Optin List Formula Review. Here’s an Easier Way to do it

optin list formula review

There’s a lot of email list building tutorials online and as I happen to be someone who knows how to generate an email list, I always like to explore if other programs and tutorials teach what I know in better ways.

Enter Super Raj’s Optin List Formula. Does it deliver? Well not really as I happen to think there’s easier ways to use “the formula”. This review will explain.

Quick Report on Optin List Formula:

Creator: Super Raj.

Price: $9.95 with 2 up-sells, one called List Building Kits for $7.95 and another Penny Traffic Formula for $27 down sold to $17 if you don’t buy the initial offer.

Overall Rating: 3 out of 10 stars.

Forget the actual formula. It’s an equation that’s unnecessary to understand. Just stick to basic email marketing concepts (that I’ll show you) and you’ll actually be doing what this program teaches.

Optin List Formula in a nutshell:

Super Raj says he’s going to teach you how he got over 10,000 subscribers to his email list using his “special formula”. That formula is nothing more than the usual email marketing training. 

You know, the one that says “Hey build a squeeze page, send traffic, and then promote to people…”. That’s 90% of the product, literally.

The other 10% that makes this “formula” unique is the “P.O.P” method and a ridiculous equation Super Raj put up to try and make himself seem smart in people’s eyes and ironically that formula just complicates things. Way to go dude.

This is the Optin List Formula (tell me if it makes sense):


There is a video from which I took this screenshot where Super Raj explains the formula. You just have to fill in the abbreviations:

  • $x is money.
  • SP is squeeze page
  • OI is opt in.
  • Lx is list. 
  • P.O.P is just a strategy of trying to get people to sign up if they don’t want to.
  • E.M is email marketing once people sign up.

So if you love math, try to figure out what Money = Squeeze page + Opt in divided by List whose square root is email capture strategy + email marketing. Because that’s what the formula says. Reading that kind of stuff made me remember why I hated algebra.

But would you rather take that formula, try to apply the division, square root or would you rather I tell you my version of it which is…

  • Collect email list through free and paid traffic methods. Here’s a simpler method of building an email list.
  • Give people value such as a guide or free tips so they have a reason to sign up.
  • Once they sign up, follow emails with them to give them more value and information and then eventually promote a product that can help them.

I think you’d agree, mine is simpler. And once you actually start going over all the training in Optin List Formula, that equation becomes even more irrelevant and just in the way. 

15 modules of training:optin list formula 15 modules

15 modules of training seems like a lot, but it really isn’t since all that you learn could just be condensed into what I already told you about the program.

Module 1: Niche selection. Basic guide to finding niches. And I have an awesome list of 50 niches here too.

Module 2: The opt in. Just an explanation of what an opt in is.

Module 3: The Bribe. This is the message you put on your squeeze page (where people opt-in) to get them to sign up.

Module 4: Single vs double opt in. The single one means when people sign up, they automatically get your emails. Double means, when they sign up, they have to confirm their email. The second option reduces odds of spam and fake emails. This module just discusses how each one has it’s own benefits.

Module 5: Autoresponders. You get a link to go places like Aweber to set up an autoresponder account. 

Module 6: The P.O.P Formula. Say someone visits your squeeze page and decides not to opt in. They will click the back or X button and the P.O.P formula just says to give them another page they’ll see if they try to leave to increase the chances of them staying. Super Raj also recommends adding an affiliate offer on the P.O.P page.

Module 7: Just a continuation of the P.O.P Formula and another thing you learn to do is put up an offer right after people sign up. Personally I hate that sort of stuff because with email marketing trust needs to be gained first before ANY promotions are attempted. I feel promotions cause distrust right away. 

Module 8: The first message. Explains that the first message you send must be filled with valuable information to gain trust from your subscribers. I agree with this.

Module 9: Traffic. A basic intro to getting visitors to your site.

Module 10: Free traffic. Just goes over very basic things to get free traffic, but that’s going to be tough to implement if you’re not familiar with SEO. What Super Raj does not teach is how to create an SEO friendly website and if you could do that, the list building would be half done, but this is just a small squeeze page website so following these tips isn’t going to provide much good results.

Module 11: Paid traffic. And intro into how paid traffic can help you get subscribers. I have a tutorial on this on my other site which talks about using pay per click to do affiliate marketing on.

Module 12: Solo ads. You learn about paying for solo ads and finding which ones are legitimate. 

Module 13: List management. Explains the importance of having a good relationship with your list.

Module 14: List strategy. Explains how you should focus on providing constantly good content to people and selling 1/5 of the time. The other 4/5 is giving people information for free basically.

Module 15: List monetization. Shows how to find affiliate programs and products to promote to your list. 


  • Pretty cheap price which doesn’t include the up-sells.
  • There’s videos in each module and you also get a text bullet point of the lesson to help summarize it.


  • I wouldn’t recommend this program at all. 
  • The training for free traffic isn’t really training, it’s more of a “ideas you can try”.
  • Email marketing is very basic and these programs don’t teach you new things for the most part.

Final Rating: Optin List Formula

3 stars

Yellow Light

3 out of 10 stars. Luckily this program is cheap, but if it were more expensive, I’d call it a scam.

My Final Thoughts:

It’s really tiring for me to keep reviewing programs like this. They teach you such obvious stuff, but what’s unfortunate is that besides not really teaching anything new, they like to add their own flavor to the obvious to make it seem like their idea is unique, but in many cases, it just makes the whole concept harder to understand and that’s what Opt-in List Formula felt like to me.

Follow what I told you about email marketing, but more importantly if you’re new, start learning all of this material from good programs like Wealthy Affiliate. They teach you to build profitable sites, then add list building to the whole process and this order is far more profitable, especially for beginners.

Optin List Formula


Optin List Formula Score



  • Basic email marketing training (which is OK).


  • The formula part of this program was just over the top for me.

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