Yobsn Review. What it is And Breaking Down Truth From Hype

yobsn review

There are a lot of inflated reviews of YOBSN out there, and this isn’t one of them. I am not promoting it, nor do I intend to, but I will give you an unbiased review of it.

Quick Report on YOBSN:

Price: Free, $30/month, $125-$400 (one time)

Overall Rating: 3 stars out of 10

I don’t advise it, but it has potential.

Let me just get this out of the way before we get to the review of YOBSN:

YOBSN was one of the most annoying programs for me to figure out.

In spite of the sales pitches about how simple it is, it’s much more different when you dive into it as it’s quite a complicated system to dissect. Therefore in order to truly understand what it is and how it works, I decided to join up as a free member. 

I’m going to be providing you with an unbiased review of this program. I do want to point out that what I write here is my opinion and I may be inaccurate on certain positions/understandings of how this system works.

If that is the case, do correct me. That being said, I think you’ll find my assessment of YOBSN to be quite accurate.

yobsn alternative

YOBSN in a nutshell:

Firstly, it stands for:

  • Your.
  • Own.
  • Branded.
  • Social.
  • Network.

The site is designed to try and substitute what people generally do online (play video games, watch videos, try to win prizes, browse the web, ect…) to instead do it “all” through the YOBSN site. Basically an all in one place for all your internet needs, at least that’s how I see it.

Now the question that arises is why would anyone want to do that through YOBSN when they can do it elsewhere (Google, YouTube, ect…)? And the answer is the incentive program they provide. This is where it gets “interesting”.

How people can make money with YOBSN:

If you can get a person/s to join YOBSN through you, you can earn what they call Social Points (SP) and rewards in monetary value for those people doing things through YOBSN which is basically using it for all the mundane things I mentioned above.

So each time you get someone to join this place and they start using it’s services, you can get paid a percentage of what they do there. This is where you hear pitches about you making money for your referrals just browsing the web. And technically it is possible, but the amount you make from what I saw isn’t really that huge. 

However, there is also an additional add-on to the program which works in an MLM type format that I first discovered from it’s partner company Smart Media Technologies. Basically you can become what’s known as “YOBSN owner” in which you purchase a package of theirs, get marketing materials to promote YOBSN to others.

The cost of this ranges from $125-$400. I also read somewhere they might be a $30 monthly fee to help you “manage” your referrals.

For each person you refer who then also purchases a one of those expensive packages too and/or uses the site itself, you get paid. For every referral, your referrals get, you also earn a commission from that and this continues on and on (considering you keep getting referrals and your referrals as well the referrals they bring in keep getting other referrals. I hope that wasn’t confusing…).

I did talk about this opportunity and how practical it was to make money with it. Long story short, I didn’t find it that lucrative nor appealing and wouldn’t recommend it. You can find a complete reason for this on my review of Smart Media Technologies which for the record explains the whole YOBSN compensation plan.

Inside YOBSN’s members area:

While it is true that you can sign up for free without providing any sensitive information, I found the site to be confusing to navigate through. I’ll get to the details in a moment, but here is a screenshot of the members area:

YOBSN members area

There is obviously a lot to digest and I was certainly confused when I first entered. But after looking it over for quite some time, things started to come together, so let me explain what you need to know:

There are many different daily/weekly/monthly prizes being offered. Some are tangible products, while others are points and money. You can enter in to these “contests” and earn SP’s (social points).

You can also do things like play games on the site and take a look at tons of tutorials ranging on MANY different subjects. You can also earn SP’s for referring people (as far as I know) or just using YOBSN’s services often.

You can then redeem these points for money, among other things. This is where I was disappointed because a lot of what you could redeem the points for was books on marketing and other subjects It looked like PLR content. Here is a screenshot:

yobsn rewards store

Notice how much those some of those books cost in SP points. And I am 99% certain this is PLR content which often times is outdated and useless in today’s internet marketing world. Basically purchases I wouldn’t make.

Then there’s also information on various other topics from what they call their “Smart Library” that I felt was a bit “out of place”. YOBSN also has information and videos on things like:

  • University subjects and tutorials. We’re talking calculus, algebra, graphing and more. there’s videos and tutorials.
  • Tutorials on using paid ads on places like Facebook. The information was very general from what I saw.
  • Tutorials on using Windows 7, Vista, Gmail, WordPress, Chrome, Skype, PowerPoint and MANY more programs/services.

I could keep going but the subjects are all across the board. It almost seemed to me like YOBSN tried to get as much content from anywhere they could and just clumped it all together on the site. In my personal opinion, I feel this confuses the user experience much more than it helps it. 

If I want training on how to use a program/system or need help on a subject, I’ll stick to Google or other resources. 


  • It’s free to join, although from what I saw, user experience is limited.
  • There is potential to make money with this program.


  • The site overall seems disorganized in my opinion and difficult to navigate through.
  • Difficult to make money with this system when there are easier alternatives available (Google, YouTube, ect…)
  • Doesn’t seem to make sense to pay for a membership when you can do all of the things that site provides, for free…
  • The MLM referral type program they have is something I am not a fan off and feel it isn’t very practical to succeed with.
  • I didn’t see any option to pay for the program via Paypal, which in my book is a red flag.

