Autozon Review And The Side Effects of Trying it Explained.

autozon builder review

I got myself Autozon and want to explain why using it may produce major side effects on your online business. Let’s get into it:

Quick Report on Autozon:

Creator: Kurt Crisler.

Price: 2 options, a single site license for $14 and an unlimited license for $17.97

Overall Rating: 2 out of 10 stars

You will get beautiful looking sites as advertised, but it’s going to come at a price that GREATLY overshadows the benefits.

What is Autozon?

This is a software program (WP plugin) that is designed to help you create Amazon affiliate websites almost instantly. You buy a regular domain name, make it use the WordPress platform and then use this tool to help build out the content within it. 

The way it works is VERY simple:

You type in a keyword of a product or topic you’d like to find products on. The tool then searches Amazon for products related to that keyword and gives you a list. You select what items from that list you’d like to add to your site and it will create a main page for you where the items will be listed and each product will also have it’s own separate page. 

On each product page that is created, you will have the product description, the price and a few other things listed including affiliate links that when clicked on will take you to the official Amazon page WITH that product. This software also lets you set your affiliate link so it’s put in whenever you use it. 

In spite of the negative coming review, I respect Kurt:

All controversy aside, Kurt is honest about his product and I respect any person who gives people an inside look into their program before they buy it (here’s a better one called Wealthy Affiliate).

He does a good job of showing the benefits of using his program, but unfortunately, Kurt either doesn’t know or forgets to mention a VERY important issue that is going to come up from using Autozon. It’s a program which copies content and that’s not going to work!

Kurt even shows it on his homepage when he demonstrates the program in action. He shows us an example by doing the following:

He types in the keyword “tent” and then uses the other parts of the software to complete his site. I took a screenshot of the end result and did a quick Google search and found an exact copy of it on Amazon. In other words, this program is pulling content FROM Amazon:

how autozon works

I’m leaving this picture very big because it’s important to understand that if you visit Amazon for the exact same product, you’re going to see the EXACT same text for it. Test this out yourself if you want. And this is going to happen with EVERY program you load from AutoZON onto your site.

Copying from any source without permission (which this program does) is not going to earn you any money. Not only is it plagiarism to do this sort of thing, but there are penalties for trying to run sites that do this. They just won’t work.

The only way I see any of this having ANY potential is maybe trying to do pay per click type marketing with AutoZON websites, but there’s a gigantic chance of that failing too. 

When I did a Google search for the tent product, I saw a number of results and all of them were unique. You will not find any 2 pages that are identical on Google. This kind of stuff is blocked from working.

Any plugins that automate and create content on your site = bad

Every single program out there that says you won’t have to write your own stuff and they’ll do it for you is keeping the dirty little secret of what it’s really doing away from you:

It’s stealing and copying information from other sites and if that’s not enough, just know that this doesn’t work. It is black hat and punished by search engines.

Sorry, but you’re going to have to do your own work on your site. If you’re lost on where to go from here, start by reading this and learn how making money online works and you’ll be fine.

I will say this: Autozon probably has the best looking end result of any software I’ve reviewed. Most of the others get really ugly looking pages and it’s hard to read through them. But again, don’t let the pretty end result fool you. 


  • Kurt does provide an example of his tool in action before you buy.


  • It’s another software that illegally takes information from other sites and in this case, it’s Amazon. This is a VERY bad idea.
  • You will not be successful with this program in my honest opinion. 
  • This program makes you believe you’re saving time by using it. You’re not because if it won’t work anyway, you’re going to spend even more time making corrections. It is also true that you CAN edit the information and make it your own, but why even bother to buy the product then? I’d rather start a fresh site like this, do the RIGHT things to make it work and have my first drafts be my final drafts rather than making endless corrections with AutoZON. And by the way, it’s very easy to promote Amazon products on your site. You don’t need this program to “help” you.

Final Rating: Autozon Builder

2 stars

Red Flag

2 out of 10 stars. Good looking sites mean nothing if they won’t work and that’s what’ll happen with Autozon.

My final thoughts:

People are led to believe through these types of programs that if they have everything set up for them, that without any experience, any work and any effort, that they will just be given the keys to success and all they have to do is take the wheel. Making money online just doesn’t work this way (here is how you do it). 

So what’s left to do? Are you to just abandon hope for this product, work hard and stop looking for programs like AutoZON? Yes, that’s exactly what I say you should do. If you didn’t check out my resource above for the RIGHT way to become successful online, you absolutely should, but more importantly, follow a program like Wealthy Affiliate that I recommend which helps you channel that hard work the right way.

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