Nichebot Classic Review. Why It’s Not Worth The $97

nichebot classic review

I know a ton about everything Nichebot is supposed to do for you, which includes niche finding, keyword hunting and profiting from that. However, what this program charges you for it isn’t only overpriced, but arguably not as good as other alternative programs offer.

So in this review, not only will I show you why that is, but also what those better alternatives are.

Quick Report on Nichebot Classic:

Price: $97 and no up-sells.

Overall Rating: 2 out of 10 stars

Most of the information is very general and it’s giving me numbers I don’t trust and I say that because I know how to more accurately determine the numbers and I’ll explain that further.

Nichebot Classic explained and how it works:

Nichebot Classic is a very basic keyword tool that is very easy to use, but the information you are provided is very general and I wouldn’t say it gets you anywhere. The 2 main functions of this tool are that you can:

1) Get keyword data for any that you type.

The information you get I believe is very inaccurate and to show that, I’ll be comparing it to the top keyword tool called Jaaxy that I personally use.

2) You can get niche ideas based on websites you type into the tool.

If I were to type the name of a popular site, the results Nichebot Classic would provide would be keywords and niches under which this site is associated with.

Why I wouldn’t pay $97 for Nichebot Classic (or even $1):

One of the things you are required to do when using Nichebot Classic is that you’re going to have to provide your Google Ads username and password.

While they do mention in their 7 page instructional PDF report that this information is not stored, I never felt comfortable giving out my personal information to these things, but I had to see what this tool can do, so I ended up providing it (I then changed my password for security purposes). It’s also one of the reasons I never liked tools like Market Samurai who also require the same thing.

But besides the personal issue, the instructions they provide on using it doesn’t really provide much examples, but rather an “index” of the tools functions and what it can do. Even though I’ve used keyword tools before, one of the things that VERY common is that most of them provide their own parameters and this can easily be confusing to someone like me. 

Is it taking figures from free tools?

It looks like a lot of the keyword information you’re provided by Nichebot Classic is coming from the Google Keyword Planner (another keyword tool) and that one is free to use once you’ve set up a Google Ads account.

Nichebot also has it’s own setting where it tells you the competition of a keyword you’ve typed and in addition to giving you tons of related terms to the one you initially searched, you’re also going to get a red, yellow and green light status to indicate if the term is competitive or not. 

Is the information in Nichebot wrong?

With any keyword tool, precision is absolutely necessary for success and the 2 biggest indications of precision are: The amount of traffic the keyword has and the keyword’s competition and this is where Nichebot Classic loses me because when I compared it to the current tool I use, I was getting different numbers. And also considering my tool has been shown to work time and time again, I couldn’t help but wonder if this one gets it right. 

To illustrate this, I did side by side comparisons between the 2 and specifically targeted terms which in Nichebot Classic are green (indicating low competition). I then took those same green terms, put them into my keyword tool to see what numbers I’d get. For the sake of generalization, I used a common term “Make money online”.

I found very few green terms (which I expected), but then when I put those terms into the other tool, I received completely different numbers. First, here are 5 example keywords I took from the first tool:

nichebot classic inside look

The ones surrounded in green will be the 5 we’ll be using. I put those same keywords into my tool and overall, here are the results:

jaaxy vs nichebot results

Just so you’re not lost, even though a lot of the terminology is different, it’s really easy:

  • Monthly Searches is the same as Avg. 
  • The lights system is similar, but the competition numbers are different.
  • Difficulty and QSR are terms used to describe competition.

The numbers are completely different in all of our comparisons. In cases when you have this situation occur, the rule of thumb is to trust the tool which has a reputation for being right and as I said before, mine (Jaaxy) proved itself many times so I went with it’s stats.

Some annoying issues I found with Nichebot:

I mentioned how I decided to change my Google Ads password just to play it safe. Well after I did that and tried doing another search in Nichebot, I received another log-in window. It’s fine, I expected it, but the problem that occurred was that I just wanted to see the stats for another search term I did and it wouldn’t let me. 

I kept hitting the “STOP” button on the tool but it kept loading up the Google Ads log in window. It’s very annoying to have to go through this every single time and I don’t want to change my password again. I really can’t blame the tool for doing this, but at least let me navigate this program at least somewhat without having me register each time. 

2 different names for the same tool?

It’s interesting how the site I landed on to buy this tool is called Nichebot classic, yet when I purchased the tool, it is called Niche Finder. I did a Google search for Niche Finder and saw the same exact program being advertised:



  • The tool is very easy to use.
  • Guide provided to help you out, but there is a slight learning curve.


  • Requires you provide your Adwords information (password included).
  • $97 for this is just too much.
  • I believe the numbers it gives aren’t accurate.
  • No free trial available to test it out. Jaaxy does provide that which is another reason to use it.

Final Rating: Niche Bot Classic (or Niche Finder)

2 stars

Red Flag

2 out of 10 stars. It’s not a scam program, but there’s not much use in my opinion.

My final thoughts:

The allure or using keyword tools is that for many newcomers to online marketing, it sounds like the type of key to profit where you can easily find the right type of keywords and success is a step away, but in reality, this isn’t true.

A dirty little secret that most keyword tool proponents won’t tell you is that most of their functions are unnecessary. You’ll have all these cool features, but really they are nothing but distractions. 

When finding keywords, just brainstorm, then take those ideas and plug them into a tool to see of them get a lot of searches and have low competition. That’s really all you need to do. Do keyword hunting the right way with Jaaxy.

The Nichebot Classic tool is not one I’d recommend. Most of the positive feedback they advertise comes from the Warrior Forum and if you look closely as the posting date, nothing goes past 2011 which means it’s been MANY years since this has been updated properly.

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