Is Home Job Group a Scam? Read This Review on it

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Home Job Group is not what you think. I’m going to explain why you need to be careful with this site.

Quick Report on Home Job Group:

Name: Home Job Group.

Price: $14.95/month, $49.95, $99.95.

Final Rating: 3 out of 10 stars (yellow flag aka caution)

One of my recent commentators asked my thoughts on Home Job Group and if it’s a scam. I’ve personally looked into it and while I really can’t say whether or not it is, I can tell you that I will not be joining nor recommend it and it’s because of a few experiments I did that arose my suspicions. 

Home Job Group explained:

It’s a middleman type program which supposedly connects those looking for jobs from home with companies who are looking to hire those people. For a fee or anywhere from $14.95/month-$99.95 (one-time), you can get access to companies who may be willing to hire you which can help earn you money. How much you can make varies upon the job itself, the position you’re undertaking and supposedly your past work history and education. 

One thing that is VERY important to note is that Home Job Group does NOT guarantee you’ll get the job you want or one at all. What they do is give you access to listings of places that are offering them. Whether or not the job in question will hire you is up in the air and totally up to the company.

The one thing I liked about Home Job Group:

Home Job Group is associated with Clickbank, a company which has a good reputation in the refund department, among other places. Having personally worked with Clickbank and promoted some of their other products (my stats), I can tell you that if you decide to join Home Job Group and don’t like it, you can request a refund and it will be handled very quickly. 

On the flip side however, Clickbank unfortunately has a lot of low quality products on it’s network, some of which are downright scams. Even though they don’t monitor every single product that’s associated with them, the fact that refunds are not an issue is one reason to breath a sigh of relief. 

4 reasons I can’t recommend Home Job Group:

1) The site overall does not strike me as legitimate. It seems far too simple and I know that sounds like crazy reasoning but the issue is that simple sites with not enough info on the “jobs” they give you is not a good sign in my opinion.

2) The fact that you have to pay to gain access to these companies is something I am against. There are plenty of places online in which you can check out potential work from home jobs that are legitimate (, to name a few).

I’ve had bad experiences in the past with programs that promise to show you high paying companies, but only after you purchase a membership. It kind of reminds of paid online survey programs, some of which also charge you to let you get access to “their” system and show you which places will pay you.

I did try Online Surveys and my overall experience was bad. While Home Job Group & Paid Online Surveys are not the same, the fact they have similar marketing type methods “Pay us so we can connect you with places that will pay” is something I learned is not a good idea.

3) The registration is shady in my opinion. Here’s one of the biggest red flags in my eyes:

I tried signing up under 2 different emails and listing 2 different countries (US & Canada). In both scenarios, when I did this, I was shown the SAME exact number of positions available (26). I believe this number if supposed to appear by default and it’s designed to get you to buy membership right away (or else they’ll vanish soon). 

I’ve experienced this kind of marketing from true scam programs like Work at Home University (not really a university). I can’t say whether or not this means Home Job Group is a scam, but the marketing tactic is as I said earlier, shady and flat out disingenuous in my opinion.

Furthermore, after I continued on to try and register, I was taken through a sign up form which wasn’t intrusive. I had to fill in some basic information (No CC, no address), basically work experience, my education level, ect…

To some this may seem like a good thing since it’s not intrusive, but remember, you will have to pay for a membership so you will have to provide some billing info, but at the same time, the information that is asked is too simplistic in my mind which makes me wonder which company would ever consider hiring someone who doesn’t provide them with detailed information. Of course this could be sheer speculation, but if I were an employer and I received a resume from one of the members of Home Job Group, I wouldn’t 

4) I do not believe they have as many members as they claim. From what I’ve analyzed, Home Job Group does not get searched for often each month (around 200 searches a month as shown by Jaaxy) so when I see them posting membership numbers like this (below), I become even more skeptical:

home job group premium membershipPros:

  • It’s associated with Clickbank so you could get a refund worst case scenario.


  • Job placement is not guaranteed.
  • You need to pay to gain access to the members area and explore companies looking to hire.
  • The registration is too simplistic and not serious in my opinion.

Final Rating: Home Job Group

3 stars

Yellow Flag (Use caution)

3 out of 10 stars. You can try it to see how it works and if need be get a refund, but I don’t have much faith in programs like these and just can’t give them my thumbs up. If you’re looking to work from home, here is my #1 recommendation which is Wealthy Affiliate.

My final thoughts:

If you’re truly in need of a job from home and can’t find in other places which show you these listings for free, at the very least you can sign up with their most basic membership ($14.95/month) and see how it works out for you. Like I said before, if it doesn’t work out, you can get a refund since Clickbank has a good reputation in that department. 

But other than that, I would always make sure to extensively explore every company you’re interested in trying. If you have any experience with Home Job Group or have questions on other places you’ve found but aren’t sure if they’re legitimate/scams, let me know!

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  1. Hello, thank you for the review. please can you help me with some online home jobs that I can do as a student and get paid, I am very hardworking and I want to make some extra money.

    Thank you.

  2. Thanks so much for reviewing the site, and sharing your opinion and review process with us. This is very helpful. 😀 I also tried signing up using 2 emails & for 2 different posts, and there were also 26 positions available! Imagine that!


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