Web Crusher Review. Do You Really Need it?

I have an interesting review & take on the new Web Crusher program in that I believe it has good value, but that a majority of people really don’t need it because…

Frankly, without other good ingredients that NEED to be present on your page, this kind of program just won’t be really be that useful to you. Plus you can freely set up many of the things it offers anyway…

Quick review of Web Crusher:

Creator: Rich Williams.web crusher review

Price: Currently $7 and I’m 100% certain there are other up-sells. 

What exactly is it? It’s squeeze pages, templates and other things related that are meant to increase your profits. The idea is that certain squeeze pages and templates are a lot easier to make sales with when people land on them.

And Rich claims the ones you get in his package are proven converters.

So if you have a bad page that’s not making sales or a squeeze page that’s not converting, perhaps one of the templates/squeeze pages inside this program will help improve that (however, I’m going to explain why the problem may be something completely different, and freely fixable!).

My overall rating: 4 out of 10 stars.

It’s a great deal and there’s great value, but I strongly believe most people won’t know how to properly use this.

For example, if you aren’t getting relevant traffic to your site or you’re unfamiliar with list building, then I assure you, the solution to fixing that isn’t fancy looking templates or squeeze pages, it’s improving your online marketing skills and in my personal opinion, 8 out of 10 people don’t really need this program.

Bottom line: If you’re having problems monetizing your website, this isn’t going to fix, you just can’t decorate your way into profits, you need to fix your sales funnel first. 

Do I recommend this program? Not really. Most people won’t know how to use it right and those who do can just make their own templates, use free ones or make their own converting squeeze pages, again all for free…

What do I recommend? You need online marketing training that helps you align and set up your site, traffic and sales funnels so it sells and that doesn’t require fancy looking templates, believe me. Therefore…

Web Crusher and the message it’s sending (which I dislike):

If there’s one thing I actually dislike about this program, it’s the message it sends on it’s sales page. Once you land on it, there is a YouTube video that plays which talks about how there’s extremely profitable sites on the internet which are making great money because they have great templates and squeeze pages.

The implication and message is that if you just “copy” these same templates and squeeze pages, and put them on your site, that it will somehow, magically start making you profits.

This is A LITTLE bit true, but it’s actually missing the big picture and if you’re not an experienced online marketer (start here if you aren’t and I’ll show you what to do), you won’t catch it, but because I am an experienced marketer, I’ll explain:

You see, what makes successful, high profit sites actually successful isn’t really their template or their squeeze pages, it’s actually the content on the site itself. The template and squeeze pages are just add on’s to that success.

I promise you, that if you have:

  • A horrible site.
  • No traffic.
  • Irrelevant traffic.
  • No profits.

That even if you slap on the “best” template you can possibly find, and/or a squeeze page, you will see minimal or NO results from this and that’s because the CORE (heart) of your problem isn’t a lack of a good looking template or squeeze page, it’s the website itself. That is what requires fixing and like I said earlier, MOST people have this problem and they think that adding a shiny new accessory to their site will fix the issue (it won’t).

Hold on Vitaliy, surely the way a page looks impacts sales no?

Yes it absolutely does and I will agree that if you have a website that:

  • Has tons of images, and little content.
  • Or an ugly page which is hard to navigate or read through…
  • That it will suffer in conversions.

It is quite honestly way better to have a template that is very open spaced for content production. Take my website and the theme (template) it uses: Genesis.

If you cruise through my site, you’ll see that you can read my content pretty easily and that I have certain boxes, ads and offers set up in a way which don’t really get in the way of your reading. And while my template costs $97, I wouldn’t even recommend getting it if you’re new to this.

Just install a free, simple, but PLAIN looking template that allows you to create content easily and navigate the site easily too. Here’s some examples (and I’ve made good money with these):

You can absolutely get away with having a VERY profitable page with these simple templates installed, so long as the CORE of your page’s success is in tact:

I promise you folks that success with your site comes down to those things, not the attractiveness of the template or squeeze page you use.

What about squeeze pages? Can I buy them or make them on my own?

Another thing that Web Crusher offers is converting squeeze pages. I will also agree that certain squeeze pages will get more opt ins than others, but at the very same time the above issues I pointed to which most sites have would impact whether or not this squeeze page stuff works for you, meaning if the core things aren’t set up on your site, the squeeze page, no matter how good looking, will not matter.

I’ve rarely used a squeeze page on my sites that I purchased from another source because I relied on making my own and here’s a great example of one I personally made that worked well.

These types don’t take a lot of work and I’ve gotten opt ins in the double digits quite easily, and not because the squeeze page was good (it was actually plain) but because my overall site was optimized to provide good content that intelligently targeted a laser audience and led to a squeeze page that was relevant to that audience and the way I structured the content caused people to sign up a lot.

Here is another summary of one successful example (and the case study on landing pages):

I made a landing page with an opt in form in less than an hour, targeted people with knee problems and told them I was giving away a free guide on healing knees.

The page was short, simply set up (And unprofessional looking). I got a 16% opt in rate and that was from my first try with it.

I managed to get this number because I understood how traffic relevancy is important, how having simple sites is important, how to target the right audience and how getting people to click is important, and not because I had a “fancy” squeeze page or template.

Final Rating: Web Crusher.

Yellow Flag

4 out of 10 stars. If you don’t have the core set ups of a site, this program and it’s accessories will not help you “crush the web”. You have to understand the fundamentals that I listed before you start testing and playing around with fancy templates and squeeze pages. And even when you do understand this, I’d even argue you don’t need programs like these (even though again, there is value in this product).

My final thoughts:

If you are in the 80% of people who I say don’t need this program, and who don’t understand the core principals I listed about having success with your site, then save your money, what you need is training to help you get these core things down:

Then if you become successful with your site, then there’s an argument to be made to get a program like Web Crusher, but by that time, you’ll be so experienced that you’ll understand you don’t need those things, you can make them on your own. And you’ll probably make a lot of money before that to understand that lesson.

4 thoughts on “Web Crusher Review. Do You Really Need it?”

  1. Vitaliy,

    Thanks for the review on this product; I am not into using squeeze pages yet but plan to in the future. Having some knowledge of using them makes me realize that a product like this is not going to make me any more money. People who have no knowledge of building websites would be so lost with this product and it would be a waste of money for sure.


    • That is exactly right Susan. No newbie should ever get involved with squeeze pages and email marketing in my opinion, that is not the right way for them to start…

  2. I completely agree and understand where you are coming from. I get that Rich is trying to help people make their pages more effective, but unless you have good content and consistent traffic, it doesn’t matter. With all of the different themes available, it’s really quite easy to make a good looking site if that is what you are going for. I believe that if you offer something good, people are going to find you and buy from you. I love this review, you really hit a lot of topics and give people some better options. $7 seems way to low for Web Crusher and I am sure you are right about the upsells.

    • Good point on the other themes Steve. I’ve made great looking sites with free ones. People should not be led to believe that buying “specialized” themes is the way to go, there’s a lot more necessary parts to a successful site that just that…


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