Final Rating: YOBSN

3 stars

Yellow Flag (Caution)

3 out of 10 stars. I won’t be using it, nor recommending it, but I feel it has potential, even though there are much better alternatives available to earn money online from. This is my #1 recommendation: Wealthy Affiliate.

Final thoughts and putting it altogether:

If someone were to ask me to summarize YOBSN, the best explanation I could give based on personal opinion/assessment is that: It’s a site which tries to get people to pay to do things they would normally do for free on the internet and earn points to buy things that they could probably get for free or much less.

Seriously, am I the only one who thinks this?

And as insane as that sounds, it works because there is a referral program which gives people incentives to join it and make money referring others into it. But even in spite of that I just can’t recommend this program because the things it tries to do are just not worth it. It’s providing services/games you can get for FREE by just doing simple searches online. 

Is YOBSN a pyramid/Ponzi Scheme?

All these sales pitches about everyone making easy money regardless of experience is VERY questionable to me. Not once in my experience in making money online have I ever found a program which actually backs up those claims. And usually the programs which claim those hyped things turn out to be scams, pyramid or ponzi schemes. 

If you’re thinking about joining YOBSN for the money, I personally wouldn’t recommend it. There are much better alternatives like Wealthy Affiliate as far as I’m concerned.

In the case of YOBSN, if my assessment is accurate and there’s really not much of a product that exists (PLR content/things you can do/get for free), it costs money to make good money with this program, Paypal from what I’ve seen isn’t offered as a payment option and the referral system is bringing in tons of people who then also have to pay, this might give rise to pyramid scheme/ponzi scheme accusations. I’m not certain about this so I won’t make a judgment, but I will be staying away and seeing how the site develops.

Giving it the benefit of the doubt?

It is very possible that YOBSN is still in it’s early stages of development and is trying to improve it’s services/system. I did stumble onto some pages which were under construction. For their sake, I hope they fix things up because the current navigation and the offers they provide aren’t things I’d personally bother trying and if others feel the same way, I doubt they’d remain members of that place for long.

If you tried YOBSN, agree/disagree with my opinion of it, do let me know! 

14 thoughts on “Yobsn Review. What it is And Breaking Down Truth From Hype”

  1. Its obvious that what you are doing here is generating traffic to your page by “reviewing” online opportunities that others are researching and giving it a somewhat okay review to pretend to be unbiased and genuine only to promote your preferred program (Wealthy Affiliates) for which you are an affiliate and earn a commission for signups.

    Now don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with that and a brilliant affiliate marketing strategy I must admit. One that I will consider implementing myself and even a reason for me to sign up for Wealthy Affiliates if that is a strategy they teach.

    But the truth of the matter is that this “review” are hurting other brands Like YOBSN and the other “reviewed” opportunities and readers of this review should be aware of that. You should always ask yourself what the intention of an article/review/blog entry or whatever the case might be before accepting the opinion of the author as the ultimate truth. Here the intention is to generate traffic via search engines from people searching for YOBSN reviews. The author then earns the trust of the reader by giving it a seemingly unbiased and truthful review and then directs them to sign up to Wealthy Affiliates for which the author is an affiliate. AGAIN – Nothing wrong with that and a brilliant strategy. But just don’t be that ignorant and form your opinion on YOBSN or other opportunities discussed here based on this review for reasons pointed out above.

    • The problem here is that you are assuming that I am running this “strategy” for malicious reasons and the malicious part is the ignorance. I want to tell you that this isn’t true Andre. I understand that my words can have a good and bad impact on programs which is why I choose what I say very carefully.

      If it’s truly bad, I say it is. If it’s average like YOSBN, I say it. If it’s good, I’ll say it too and if you check all of my reviews, you will notice they are all different because I take the time to study each of them.

      The strategy here isn’t to say so and so is bad without evidence. I am not one of those people. The strategy here is to provide an experienced opinion (mine own) on programs. I hope you also noticed that VERY often I provide tons of free reading resources to help people and it doesn’t make me anything.

      The fact is, many people want to know about programs before they get them and if they find my review, I do my best to give them all sides of the program to help them understand it. And I do spend and lose a lot of money when I review programs.

  2. First of all you really shouldn’t be commenting or writing about an opportunity that you know nothing about, second you joined as a Free Member just like you probably join gmail, or joining Facebook or some other Free service and you have no vested interest in either one nor is it an option, when was the last time you got a check from Google or Facebook from their Free services? I am a Platinum Founding Member and LMB 3 YOBSN Leader/Owner with Owners and Yobbies worldwide. I don’t know when you’ve logged in to YOBSN last and used the system but just looking at the screen shot above and the template that Owner has chosen you didn’t even take the time to set it up correctly and thus you are not able to use a lot of the features available to you like Smart Mail, Smart Chirp and the Chat System and more. I guarantee you that there is nothing else like this on the planet, there’s a reason why this has never been done and I don’t expect people to get it with their first experience it can be overwhelming for some but once they get it there is nothing else that makes more sense!

