5 Profitable Niches You’d Never Guess Could Make Money!

One of the best recommendations you could possibly get for starting a successful online business is to find a niche you like. However there are many people who do just that and wonder if there is profit potential in their choice. The answer in 9 out of 10 cases is yes! 

In this post, I’d like to address 5 profitable niches from a list I’ll be providing you. We’ll stay away from the obvious ones like health, wealth & love (and their related niches) since they are popular and stick to ones that aren’t exactly mainstream.

5 Profitable Niches You'd Never Guess Could Make Money

Before we do that, I’d just like to point out a few very important things:

A) There are MUCH more than just 5 profitable yet non-mainstream niches out there. I just want to show you the potential behind everyone of them and how to look at it from a different point of view if you believe your chosen niche isn’t profitable.

B) Even in situations where your niche doesn’t have products/services it can sell, there’s always the option to place ads on your site from private advertisers or other places and generate revenue each time someone clicks on the ads OR charge a fixed price to have an ad/s show on your site. 

C) In every scenario, in order to have an online business going that makes money, we need the niche, a website, keywords and traffic. For this list we’re going over, we’ve got the niche and website covered. 

Niche #1: Dance Recitals

If you like to dance, this niche is something you may want to consider. Since I’ve never had experience with this niche, I’m going on basic experience I have in niche research. I assume those interested in dance recitals may want to make a website which helps people with the subject, so they can do one of two things:

A) Make videos on how to do dance recitals and/or make tutorials on them dancing so people can follow along.

B) Help people connect with dance recital companies/people and earn a commission in the process.

Because I know next  to nothing about this subject, I decided to do a keyword search on Jaaxy for this niche and I must say, I was very surprised at my results! It gave me tons of ideas to work with if I decided to work on this niche. Take a look:

niche 1 keywords

What started off as 2 ideas quickly turned into a dozen. Take a look at all the searches people do online for keywords related to dance recitals! And so many of them are low competition keywords too (green circles). If you make a website which appears very high on the search engines for many of these keywords, you’re looking at potentially 1,000’s of visitors coming to the site monthly.

Making money through this process: You could sell costumes, videos, hair, gift ideas, ect…

I’m certain there are tons of affiliate programs which you could associate yourself with that will pay you a commission to sell these products for them. I have to say, I didn’t think this niche was this popular, but I guess you learn something new everyday!

Niche #2: Electric Kettles.

Another niche I didn’t think was popular. I’m not very keen on kettles, let alone electric ones, but a keyword search revealed that I was wrong yet again. This niche has 10,000’s of searches monthly and not just for kettles in general, but specific ones. I found some special models were being sought after.

If you possess experience with this niche, I would strongly recommend it. You can easily review top of the line electric kettles and find affiliate programs from which you can sell them. 

Niche #3: Irish Step Dancing.

When looking at the list above, this was one which I noticed almost immediately. I had absolutely NO idea what this was about, but yet again, it’s another example of a seemingly unprofitable niche being profitable. This is actually a micro niche and these can be very profitable goldmines!

Keyword searches of this niche revolve around the 1,000’s monthly and I’m fairly certain there’s special shoes, music (CDs) and special training for the dance you could sell to this niche audience. 

Niche #4: Home Schooling.

Here’s a topic I have some experience with, at least compared to the other niches I’ve just listed. Keyword researched revealed 10,000’s of searches monthly with many looking for resources (books, tutorials, guidance, supplies, ect…)

If you are a person who advocates home schooling and/or has experience in it, there is much potential to sell to this niche audience and not just with the resources I just mentioned, but also other related things (personal training videos among other ideas). 

Niche #5: Hydroponics 

If gardening if mainstream, then hydroponics is the non-mainstream version of it. I remember a long time ago I tried promoting under this niche, but fell short because I didn’t possess nearly enough experience to connect with the niche audience interested in it.

Regardless, looking at this niche, it’s absolutely profitable and potentially more so than the other ones I just mentioned. Keyword research on this niche revealed over 100,000 searches a month for the general and related keywords. It’s apparently a VERY hot niche and I doubt it will lose steam anytime soon! Furthermore, I think I might get into it! 

In terms of what to sell: Training videos, how to books on hydroponics, supplies, materials (there are many!) and so much more opportunity. 

I wouldn’t be surprised if a niche like this can bring in 5 figure incomes monthly to those who properly follow through and build a high quality content website focused on this very subject.

Where to go from here (profiting from the niches):

I’d like to say if there’s any niche you think isn’t profitable, mention it below and I’ll take a look. The next thing I want to say is that you should always get into this business via a niche/topic you like. 

I always advocate this route because in the long run, it will be much easier to write material on your website and believe me this pays, literally and metaphorically! 

The last thing I recommend is getting training from my #1 recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate on properly setting up your online business. In spite of the niches I mentioned above and a numberless amount that are profitable, it is important to get proper guidance on how to start, what to do and steps that need to be taken in order to succeed, all of which is there.

In the end, experience has taught me that any niche has profit potential if you just look at it from the right point of view. If you have a passion, you can turn it into an online business and best of all, have fun watching it grow!

Even more profitable niches revealed:

This is an update I decided to add. Basically, as time went on, I discovered even more fantastic niches I wanted to share with you and here is a list of 50 profitable niches you can brainstorm.

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