PPC Tsunami Review. An Unbiased Look From an Experienced Eye

PPC Tsunami review

I am an expert PPC marketer so I looked into PPC Tsunami with an experienced eye on the subject and in this review will give you my position on this program.

Quick Report on PPC Tsunami:

Creator: Paul Lynch.

Price: $97

Overall Rating: 3 out of 10 stars (yellow flag)

Overall, I do not recommend this because there are far better sources of knowledge out there on PPC, and I’ll show you some of my personal blog posts on this subject to help you succeed in it (they are free, so you can save yourself the $97).

PPC Tsunami explained:

It’s mobile PPC. That’s what you’re not told about on the main page. It’s in my opinion disingenuous to do that, but on the flip side, the potential to make money through mobile marketing is possible, though very limited.

What happens in this program is that once you buy it, you get access to it’s network where you can then tell them where to send traffic and pay very little for each click. Or as they show it on their sales page:

PPC Tsunami how it works screenshot

Technically is it as simple as they say, though the idea of paying for access to then do PPC marketing is something I am against. You can do this kind of stuff on your own through mainstream networks already. 

Can Mobile PPC marketing really work?

Yes it can. I’ve been in online marketing for years and a large chunk of my success has come from doing PPC. However one important thing to note is that I have never done mobile marketing nor have I been suggested it and the main reason is that the reputation of mobile marketing isn’t that great to begin with. 

Conversion rates are usually much lower than if it’s a regular PPC ad and someone on their home computer or laptop clicks through. One of the major reasons why mobile marketing isn’t very popular is because most people simply do not buy through their phones and the convenience factor plays a major role:

  • Not being able to navigate the site well.
  • Not convenient to purchase.
  • Most people who look at sites on their mobile phone usually don’t stick around often.

As a result, people who do mobile PPC from what I’ve seen recommend sending mobile traffic to opt-in pages (pages where you enter your email) and then keeping in touch with the leads through their emails to build trust & a reputation. This approach to mobile marketing is likely to see better rewards.

But if you’re going to do mobile PPC, you can expect to:

  • Pay very little.
  • Get a lot of visitors to your site.
  • The conversion rate to be pretty low.

The “good news” however is that in spite of these cons, if you can promote/sell something that pays you a decent amount, then you can pretty easily break even or profit from your mobile marketing campaigns. Here’s an example:

If I get 1,000 visits to my site via mobile traffic and on the site I am asking people to sign up for some kind of newsletter, in good instances, I might get about 100-200 sign ups.

Note: Here is a free guide on how to build an email list, and I do also suggest you read this post on why the money is not in the list so you understand that email marketing can be overrated and tough.

For each click, I’ll pay $0.001, which means my total spend is $10. Then if I sell those leads something, even if 1 person buys and I get a commission for $20, it’s still a $10 profit. Not bad, if you multiply that by more sales.

This isn’t always guaranteed so if you’re going to run a mobile campaign, one other thing I can tell you about PPC Tsunami is that tips will be provided to help you convert more visitors into leads and ultimately sales, BUT as someone whose been in the business of traditional PPC, I can tell you that no matter how full proof your formula for success is, PPC is always a gamble.

Furthermore, I’d recommend you check out an affiliate marketing guide to pay per click here as it will help you make sure you pay less and potentially earn more. This way you don’t have to fork over the $97. 

When I say I’ve experienced success in PPC, I mean it. Here is a six figure case study so I know what I’m talking about. 


  • Mobile marketing is very cheap.
  • There is potential to make money through it.


  • Mobile marketing generally has a low conversion rate.
  • I don’t believe you should pay $97 to gain access to a system when you have free networks available.
  • PPC marketing, whether traditional/mobile is not recommended for newbies or those who are on a tight budget.

Final Rating: PPC Tsunami

3 stars

Yellow Light (Caution)

3 out of 10 stars. Yes it’s a decent guide, but I feel the information can be attained elsewhere and the methods can be utilized elsewhere without having to pay $97. And if you’re looking for a realistic way to succeed online (PPC included), here is my #1 recommendation and that is Wealthy Affiliate.

My final thoughts:

If you’re going to do mobile marketing, I recommend a few things:

  • Make an opt-in page an make it easy to sign up. Usually general landing/sales pages don’t convert as well.
  • Make sure you have money to spend. Yes mobile marketing is cheap, but it still will cost you money.
  • Don’t do it if you’re a beginner to online marketing. You’re much better off starting here with Wealthy Affiliate.

As for PPC Tsunami, the name is fancy and you can indeed get a “tsunami” of traffic, but a lot of traffic doesn’t equal a lot of money, at least not in the mobile PPC campaign, not until there’s apps that can have people purchasing through their phones effortlessly and it becomes mainstream to do so.

Plus, again the whole issue with paying $97. I’m not cool with that. You’re better off in my opinion utilizing the methods & tutorials I recommended above and using more mainstream networks to do mobile marketing, if that’s your preference of course.

So overall I cannot recommend the PPC Tsunami guide on those grounds. It certainly does have potential, but more so due to the whole mobile marketing industry and not because you find out some “super, amazing” secrets from the guide. Just use what I recommended and you should see results. And if you’re new, I don’t recommend PPC of any kind (for now). Get an idea of how online marketing works in the place I suggested before moving into the PPC world. 

If you have a personal review of the PPC Tsunami you’d like to share, I’d love to hear it!

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