Penguin Recovery Jeet Review. Is it Really Necessary?

penguin recovery jeet review

You’re likely looking at Penguin Recovery Jeet because Google likely slapped your website and/or your rankings went down. The question is, will this program fix that problem?

The answer is unlikely, but I’ll show you what really will help you get out of the Penguin, Google Penalty box in this review.

Quick Report on Penguin Recovery Jeet:

Price: $33 (Plus potential up-sells)

Overall Rating: 3 out of 10 stars (Not recommended for everyone)

Penguin Recovery Jeet is a new program that aims to help websites suffering from the Google slap recover from it and then hopefully regain their search engine rankings and thus their traffic. Through my research into this program, I believe it is not necessary to have for a number of reasons.

It does what it says it does, but in my experience, such things can be completed on your own. But more on that later.

Penguin Recovery Jeet in a nutshell:

It is an automated software which takes your website, finds all of it’s backlinks attached to it, filters out the good from the bad, then submits a list of the bad ones for Google to disavow allowing your site to then recover in the SERPS.

The basic idea:

To explain exactly what the program is, I have to first give you the prologue:

Every few months, Google releases an update which aims to help clear it’s search engine of websites which use various black hat marketing techniques (such as backlinks, content spinners and even things like Private Blog Networks) to get their sites ranked high. This update is known as Penguin and sites who are caught trying to trick Google through the techniques I just mentioned get slapped/blacklisted. 

This can be absolutely catastrophic for businesses who get caught. Traffic can go down substantially and even be eliminated after a Penguin update. Afterwards, if a site which is caught aims to recover and get back to shape, they must:

Use the Google disavow option which allows them to basically omit bad backlinks. And in order to do that, they must compile a list of backlinks of their site, then find which ones are bad or as Penguin Recovery Jeet calls it, toxic.

The process itself isn’t all that difficult as there are various sites you can use to analyze your site and show you a list of backlinks you have, but when it comes to figuring out which are good/bad, I don’t think there is any program (at least to my knowledge) which tells you that.

This is where Penguin Recovery Jeet comes into play (at least by their own sales pitch). Not only does it analyze and show your site’s backlinks, but it supposedly also helps identify which are good/bad. You can then utilize this information and let Google know you don’t want your site to be associated with the bad backlinks.

Once removed, your site should theoretically (and eventually) return to it’s high positions it once had. 

Do I recommend Penguin Recovery Jeet? Only in rare circumstances: 

The ONLY situation in which I may endorse this software is if you had thousands or more backlinks and simply cannot disavow them manually. For those circumstances, a software like Penguin Recovery Jeet might be useful, but even in those circumstances, I still believe doing it on your own is the best way to go and here are 3 reasons why:

Reason 1: 

If your site has 1,000’s of backlinks or more to begin with, your site is already in terrible shape in terms of SEO. Even if you eliminate the bad backlinks, you’re still looking at a long recovery for your site to see it’s once high rankings. 

Not to mention it’s difficult to figure out which backlinks are good and bad. Everyone has their own understanding of this subject, but you simply can’t trust everything you hear.

Reason 2:

You can seriously do this on your own. And instead of figuring out which backlinks are good/bad, I say disavow them all. Basically purge the entire thing. I am NOT a fan of backlinks to begin with and honestly only endorse this approach to getting quality backlinks to the subject. 

Otherwise, forget this whole “High PR backlinks” because it’s really losing it’s juice. Link building should be natural in that if people like your content and share it, that’s OK in my book. 

I know some SEO people would completely disagree with my extreme point of view here, but because I am not a fan of backlinks, if you’ve already suffered the slap from it, I am not interested in nitpicking which ones are good/bad. I know backlinks for the most part aren’t good and even those which are don’t have the same value they once had so as far as I’m concerned, getting rid of them all, starting fresh and using proper SEO guidelines is the way to go.

Reason 3: 

I know a lot of people who in spite of getting rid of backlinks still won’t see their site recover very well nor quickly and that’s because a lot of them don’t have a lot of high quality content to begin with. So even if you remove all of the backlinks from your site, don’t expect a rapid re-resurgence in your rankings.

Nowadays content is king and if you ever hope to regain your rankings, you need to first eliminate your backlinks and then start adding a lot of high quality content. That is in my opinion the best way to go. 


  • It does what it says it does from what I understand.


  • I feel you can do what this program does on your own.
  • I listed 3 reasons above why I wouldn’t go with this program.

Final Rating: Penguin Recovery Jeet

3 stars

3 out of 10 stars (You can do without it)

Reason for rating: I don’t think it’s necessary for most situations. I say either do it on your or start a fresh site and don’t build any backlinks on it, unless it’s you making videos. If you want a proper approach to SEO which has proven to continue to work no matter how many Penguin updates come and go, this is my #1 recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate.

Final thoughts and one more recommendation:

A year ago, I personally experienced the full extent of a Google slap via the Penguin update. In that instance, I was told I’d get good backlinks and that ended up being false. It goes back to my reasoning above that you can’t trust everything you hear.

The lesson I learned then was that backlinks in general are not something to depend on, especially if you’re buying them from someone. In my case it was through a program called Bring The Fresh. I personally never do any backlinking unless it involves making my own videos and socially sharing my content.

So my advice to you is it you have a website which has suffered the Google slap, you had a lot of backlinks involved with it, to just start a fresh new site and not repeat the same mistakes again.

Even though this is pretty extreme, I believe the amount of time it would take for your new site to get good traffic is probably less than the amount of time it would take for your previously Google slapped site to recover, considering you do all the right things. 

In the end, your best bet to recover if you want to keep your site is: Remove the backlinks and start adding fresh, high quality content and to never ever use any forms of black hat marketing techniques. 

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