    Now since I’ve called you out you can go join my YOBSN for Free using a different email at *erased link* and check out my YOBSN Portal and then if you can show me a more valuable Free membership I will join it, I will delete your YOBSN membership and then I’ll send you $1,000. So let me see you put your money where your mouth is, you can call me at *erased #* and let me know what that Free membership is you want to compare to YOBSN and oh by the way Smart Media Technologies is the creator of YOBSN and is based in Nevada (the incorporation certificates are there on the site for you to review, what company does that!) and when we’re done let me know where to send your check or what Paypal email address you want me to send it to but then again you can always do nothing and if you can still live with yourself and publish this site more power to you, let’s do this Vitaliy I’m waiting for your call!!


    • No need to bet me anything Brian or make the claim you’ll give me a $1,000. You want a better program? Wealthy Affiliate is the better program. I base my opinion on programs like YOBSN on my the many years I’ve done business so while you definitely understand this particular program better than I do, I feel an overwhelming majority of people who join it will not and a business model like theirs is not the ideal model I would chase or recommend. I am for people making a business based on their passion and I don’t see this going on with YOBSN.

  3. I do appreciate your opinion of the YOBSN games and business opportunity. I have been trying to research this company for actual personal experience from end users without the hype. I am not invested in the program nor have I tried any of the games. Before I plunk down any money as an investor for this business opportunity, I wanted to get the real sense of YOBSN without the sales pitches. Thanks for your thoughts.

  4. Vitaliy,
    Thank you for your assessment. I believe that when you first wrote this article your assessment MAY have been on point. I have recently begun my own assessment of the YOSBN experience and have purchased the basic package. I believe this is a great social marketing tool for my business and I am hoping that it will take off. They have made so many improvements recently and are developing new things to incorporate every day. The new Android app for video conferencing is exceptional and available to the free members as well. The chat feature they have added brings a great personal touch and my ability to splash my blog and/or my website right into the home page is a great touch. Like any business that is growing there are still areas that may need some tweeking, but they listen to their users and are constantly working to improve upon the experience. If you are looking for this to be your sole source of income then maybe it isn’t the right product for you, at least not yet. But, I believe they are onto something here and may have just cracked into a new social networking arena. Here is a link so you can see how my page looks: (removed) and maybe you’ll give YOSBN another try. Hopefully you will go out to google play and download the YOBSN mobile video conference app, the YOBSN Mobile Avatar Creator, the YOSBN Mobile app, and try one of the games such as Ultra Spaceball.

    • Hi Rebecca, I appreciate the feedback but I had to remove your page. I do believe YOBSN is making improvements and I’m glad that they are listening to their users. I have no problem re-reviewing their program, but at this time, I still have yet to see there being a great opportunity to make money with it.

      It’s not out of the question that they may indeed become very big in which case I wouldn’t mind stepping in and maybe even getting involved, but I would also not count on them if you’re looking to have an online business. Maybe it’s just we have different viewpoints, but I believe learning online marketing the way I was taught is a much better and more open ended solution.

      If things really do go well for you and I hope they do, please let me know. All the best!

    • hi joshua, have u invest RM1500 in yobsn? my freind was joned yobsn 2 days ago and bought professional package for RM2250..my question is, can he really make money by using yobsn?

      • I’m hoping Joshua can reply to your question Zayn, but I’d like to add my point of view. I don’t believe your friend will do well with YOBSN unless he has the type of training necessary to succeed and even at that, I believe there’s much better ways to make money than through YOBSN.

  5. Some good constructive criticism, but did you know that there are now FOUR YOBSN games in the google play store and 3 in the Apple iStore? YOBSN Mobile is now also in the Google store. You don’t seem to even know about the YOBSN games in this report, nor the mobile platform. I am afraid your analysis is a bit outdated now and the company has come a loooong way since this report.

    • The games and mobile platform aren’t the main focus of my article Andrew. The main focus is to explain whether or not you can make good money with YOBSN and I really don’t believe it is going to happen anytime soon, unless you try and refer people into it so then the question becomes, why would they want to do it? For the games? For the mobile option? They can do that without this company.

      The only reason I see people would want to join YOBSN if they wanted to try and refer others into it and that’s where I draw the line. And how popular are these games anyway? Because if they aren’t, I doubt people will download them and if they are, then that’s fine, but again, on the question of making money with this program, I don’t believe it’ll be a lot, nor is it worth it.

      They still have a long way to go…

  6. Difficult to make money with this system when there are easier alternatives available (Google, YouTube, ect…)

    for ur above statement can u explain how u can make money using google or youtube explain me plz

    • There are a lot of ways to make money with these places and one particular way is to create a niche website and add content related to your niche on the site. Overtime, the process of content creation will rank your site on search engines and get you visitors who can purchase what you offer them on your site.

      I know this may sound confusing, but it’s actually quite simple and I recommend getting started on this page as it will better help you understand the process 🙂


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