The Super Funnel Review. A Scam or a Promising System?

the super funnel reviewQuick Report:

Name: The Super Funnel by Alex Jeffreys.

Price: $12.96 and follows up with 3 up-sells, $17, $47 and one over $20. I’ll explain each one. Alex always does this and inter promotes all his programs. 

Overall Rating: 3 out of 10 stars

It’s a decent program but nothing that’s “super”. His other programs are very low quality so in comparison, this one is much better, but it’s still not up there in terms of something I’d recommend.

The Super Funnel in a nutshell:

The Super Funnel mainly discusses list building, but the type of list building that’s very automated. You’re not going to be building a list through normal tactics. What will happen is that you’ll be creating a product for affiliates to promote and their marketing, plus sales are what will build out your list each time someone buys. 

The Super Funnel talks about how to make yourself very appealing to affiliate to have them work harder to get you sales. The more they do that, the bigger your list will become. You will then be able to use that list to promote other products and that’s where the real money will be made.

The System of The Super Funnel:


While in my opinion, Alex doesn’t usually deliver the types of programs I would recommend, he is consistent in what he preaches, at least in all the other products of his that I have purchased. What he preaches is this:

It’s the marketing power of product creation and the effortlessness of having other people do all the work for you. The goal is to create a product that affiliates will want to promote and usually if you have something that will pay them good money, that’s really all the incentive they need. 

The Super Funnel discusses how to get this done and what to do after the this gets going…

You will keep making products to sell, BUT your goal is to do this:

1) Make up-sells. These are other offers once your product is purchased. Alex uses his own examples to give you ideas to work with. I really don’t like up-sells, but they work on a lot of people.

2) Give 100% commissions to your affiliates, even on the up-sell offers. This is an important message Alex makes clear when I watched his videos. But then how does he make money? Well that’s what the last part answers…

3) Collect an email list. If you have a good incentive for affiliates to promote or in Alex’s case, have a lot of products and up-sells that give away 100% commissions on ALL of them, actually have the affiliates start making a lot of sales for you, keep building up that process, you are going to collect an email on every single purchase. 

This will literally explode your list building and not really require you do anything else. The only thing you have to focus on is getting affiliates to keep working for you. As long as they keep doing this, new subscribers (buyers) will sign up. 

The money is made from the list because after they (customers) sign up and hopefully enjoy what you have to offer them, you can promote other products (they can be yours or you can be an affiliate for other things) and that’s where you earn money.

This isn’t just theory and Alex has proven to make this work. Although if people really understood that what he offers isn’t that unique, it probably wouldn’t sell as well, but he is a good marketer and even if the quality is low, good marketing can make even the worst stuff sell…

Running the potential of this system:

Let’s imagine that you have a product on dieting. This product sells for $10 and you put up on Clickbank or JVZoo and give away 100% ($10) of all sales to affiliates. Then you have 2 up-sells, one for $20 and another for $30 and you also give away 100% commissions for affiliates that manage to sell this.

This means the affiliate marketer can potentially make $60 for every sale he brings you and you only get an email out of it (for now). If you can get 10 affiliates to make a 100 sales for you every month, you will have 100 new leads every single month.

If you pitch an affiliate offer that pays YOU $30 per sale and 50 of those 100 subscribers in the first month buy the program, you will have made $1,500. And remember, as your affiliates keep selling your product, this will only keep adding new leads to your list.

Your job will be to follow up with those new subscribers (all automated through an autoresponder like Aweber) to get them to buy. If you can make this system work, it’s only a matter of scaling, putting more products up to sell and repeating the formula to keep building the profits.

Why not offer less than 100%? 

As a vendor, you will decide how much affiliates will earn per sale. The more they can earn, the more odds they’ll sign up to promote you so while 100% might not what you want to give them, you will want to create a great selling product that pays well if you want to make this formula work.

Alex’s 100% giveaway of sales and his up-sell system of charging little by little for every up-sell adds up and this is how he gets people to continually buy his stuff  and have affiliates promote it again and again.

What’s really going to decide your success with “The Super Funnel” is the quality of your product and how well you pay affiliates. If you can get this down, you can get followup sales with customers and keep having affiliates work for you.


  • It’s actually not a bad system. There is room to add the word “Super” to this idea.
  • You get a lot of hours worth of information on the site.


  • Alex continues to cross sell his other products, like Digital Millionaire Mastermind (not good).
  • The idea of giving away 100% commissions to build out an email list is not new stuff. Alex’s ideas aren’t that new.
  • I really don’t like how he up-sells. 

Final Rating: The Super Funnel

3 stars

Yellow Flag

3 out of 10 stars. This product is one of the more better ones released by Alex, but you already know the idea so run with it. 

My final thoughts: 

Unless you’ve had experience with being a vendor that marketed online before or you already have your own product ready to go but have never done anything with it, this sort of approach is something you should get involved with after you have a good understanding of the business as well as success! 

To get to a point that Alex has takes a lot of time and experimentation. A lot of products people put up online that are very good fail because they don’t get marketed well. 

If you can gather good experience through good training like in Wealthy Affiliate on marketing online, you can take that knowledge and eventually go to the next level and utilize the same idea The Super Funnel teaches, but if it fails, you should have a fallback plan in place which should be a well established website that earns money.

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