogger Pro by Rosalind Gardner.

Price: $27/month.

Final Rating: 4 out of 10 stars (yellow flag)

Affiliate Blogger Pro explained:

A program designed to teach you how to do affiliate marketing and become successful within it. Affiliate Blogger Pro also known as Rosalind Gardner’s Academy has been around for several years and I’d like to say right off the bat that I do like it for a number of reasons: 

  • It’s pretty upfront. 
  • There are no up-sells once you join it. This means no hidden charges after you join.
  • The training is general, but simple to understand. 
  • There is a lot of training that’s composed of tutorials and videos.
  • There is also a small, but ok community.

Rosalind Gardner comes off as a pretty genuine individual and what I do like is that when I visited her sale’s page, there wasn’t much hype. She just straight up said what her site is about and when offering testimonials, didn’t show some fake checks for millions, but rather a few hundred. I like this since it demonstrates reality (not to say you can’t make millions doing online marketing).

Inside the Affiliate Blogger Pro program:

There are 10 training modules within the member’s area. These training modules all include video and training tutorials. Most of what is covered revolves around things like:

  • How to find a niche. See 50 niches here.
  • How to make a blog.
  • How to find products to sell on the blog.
  • How to get visitors to your blog so that you can make money.

When you divide it up individually, you’re going to have about 200 tutorials and around 100 videos of training at your disposal. This is definitely a lot of content to digest, especially if you’re new to online marketing and while the likelihood of information overload will likely happen, if you take your time and go through the modules, you’ll be able to put into action what is taught and that’s really what the most important thing is.

Can you make a lot of money doing what is taught there?

In essence yes, but this is not an overnight success story. Building a blog involves doing things like:

  • Finding your niche.
  • Purchasing a website & hosting (here’s a way to get both for free).
  • Building up the website with content and other important components that determine if/if not you will succeed.

It is these components that will lead to success down the line. But this process can take weeks if not months before you start to see the fruits of your labor. It’s not just putting up a blog, slapping on some words and bam the money comes in. This is not how it works anymore and don’t listen to anyone who tells you otherwise. 

This is a process. By building a blog that is meant to earn you money, you are in essence building an online business and like with any business out there, success builds up meaning the work you put in now pays off later.

Why I gave it 4 stars (yellow flag).

Whenever I do reviews, a yellow flag indicates caution. Why after all the praise that I’ve given Affiliate Blogger Pro did I give it such a score? Here are my reasons:

1) The information is good, but you can literally get a lot of it for free.

I’m not even kidding. Affiliate marketing isn’t exactly rocket science and while there many places which charge to teach you it (like this program), you can get a lot of the info for free and that info is enough to get you started. If you don’t believe me, here is my personal tutorial on affiliate marketing that will help you begin with this business.

2) There is a lot of information to digest an it could have done a better job of organizing things.

People who are new to internet marketing just need a step-by-step approach on what to do. Affiliate Blogger Pro does this, but not to a point where there’s an easy flow, meaning you might get lost as you go through the training.

3) Unless affiliate marketing is all you’re interested in.

There are many more ways to succeed within the business of internet marketing and this place really focuses on 1 aspect of it. 

4) The community is rather small.

This means not many people may be available to answer your question/s. Support is paramount to success online. You can & will have questions when you get into this business. I’ve been in it for nearly 9 years and I still ask questions.

Having a place which offers you 24-7 support is necessary to help you keep moving forward when questions/problems arise and I just don’t feel like you’ll get the proper support with Affiliate Blogger Pro. However, places like Wealthy Affiliate do offer this as well as training I consider far superior to Affiliate Blogger Pro.


  • Good overall product.
  • A lot of training & content to digest.
  • No hype about this program. 
  • No up-sells!
  • Geared towards beginners.


  • Some of the training is a bit outdated.
  • Small community.
  • A bit too simplistic in it’s training (leaving out some important details).
  • You can get much of the same info for free on other sites (like this one).

Final Rating: Affiliate Blogger Pro

4 stars

Yellow Flag (Caution)

4 out of 10 stars. Decent program, but I can’t give it that green light. See Wealthy Affiliate, my top recommendation that provides all you need to get started & succeed online.

My final thoughts:

I believe this program was released in 2009 (correct me if I am wrong). During that time, affiliate marketing was much more different than it is now.

Affiliate Blogger Pro has done a good job in adapting to the changes that has come since then, but I still believe there’s better alternatives to learning affiliate marketing, among other online marketing related subjects.

I do like that Rosalind Gardner isn’t one of those marketers who hypes themselves up or gives you false promises. She is very genuine and I respect that. But at the same time, would I recommend this program?

If it weren’t for the better alternative, I’d say yes. In fact you can very well try this program out and see how it works out for you. All you’d be investing is $27 (monthly), but I still say you should try Wealthy Affiliate since that place costs nothing to join.

If you have a personal review you’d like to share about Affiliate Blogger Pro, I’d love to hear it!

2 thoughts on “Affiliate Blogger Pro Review. What It’s Missing”

  1. I honestly think Affiliate Blogger Pro is a pretty good program. It didn’t create those hypes and unrealistic promises like many other programs are doing. It’s price is very reasonable. There’s no upsells as well. But it’s very wasted that Rosalind didn’t keep the program updated to withstand the test of time. Thanks for this great review!

    • Hi Jerry, I think you pretty much said the same thing I did about Rosalind not updating her book. Why would anyone then wish to purchase something that won’t work for them today? That’s ultimately the reason why Affiliate Blogger Pro isn’t recommended.

      The bottom line is, in this market, people need information that works at a present time, otherwise they are going to be wasting their time. I constantly recommend Wealthy Affiliate because it is one of the only programs that always updates to reflect modern day SEO methods and strategies to build a business.


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