The Millionaire’s Brain Review. Not Recommended.

the millionaires brain review

After looking over The Millionaire Brain from the inside, I found it to be pretty useless and having been someone who has had nothing to becoming successful in a business I currently operate with success, I know the mindset and things necessary to reach that point, and a program like this one in my opinion wouldn’t help me.

Let me explain what I found in The Millionaire’s Brain to explain this:

Quick Report on The Millionaire’s Brain:

Creator: Winter Vee.

Price: $47. One big up-sell of $197, down sold to $97 then $47. It was a pain having to listen to that offer…

Overall Rating: 3 out of 10 stars.

I really feel like you don’t need this program. The information is obvious (I saw what’s inside) and if you have the will power to succeed in life, spend your $47 in more productive areas.

The Millionaire’s Brain in a nutshell:

You know, I really though this program was a make money online product when I first heard of it and to some extent, it may very well be, but most of it is nothing more than a typical self-help resource with information that’s pretty much obvious. 

The way it’s being marketed, you would think this is the key to your success. There is definitely some good information, but it’s more duh obvious stuff than anything else (you’ll see what I mean). I’ll go over the summary of what you find inside. 

the millionaires brain alternative

A “quick” word about that up-sell in Millionaire’s Brain:

The up-sell is one of the major reasons I didn’t give this program a high rating. I didn’t buy it and that’s because the way it was marketed was in my opinion very shady. It’s called “Hyper Wealth DNA” and the way you see it advertised would make you think it’s absolutely necessary for success. 

It basically overshadows the actual Millionaire’s Brain program and they say you can see results in just 10 days. Winter Vee also mentions how the stuff inside that program is stuff he teaches people privately for $5,000. 

Then if you decide not to purchase it (which I feel in my case was a smart move), on 2 occasions the price will be lowered from $197 all the way down to $47. I mean it really feels like a desperation move after awhile.

Added to that whole thing is the issue of accessing the members area if you refuse to purchase the up-sell. It’s very difficult to find the link to take you into the members area. A lot of programs do this as a way of trying to push you into buying which I absolutely despise. 

If you get stuck in that area like I did, simply go to your email which by the time you purchased the program will give you a confirmation email. Open it up and you’ll be able to visit the members area from there. 

The reason I mention all of this is because in spite of being a marketer myself and understanding why people sell things the way they do, I still don’t like it and personally never do this sort of stuff.

I feel the way you sell is a reflection of who you are a person and by funneling people this way and making me think your original program isn’t really that good without me buying your up-sell is just wrong. 

This left me with a bad impression which was somewhat redeemed in the members area which is what we’re going to go over right now…

Dissecting the Millionaire’s Brain, members area:

Well here is the members area:


Home is the first page you land on when you join and this is where you’ll see a video from Winter Vee welcoming you. The very first thing you are offered which though optional is something I was weary of was filling out a questionnaire and getting in touch with a coach.

The clues which led me to that decision was that I have bad experiences with things like these and especially after that unpleasant up-sell experience, I felt I made the right decision.

Though I may be completely mistaken to assume anything, I believe this is going to have someone contact you under the guise of a coach, but will try to sell you some other packages for making money. Remember that $5,000 sales pitch discounted to $47? Yeah, that’s a clue.

Honestly, let me say this: I offer coaching to people through the Wealthy Affiliate program which helped me create my own success in life (it’s an online business) and I stand by the belief that the deal offered there is WAY better…

Millionaire’s Brain: Ok so this is the actual eBook that makes up the program. It’s 121 pages long and above where I said the information is “DUH” obvious, I wasn’t kidding. If I were to summarize the book, it would go like this:

  • There’s a reason certain people are rich and others aren’t. It’s in their beliefs, their way of thinking and affirmations they make.
  • The book goes on to talk about limiting beliefs, getting rid of negativity, writing down things you love and then building your success based on that. Basically following your dreams. 
  • They also talk about exercise, brain training to help you think clearly and visualize success. They also tell you to stop blaming others, victimizing yourself and to take action.
  • That’s basically it.

And please tell me where in that whole paragraph did I say anything you haven’t already heard before? Unless you’ve been living in a cave all your life, never read a self help book or any blog, this information is nothing new. And honestly, good self help resources about business and riches exist, I just don’t think Millionaire’s Brain is one of them.

My recommendations would be to either try the same Wealthy Affiliate program I talked about or if you’re into reading materials, a good one would be 10 Pillars of Wealth.

Now obviously, it’s all honest information and you can’t argue with it. But why re-affirm what you already know to be obvious information when you can do so without it? I’ll explain that more when I give my personal thoughts on this program and the whole self help industry…

Brain optimizer workbook: 21 page book which basically goes into details on exercises, both mental and physical you should take to improve yourself overall. Meditation exercises, affirmations (again), and other related things such as bringing more positive reality into your life and getting rid of the negative.

This is the kind of stuff that is certainly useful, but I honestly know there’s tons of resources like this that can be found with just a simple Google search.

A quick pause to explain something very important:

The Millionaire Mindset Suite: A 14 page ebook and 3 recordings. 1 is a relaxation audio, the next is the same audio with positive affirmations and the last is a brainwave audio which is supposed to help you by changing the way you think. That last audio is just beeps you hear, but they are supposed to act on your subconscious in someway.

The 14 page ebook that comes with this section explains all of this and it all ends up working in your favor. This kind of information isn’t obvious and quite possibly the only valuable area of the Millionaire’s Brain members area and I don’t mean the audios, I’m talking about the ebook because they do cover how you can program your mind via unconscious messages to do what you want it to do. But again, you can do this all yourself.

The Money Code: This is an 86 page ebook which I felt was like a re-read (just in other words) of The Millionaire’s Brain. Nothing really specific about what to do is written here, just basic ideas and overall goals to set for success.

Brain videos: 3 videos, Money Beliefs, Think & Grow Rich & Millionaire Mindset. These videos are short and really just have some guy giving you affirmations such as “I deserve to be (something related to rich)”. I am “Positive affirmation”. 

There’s also 2 additional resources underneath those videos, 1 is an offer where if you give away your email, you’ll get 3 videos to help you beat procrastination. The other is some sort of offer for “mind movies” for $97.

Recommended Resources: Just offers, including the up-sell for this program all over again. 


  • Well the information in certain areas is pretty solid.


  • I really, REALLY didn’t like the way they pitched the up-sell. It feels like it’s trying to prey on desperate people.
  • Again, most if not all of this information is OBVIOUS.
  • I don’t really see much in terms of an action plan.
  • All this positive belief stuff is good (obvious), but I’ve been in this position many times, you need action and ambition to make anything realistically happen (and I gave you my personal recommendation which is Wealthy Affiliate that’ll help you there).

Final Rating: The Millionaire’s Brain

3 stars

Yellow Flag (Your success is in your hands).

3 out of 10 stars. This program is not a magic cure for your financial troubles and it makes that clear. For me personally, this program didn’t teach me anything new. And quite frankly, every general self help program and book will teach you this same stuff. Again, I see no magic cure here, just good marketing on people desperate to try and get rich.

My final thoughts:

Let me add to my last point:

The self help industry is gigantic and it’s there to feed a need for people who have trouble taking matters into their own hands and need a push or boost to do it. There will always be people who need help to succeed.

Maybe it’s positive reinforcement, maybe it’s friends, family, a love for something/something, but it’s ALWAYS going to be in your hands.

There’s A LOT of people who buy these self help books/recordings/videos, become thrilled, quit and repeat the same cycle. It’s not necessarily the program’s fault, but rather theirs. There’s a lot of people who love to play the victim and say they are helpless in the face of an unfair world.

Well the newsflash is that for these people, this program won’t help and for people who are ready to take matters into their own hands, this program won’t really do much either. 

Understand that success starts with YOU wanting it and doing what’s necessary. This means being less lazy, being productive, being positive and looking at failure as nothing more than just a small setback. 

I’ve met people who rationalize their lack of success and they’re still stuck in that same rat race. It’s their fault and I learned from them. Until they stop that pattern, the same results will continue. 

If you’re having issues with money and want something new, really do what the Millionaire’s Brain suggested: Find a passion and build a business out of it. I could NOT agree more there, because it’s the way I built my business (start here with Wealthy Affiliate and I’ll help you make yours).

That’s what I did and it’s really the only acceptable way to go in life in my opinion. For those wondering, I do online marketing and that’s my business. I found that I wanted to be my own boss and took steps to make that happen, found a great program that teaches it and went forward.

Sure failures happened along the way, still do and will happen, but that’s what life is. I don’t recommend you ever look at failure as a sign that you’re not worthy. The best lessons in my life came from failure and I am honestly grateful for it. 

If you have experiences with self help books and other types of resources in this field and would like to share what you think of them and if they really help you, please let me know!

2 thoughts on “The Millionaire’s Brain Review. Not Recommended.”

  1. Thanks for the information. Your review seemed honest. More honest than the other reviews on Winter Vee that I have read. I think these people who reviewed it are either his personal friends or family. There are no actual reviews and comments from people who have purchased the program which raises a red flag for me. You are 100% correct when you say that the upsell is focused on the desperation of people and you were also correct in stating that most of this stuff is a no brainer. Stuff that you have already heard before or is well known. I personally believe that you can be wealthy, however the programs that are out there including this one feeds off of other programs. They just add their own spin on it. I have spent much money on these programs and actually, I see the same things highlighted over and over, just that each one changed, only to the point of the individual’s creativity. I see the price has been reduced to affordability for most. I assume that as time goes on and there aren’t many takers, the price has to be reduced to make the program more enticing to purchase. Why must one suffer through a 15-20 minute video when the process can be so simple to get the sale?

    • Hi Bobbye thank you! Those reviews you talked about are just written by affiliates who are just trying to sell Winter Vee’s program, without actually going into it. I doubt most if not all of them have ever bought it themselves or even tried it. But you said it right, in that you spent so much on these kinds of programs and haven’t been able to get anywhere. I don’t know how much they’ve dropped the price but it is likely because sales have dropped too. I don’t think they’d be doing this if their sales were high.

      The best thing you can do is take action and stop buying these programs once and for all. Choose a path you want to pursue and become passionate about it. Lots of people want to be rich and successful, but most of them aren’t ready nor wanting to put in the work. Is it any wonder why they don’t succeed?


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